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  1. RX400h Rear wiper motor (2007)

    Yeah I was thinking that, will see how the nut removal goes at the weekend, then I may have to just get one! Cheers...
  2. Hi, does anyone know if anything other than an RX400h motor will fit this? I ask as I have just ordered a new wiper arm and blade (surprised how cheap it was) I have taken the cover off and the 10mm nut is NOT budging, plastered it with WD40 in preparation for the new arm coming. I've been on eBay but can only find motors for RX300's and RX450's.
  3. When I bought the car (just over a year ago) it didn't have a DVD remote with it, I haven't been bothered in the past; but intend using the DVD player for longer journeys soon. Does anyone know which one I need for that model? I found this but not sure if it will work:
  4. Ice Dvd Remote Control Problem Rx300

    Hi, did u find one of these? It's the same one for my 07 RX400h and I am looking for one, only place I've seen one is here but not sure about the site, think I may try a universal remote.
  5. Touch Up Paint

    I bought this one of eBay, price seemed okay to me for the paint & lacquer, the code for mine was 1C0.
  6. Touch Up Paint

    Thanks, I found it by looking on the VIN No on the door...
  7. Touch Up Paint

    Hi, I bought my RX400h about a month ago now (best car I've ever had) and want to touch up a couple of stone chips on the bonnet, had a look on the Lexus eBay shop and noticed there's a few different "Silver" ones, I had a look through all my paperwork last night and can't see the exact colour; and of course the V5 just says "Silver" any ideas of where I can find out the exact one I need?
  8. Okay so in the end I removed the original cracked mirror from the backing plate and siliconed a new replacement glass on top, heated part won't work but some breakers were quoting as much as £255.60 for the GLASS ONLY, think I can live with a bit of moisture...
  9. Sat nav DVD not ejecting

    Just an update on this, I emailed the company I bought the disc off and he told me to disconnect and reconnect the battery, I did this and the new disc worked fine. Followed the window reset procedure I found on here and all is okay now!
  10. I hope someone can help; as I can't find an answer anywhere. I recently purchased a 2017 Sat Nav update disc, ejected the old disc, put the new one in and.....NOTHING, I get the start screen that says GB (Bottom left) and I Agree (Bottom right) and when I click agree it just keeps going back to the same screen, I did this with the key in and on position 2 of the ignition. Not too much of a problem BUT the new DVD will NOT eject, the flap is open, I have opened and closed it several times and even tried pushing what feels like a button on the flap and nothing. The only bit of info I could find was to tap the top of the scree, left, right left but it won't eject. I hope someone can help me...
  11. I have a question about this, has anyone been able to remove the glass from the plastic bit that clips into the mirror? I wonder if a hair dryer would do the trick? Just priced up an original mirror from Lexus and they are £327!! I can get a replacement glass for around £5 off eBay...
  12. Update: I removed the old mirror (10 second job, just pull from the bottom then unhook from the top) but couldn't fit the new one, one of the top clips did't fit, I tried to open it up a bit and it snapped, would not recommend the eBay one, as DanD said, defo not an original part, I will have a look for a genuine one I think. One thing that worries me is that there are 2 small clips with the same colour wires (I assume one must be positive and the other negative?) and one larger clip with a wire on it (there wasn't one of these on the replacement) Plan B...
  13. I've had a look on various sites and good old YouTube, looks like you tilt the mirror facing up (using the controls) and it clips out from the bottom then the top, I think there's 2 or 3 connectors on it, looks like a 5 minute job. I actually plan to do this sometime today so will let you know how easy it is.
  14. I can't see how it would work if it's had something stuck over the top of it, there would most likely be too much distance for the heat to transfer through (the replacement ones have sticky pads around 2mm thick) I bought the one in the link below, not fitted yet, NOTE: The link is for the drivers side mirror.
  15. Has this worked in the past? I have just (last week) bought an RX400h, the car sales place had tried to stick a replacement mirror on top of the existing cracked one, they actually cracked the new one when putting it on; and said they'd post me a new stick on one. I got to thinking this wouldn't de-fog due to the stickers etc so I ordered a new heated one from eBay fro around £15.