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  1. So no tax for Japanese cars for the EU Is there any small window of opportunity to get a tax free Lexus or the EU - Japan deal will be ratified after brexit?
  2. ouch, you have just probably cancelled my RX order
  3. although I am sure it is a great car, the price is not that much of a bargain when will reach 4 ( not five) years of age a 7 series BMW at the same more or less list price RRP when new ( £95.5K) will have guaranteed retained value as far as BMW is concerned about £14K Obviously at 5 years price would have been even less ( yes I know that Lexus is a vastly better build car, just saying for reference)
  4. the more I think about it the more obvious it gets. So Avensis production for the whole of Europe will stop in the first quarter of 2019 without any other UK built model replacing it. And that was announced three days ago, the same day as the Airbus announcement
  5. yes, which explains why it makes sense to just stop the Avensis altogether Interesting "coincidence" that as it says here: https://www.automobilemag.com/news/2019-toyota-camry-hybrid-launched-europe/ Camry will replace Avensis throughout Europe in the first quarter of 2019 . makes one wonder
  6. thanks, but isn't Toyota already building the Auris in the UK? Don't know, we'll see I guess
  7. sorry to bring this into the discussion, but perhaps Toyota is replacing the UK made Avensis with nonUK made Camry because after Brexit Toyota will leave UK?
  8. talaipwros

    Rcf bargain

    sorry guys but 35K for a used lexus, it got to be this https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201805176616334?make=LEXUS&model=LS 600H&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&advertising-location=at_cars&radius=1500&postcode=cm29pa&sort=sponsored&page=2
  9. talaipwros

    NX ordered today

    excellent choice. Any discount achieved?
  10. I saw one XE yesterday. It looked beautiful on the hard shoulder with its Alarm lights flashing like joyful sparkles
  11. so a nice 2015 GS450H will be a bargain any time soon!
  12. I have a Lexus CT bought new in 2016. very rarely managed true 50-55 mpg in the motorway my previous GS250, a brilliant vehicle, usually managed an average of 25-28 the 3-litre twin turbo AWD 740d, manages a true ( by true a mean checking amount of fuel divided by distance) 44 mpg in the motorway and an average 40.8mpg on the meter ( for comparison, Lexus CT has an average 46mpg on the meter, mostly driver in the city though) so yet, for high mileage cruising, I still think a big diesel is better
  13. talaipwros

    NX300h Luxury 2018

    Hello, congrats on the new car. Can you please tell if you think that this was a worthy upgrade ( from CT to NX) ?
  14. talaipwros


    sorry guys but my diesel at 70mph manages more than 700 miles, far more than tesla's 200 ( in perfect conditions) no way I will buy a Tesla until this is sorted
  15. talaipwros


    snip from Tesla website Surely is not that great? I think that explains why every Tesla I have seen on the motorway goes really slowly on the left lane.