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  1. New Lexus UX revealed

    looks great! Price and spec/engines etc???
  2. if the price is right, it will be an excellent alternative to the aging CT. I am really looking forward to it
  3. been there , seen it and was thinking about it My problem is that in order to get the Lexus safety system A+, you have to go and buy the top of the range model, the one with the reclining ottoman back seats etc. that is a bit pointless is it not?
  4. yes, unless you think that Lexus will make special models just for the very small UK market
  5. cough cough, does it look a bit like the LC?
  6. if it was 70 in the 60's, should be around 100 today
  7. Commuting in a CT

    https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201709229574151?model=GS 250&sort=mileage&advertising-location=at_cars&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&postcode=m12hy&make=LEXUS&radius=1500&page=1 buy this one and sorted
  8. The Worst Lancia Dedra 1.6. It looked really nice back in the early nineties but oh boy did it brake down :(. Every other week I would have to push it to the nearest phone booth/garage/garbage bin and wait for breakdown assistance Best is the 740d x-drive M sport. Really really good at motorway, can't fault it much in almost any area. ( Three years unlimited miles warranty should help with any major issues but the car should really go after that )
  9. My 48 hour test drive (FWIW)

    that should be the UX
  10. Long LC Review

    thanks malcolm by autopilot I mean that ACC with lane assist etcl lets you get your hands of the steering wheel and the car goes, stays in lane , stops, goes, etc
  11. Long LC Review

    hi guys. can you please comment on infotainment and adaptive cruise control, lane assist, autopilot etc? thanks
  12. Looks like you can have the Lexus Safety System +A only with the top of the range Premier. If you have no interest in paying for ottoman back seats and other rather useless stuff if you are driving the car rather than be chauffeured around, you can't add the top spec Lexus Safety System +A ( which is similar to the BMW one) Sorry guys, why is that?
  13. Car is here. Why does it get dirty?

    looks lovely, keep us updated with your comments
  14. Congrats and wish you many happy miles what level of discount are you talking about if I may kindly ask and is it 0%? Have just carwowed exactly the same car and haven't been impressed truth be told by the level of discount
  15. BMW M4 v RC-F

    had a F01 730d for 75K miles ( truth been told, motorway miles) Very low maintenance cost overall, no mechanical failure what so ever Now the G11 740d xdrive, 10K MIles, no problem what so ever, first service after another 10K miles. again, these are mostly motorway miles. So far so good, G11 is a big improvement over F01. Still interested in getting LS though