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  1. Turned out to be the sunroof drainage hoses as you guy suggested. Had it repaired at New Again in chelmsford UK, along with a cheeky detail while it was there. Not bad for a 2008 model me thinks..
  2. Also, I'm noticing swishing water sounds from what seems to be above my head behind me towards the back of the sunroof, but "inside" the car... theres no leaks elsewhere from what I can see, but I'm wondering if theres some kind of drainage thats blocked somewhere (the car was standing at an airport for two weeks recently). Anyone have any ideas that would be great
  3. I have a pristine 2008 RX400H. Its my first lexus and its immaculate. not a dent or scratch and only done 28,000 from new. Today on a particularly rainy day i got in, and noticed dripping down the drivers side A-Frame. Strangely it seemed to come from the sun visor, down the A-Frame and into the recess just above the air vent. But the Sun Visor isn't particularly damp. The floor doesn't seem to be wet, so I'm wondering if it was just a pool of water somewhere and entered the car when opening the door in the rain. Just wondered if anyone else has any ideas as I'm totally useless with anything mechanical. Cheers Carl.
  4. Would you by any chance have a link to such an item? and where would the OBII socket be? carl.
  5. I have a RX400h 2008. And I'm going on holiday in FEB for two weeks. If i return and the battery is dead (read loads of horror stories) is it a simple case of connecting the booster somewhere and starting up? This is my first hybrid so I'm kinda panicking about not knowing what to do. Also if this is all i have to do, is it a simple case of boosting like a traditional battery? i don't even know where it is LOL.
  6. Is there any way to adjust the amount that the passenger side door mirror angles down when the vehicle is put into reverse? At the moment it seems to just dip ever so slightly and it would be much better if it could dip so you could see kerbside. Thanks Carl.