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  1. IS300

    Yes it is a beauty...but the price of it makes me wonder what's wrong with it. I'll do a check later.
  2. IS300

    Plenty of Sportcross versions yes, I want a saloon
  3. IS300

    Malc I've just emailed the owner of the IS300 in Hampshire to ask about the extent of the damage to warrant its Cat C status. He's adamant he wants £2k for it and no bidding, but when I contacted him last week I didn't know about the Cat C damage then. He himself may have been unaware of the damage it sustained 10 years ago and it appears he only bought it in July this year. Oh and it has only done 54k miles and not 99k as previously stated, which kinda makes me even more suspicious.
  4. IS300

    I've found online a lovely looking IS300 very similar to the blue one I posted before,its pretty local to me too. The seller wants £2k for it (its done 99k miles). Now,I did a background check on it and discovered its been a Category C write off in the past. Should I have anything to worry about with this? I've become very wary of Cat C's although I've never previously owned one,just don't like the idea of driving a previously written off car.
  5. IS300

    Hi doog I can't get my mind off the beautiful IS300 at the top of this thread but I'm more than happy to try a 200, there's a couple near me which I have inquired about so may arrange a test drive very soon. Overall which variant has the most/best toys, the SE or the Sport? I like the idea of full leather seats but most importantly it MUST have a bloody good stereo as I love my music. I've very recently found a very nice looking IS300 in Yeovil (see attached photos) but it's a bit too 'boy racer' looking for me, bearing in mind I'm 50 :) it's done 140,500 miles
  6. IS300

    When are you free? Sunday is good for me.
  7. IS300

    Hi Glyn, thanks for the info. I've never driven a 3 litre car before so maybe I'm getting a bit carried away and should probably aim for an IS200 instead. Whereabouts in Hampshire are you? I'm in Andover. Be good to see your motor some time as I've never even sat in a Lexus before, never mind driven one.
  8. IS300

    Last night I enquired about a nice looking IS200 near me, asking if the cambelt had been done (it's done 94k miles), he replied earlier saying that these cars have chains rather than cambelts....I smell a rat.
  9. IS300

    Hi all. I've still got my battered old Golf but have been doing lots of car hunting online recently. Initially I was going to get an IS200 but the 300 sounds very exciting, and having recently turned 50 yrs old it's about time I got myself my desired 'midlife crisis' car. Now, I recently saw a beautiful looking IS300 advertised for sale up in Manchester, it has done 99k miles. The owner is asking for £3,100 for it, I contacted him via email and asked what is the bare minimum he would take for it, and his response was £2,100. Him being willing to drop the price that much made me suspicious, I can understand him knocking off maybe £2-300 but not a thousand. Would any of you agree that I ought to be wary of this? It really is a stunning looking car, but as I live in Hampshire it would be a long way for me to travel just to be (possibly) disappointed with it.
  10. IS200 SE

    I'm toying with the idea of getting a 300 instead of a 200...what are your thoughts, bearing in mind that I've never owned a Lexus before?
  11. IS200 SE

    Thanks for your input guys, most appreciated. Now, I'd love an IS200 in the dark blue and with the lip on the boot rather than a full blown spoiler. Did this come in a specific variant (eg only the SE perhaps had the lip) ?
  12. IS200 SE

    Hi all, I've only just joined so bear with me please. Now, I have a confession to make- I don't own a Lexus yet, but I'm on the prowl for an IS200 in the next 2-3 months. Just wondering if you could advise me as to what to look out for regarding general wear and tear. I have my heart set on a dark blue one but as long as the car is in excellent condition I'm not overly fussed on the colour. If I can afford one of the last ones made then all the better. What was the latest they were made...05 plate? I look forward to reading your opinions. Shaun in Hampshire