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  1. Malc1

    Parking tickets

    was about 3 years ago so they still might try to get me then ............... oh, the relevant car has now been sold AND I think either gone to Poland or been scrapped ! I await their call with fear and trepidation Malc
  2. Malc1

    LS430 stuck in 3rd gear

    is the standard rule of thumb .....................don't do anything with the gearbox oil for the first 100k miles then every 36k miles thereafter to drain off two ltrs and refill ? does that keep the oil in fair fettle for the life of the gearbox ( forever ? ) Malc
  3. Malc1

    Parking tickets

    I had Parking Eye try to "fine " me a while back whilst in a Aldi carpark. Aldi said they tried to help with their PE "fine" but never managed to sort it out at all ( I no longer had my till receipt nor paid on my debit card ) ........ so impasse ................ I just told them to b.gger off and after lots of acrimonious calls and email correspondence with Aldi and absolutely NO way of phoning PE ( uncontactable by human endeavour on a 1 2 1 basis ) I vowed just never to use Aldi again PE stopped contacting me in the end BUT as for Aldi, well, crap customer care tbh Malc
  4. Malc1

    Parking tickets

    Floggit/Steve wow what a crap employer you have ............................ 22yrs and they won't lift a finger to help you .......... do you want to name and shame ? I'd happily buy a share and go to the next shareholders meeting and raise kane for you if it's a PLC Malc .
  5. Malc1

    LS430 stuck in 3rd gear

    blimey, you're brave taking that lot to pieces Malc
  6. Malc1

    LS430 Tyres

    I would be so wary of cheaper tyres from Chinese origin the latest scam I heard is the CE mark (in general ) when questioned, officially now means " Chinese Export "................................... Malc
  7. Malc1

    SC430 with 500 000 miles on the clock

    Regarding semi synthetic oil. My Indy has only ever indicated the use of semi owing to the age and wear and tear on the engine nothing to do with cost at all. He says it's the most suitable in the circumstances Malc
  8. Malc1

    Ls400 Rear Spring Removal

    I wish I could put you in touch with the ACLex on here whom I bought my car from but he told me he was emigrating all those years back BUT he did work at Lexus Poole in Dorset Wonder if they might be able to give you some useful thoughts Malc
  9. Malc1

    Ls400 Rear Spring Removal

    As i mentioned before .............. rather than just accepting the job looks nigh economically impossible and the posts here are probably a little dubious in your eyes, why not just go to Lexus Main Dealer and get them to quote for you ? They might have a set piece in their pricing manual that may pleasantly surprise you ....... or not. Nothing to lose ! Malc
  10. Malc1

    SC430 with 500 000 miles on the clock

    does it really do this ? mine's ever so non-rumbly, bit like a walk over axminster ............. rumble Malc
  11. Malc1

    Low Fuel Warning Far Too Early

    in each of my Mk1, 2 and Mk3 Ls400s there has always been about 100 miles left in the tank whenever the orange warning light appears ............... Often get about 420 miles to a tank full, sometimes a 100 miles more if it's long hard motorway driving fully loaded and at 70 or so mph .................. she thrives on a bit of pressure Tank holds 85.1 ltrs I believe .............. petrol bills are ok, the money doesn't matter Malc
  12. Tesla say "Our inspections instead focus on checking wheel alignment and tyre condition, assessing replacement parts like key fob batteries and windshield wiper blades " and the electronics updates too of course . BUT to major on something that any self respecting owner of absolutely any car would do on a very regular basis, well, I for one would most certainly pay for the privelege ................ don't we all regularly " check " our tyres and wiper blades and understand when the key fob battery is starting to play up ! Bit like making sure you never run out of loo paper .......... Malc
  13. can u tell us the mileage you're at for this to emerge ? you do have a Mk3 ? Thanks Malc
  14. bit like watching paint dry with excitement for me ................. Toyota are well advanced with their Hydrogen Fuel cars ........ an 80 vehicle fleet of Toyota sponsored taxis in London I believe at least ! We did think at one time that LPG would be interesting, it's CNG in India with 20% of the world population ( less volatile I believe ) ....... doubtless there'll be something else in the melting pot to consider before I pass this mortal coil .......... how about tap water, surely someone can develop that, or salt water using the electrolytic effects to power motion ... or harness earwigs or some such amazing power driven creatures............. I doubt we have heard the last of power from differing fuel types ...... the vast majority of vehicles around the world will doubtless be using petrol and diesel for the rest of my lifetime methinks ( how long's a piece of string ? what shall I do with my SIPP ) Malc
  15. well done, thanks for that ..... technology in its infancy with significant growing pains I guess ............ maybe BP and ESSO etc will develop the appropriate charging facilities at their stations at some time .......................... BP has to my knowledge been a significant player in the solar power research and development scene for very many years, at least 15 to my knowledge and with the likely change in motoring power and oil in it's possible decline I know that I for one would explore this substitute energy facility for the " new " motoring world. They sure have the dosh to do it, much more so than individual car manufacturers whoever they are ........ why on earth haven't car manufacturers got a common charging filler, like petrol cars etc ? They must be mad Malc