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  1. Hi! I am going to change (not flush) my automatic transmission soon and I need advice on how this is done. I am going to buy the oil from my lexus dealer. Is it as easy as finding the drainplug, drain the oil, put the drainplug back in with a new washer. and fill it up again? Is200 05' 125'000 km I have attached a picture of the current state of my transmission oil.. Thanks for your help. -Robin
  2. petrol leakage engine

    It was the oil feed for the VVTi. Two new gaskets are ordered
  3. petrol leakage engine

    sounds logical based on its location. I will bring a photo to my dealer tomorrow and ask them to find out. Ill update with the answer. Thanks so far ax53!
  4. petrol leakage engine

    Hmm, im nut 100% certain myself but the nut/hose setup looks identical to other petrol mountings I have seen on other cars. Anyone know for sure what this pipe is?
  5. Hello folks. I just made my 6 month visual check of my timing belt, and it looks very good. But I noticed some petrol leakage.. Looks like perhaps the washer on that big petrol hose needs replacing? what do you guys think? :) Best regards Robin Abrahamson
  6. Timing belt 5 years, change?

    Just checked with a local dealer....£750... Almost more economical to drive to the UK and get the repair done there Just out of curiosity, what would my car's selling price be if it was in the UK? For comparison I had one guy offer me £10'300 this summer. Other IS200 is on sale online here in norway from £5'000- 8'000 atm, older and lower KM than mine.
  7. Timing belt 5 years, change?

    I am not committed to this Lexus dealer, in fact i asked for the price from three different lexus dealers, and £797 vas the cheapest. the most expensive of the the three was £895. All my previous services has been performed by lexus garages. Isn't there some advantages that all services has been done by lexus? I agree that my belt looks good, so i think i will wait with the repair for now, and as you say check it a few times a year.
  8. Hi! So my Lexus dealer adviced me to change the timing belt because it is 5 years old (changed at 60'000 km, car is now at 115'000 km). It's an 05' is200. Did an inspection of my belt, and this is how it looks: What do you think, i think it looks good? Should i change or not? btw, price for the change here in norway belt and tensioner/pulley: £797.....with waterpump: £1269 :( -Robin