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  1. Welcome to the build thread for my IS200 (I hope this is in the right section?). I recently picked up this IS200 to use for learning to drift. I also own an s14a but I have spent far to much money on it to risk smashing it whilst I learn hence the purchase of the lexus! So first up the spec as of now: Exterior: Respray obviously but looking pretty tired now Random bonnet vent thing CWest front bumper TRD Skirts TRD rear lip E36 Ducktail Rota Kyusha 17x9 ET12 Rota GTR 17x9.5 ET35 Interior: Corbeau fixed back drivers bucket Recaro speed passenger seat Takata Harnesses Fully stripped ( carpets, seats, roof lining the lot) Nardi wheel Custom BMX grip shifter Short shift kit Everything painted purple sparkles Chassis / Suspension: HSD Monopro coilovers Driftworks rear camber arms Driftworks rear toe arms Japspeed rear tension rods New rear subframe (painted purple of course) Every ball joint on the car is new Extra lock kit Grooved front discs and fresh rear discs Engine / Drivetrain: Custom straight piped cat back New radiator Lightweight flywheel New clutch Welded 4.1 auto diff And here are some pictures I took yesterday. So far the only mods I have done are a fresh set of Neo chrome lugs as the old ones were mismatched and worn and I changed the dash cluster and ignition ring LED's for some blue ones so it now looks like this: And the rest of the interior (or lack of) So that is how she sits at the moment. I did my first ever drift day in it on Sunday just gone which was awesome. It was very wet so I did a lot of spinning but learnt loads and did better then I expected. Hopefully be doing another in a couple of weeks. Only have a couple of not so great pictures of it on track but here they are anyway. Anyway. I have a few plans for the car and a few things to fix but need a bit of advice which I am hoping everyone here can help me with. First and most immediate fix is I have an issue with the O2 sensor in the exhaust I believe it is the one after the main cat (would that be right?) which is throwing my EML light on. Going to do a bit of investigation and see exactly what the issue with the sensor is, the car still seems to run totally fine but then again maybe I wouldn't notice if it wasn't as I haven't had it very long. Next up I would quite like to get a S/S manifold as I have read that the precats can break down and cause issues if the car is driven hard and obviously when drifting it gets driven pretty hard so would like to avoid this. So I was looking at the toyosports manifold on eBay but again I have read that the positioning of the second sensor can come into contact with the firewall as it sits really close, what are the possible fixes for this and is this manifold alright? I also need to fix the rear fitment as it is a bit ghetto right now and scrubs on big bumps, need to lower it and add some camber so should be doing that soon. I am also planning on getting a hydro handbrake to help me out a little as the standard handbrake is ok but would like the bit extra a hydro gives. Then the bodywork needs some tidying up but that can wait till after winter and after I have done a few more drift days as I will undoubtedly break something. Finally I expect to be spending most of my money on actual drift days and tyres. Anyway, thanks for reading and looking forward to the feedback!
  2. Hi everyone, Thought I would sign up so I can do a little research and get a bit of advice when I inevitably break something, So a quick bit of background. Been looking to get into drifting for ages, own an s14a as well but I have spent so much money on it I didn't want to use it to learn to drift in so went on the hunt for something I could abuse and not worry about. Anyway, was at my GF's parents house for the weekend and had just sold my daily (97 ek9 type R) so had a chunk of cash sat around and an IS200 popped up for sale that day 20 minutes down the road. Couldn't resist going for a look which ended up in me buying it. I will start a project thread with a bit more details and lots more pictures but here is a rubbish instagram photo from picking it up. Shall get a full spec and everything in a build thread but for now looking forward to my time here and have lots of questions already. Cheers Jesse