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  1. Im not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but my 06 IS220 does this weird thing, when I fold the electic mirrors, the mirrors come in and gently tap the window. More to the bigger issue, if i fold my mirrors while the windows are open and then attempt to close the window, the safety system that prevents chopped fingers immediatley drop the windows when they come in contact with the over-extending mirror. Does anyone else have this issue? Anyone have any help or experience?
  2. Lexus IS250 2008-2010 new project

    Looks mad, i cant wait to see the finished result
  3. Yorkies modified is220d

    Where did you get the 4pcs wind deflectors from, I searched ebay and I must be doing it wrong.
  4. All you hear is nay sayers about this car but it can really be a gem. Having it for 8 months and having done 12k in it, its lovely.
  5. Probably fried it for a hot sec, just needed time to right itself. Ive noticed that these is220s have mood swings sometimes. I had a VCS light pop-up for a day...the next day I wanted to get it plugged in, I started it the morning and everything was fine. I took it anyways and it had 0 stored faults. I didnt remove the battery leads or anything.
  6. So, yesterday my car jumped into limp mode (Engine light, VCS and Traction Control light) and didnt want to budge. So I nursed it home and parked it off. This morning, I plugged it into a scanner and it threw up P0400, which was a EGR fault. I cleaned the EGR out and then wiped the codes and went for a drive. I drove for around 2 hours until the car went back into limp more. Got it back home, plugged it in and then this time I got a P2002, DPF. I removed the DPF, cut it open and emptied it and sent it for welding. At the same time, I manufactured a temporary EGR blank and applied it. I got the DPF back form the welder, refitted it and cleared the codes. My problem lies here, reading about removal of the DPF contents and blanking the EGR should throw up codes and limp mode but it hasn't, Why hasnt't my car broken down again. I will say, my car has not had the DPF deleted from the ECU nor has the EGR (otherwise I wouldnt get P0400 and P2002) Can anyone weigh in any ideas or comments because I am baffled?
  7. Its a f*cking tractor mate and there is no way around it. The IS250 purrs, but tbh, Ive gotten used to it, as with any car. As for the addmittance of guilt... I clearly wasnt smart about doing it, admitting it is the least of my worries.
  8. It was nuts, I was shattered. We stopped but drive through or a no go. We had barrels of fuel in the boot (not stolen, for all those nay shayers) and just drove. Co-Pilot handled the music and snacks and we just went.
  9. My point was to boast that the car itself is capable of handling any driving scenarios. And Im not sure what the is250 is as Ive never experienced, but the is220 will happily climb to 140, ill update when I have a chance to blast down an A road at 140mph with my phone in one hand 🖒
  10. Does anyone tow a caravan with an is220d?

    Why wouldn't it be okay to tow a caravan with an is220. It's a well built car that have enough power to pull...
  11. Yesterday, I drove my is220 from london to Aberdeen and back...the engine was not turned off for the whole 26hours drive and I'll tell you this, not a single whimper..I spent a good 10minuets doing 130mph on the A1(M) and it was more than happy. Tell a lie, a warning light did come up... service light came on...changed the fluids and filters not two hours ago, reset the service light and now I'm going to drive to work. The is220 is a very good car, don't get it twisted.
  12. I have to throw my defence for the IS220, there will always be lemons in a fruit basket. My Lexus IS220 has so far never let me down, never missed a beat. If you treat a car properly it will return the favour, that's why my IS220 will happily do 35-40mpg when I want and it will go 140mph when I want (I laughed when it passed the apparent 135mph top speed.) If you do you research and are patient, you can find a good, reliable IS220 for around the 2000 pounds mark. Mine is a bog standard IS220 (no parking aid, no leathers, no screen) but it has cruise control and aux so I'm happy, I picked it up from a lovely couple in Wales for 1800 and drove it 250 miles back to London. You can't let bad luck put you off a really good car because it's better than any BMW, audi or merc for that price. And the keyless entry is just a cherry on the cake.
  13. Is 220D Rear Brake Calipers Seized

    Didn't even notice that, lool 🖒
  14. Is 220D Rear Brake Calipers Seized

    Erm... to change the rear pads, you dont need to take the caliper off... You remove the two retention springs, you slide the two metal pins out and there you have it, pads slide out. You may have to use a screwdriver/pry to compress the brake cylinder back a bit for the new pads but that's about it.
  15. Add some psi on 220d ???

    It's funny, I like the Volvo estates and the convertibles...I don't like the back of the S range much