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  1. prices haven't gone down much a few Lexus approved vehicles that reduced their price a little, increased their PCP APR a lot, so monthly payment is actually more.
  2. please look at this picture, does anyone have any ideas why at the rear it is written 405h rather than 450h? is it photoshoped? this is a Lexus advertisement so not sure https://usedcars.lexus.co.uk/en/used-lexus/Lexus/Gs-Saloon/450h-35-Premier-4dr-CVT-r1cah88
  3. Hello, I can not see an LS500h Premier any more, I can see the Takumi one. Are these two more or less the same? Thanks in advance
  4. that been said it makes one wonder...
  5. Have Primacy 3 . Rear 275/40 R19 and 245/45 R19 front Quite happy with them, I am happy to recommend them
  6. you are a bit tall for the vehicle, other than that it's a good city car what is your budget if I may ask?
  7. well, no way you will get bored in one though. As a child, my family car was a red Giulia 1600 super . I still remember it more than fourty years later, what a magnificent car. some time we weren't sure if the second or fourth gear was selected, the gear sect was hillariusly wobbly Go for the Giulia, it is a 4 door Ferrari
  8. go for an Alfa quadrifoglio those Alfa Romeo mechanics will keep you entertained every other week or so
  9. can not tell about UX, but other brands can do this easily via app, with a press of a button from a distance I remember that my GS used to have on line access, not sure how and if things have changed, perhaps you can contact Lexus dealership?