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  1. When you buy it, please visit them wearing dark glasses and a Thug Life t-shirt just for the laughs
  2. I had a July 2012 GS250, one of the very first of the new - then - GS. Amazing car, not a single noise, not a single problem whatsoever.
  3. what about the gs300h while still on the market? they are a world apart Comparison between IS and 5er is unfair for the IS in my view
  4. BMW. got one, waiting for another one next month. Best value overall outside Lexus
  5. please make sure that he is not stalling just to get past the 30 days
  6. lexus speedos are about 10% optimistic ( which explains some youtube videos with some really fast IS250's ) From personal experience, for better or worse BMW ones are much more accurate
  7. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/shopping/consumer-rights-refunds-exchange/ if you are within 30 days, get your money back I expect that you bought it from a dealer as you are inquiring about the identity of the previous owner
  8. premium car : Branding Internal quality perceived feeling ( leather/soft cabin feeling/overall layeout) Road noise, cricks and other noise Suspension, smoothness, cornering Specification ( no, not every satnav is the same, nor every cruise control or HUD or even screen quality) Avoiding using AA every other day helps to keep the premiumness
  9. If we are talking about new cars, the M4 is a no-brainer. Much cheaper to buy on a PCP, free services, three years unlimited miles warranty then on the 35th month, you give it back to the BMW finance and look for the next model and so on and so forth
  10. So no tax for Japanese cars for the EU Is there any small window of opportunity to get a tax free Lexus or the EU - Japan deal will be ratified after brexit?