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  1. Whispers so he doesnt get stonned by the purists I am so far missing both rear boxes and the first box. I didnt want to loose the front one but i had a replacement y section made from stainless so it just went Ita a little boomy at 60 towing the caravan but has a nice burble while pottering about. I also had a valve put in before the boxes opened via remote control keyfob and that was fun till i broke it. The valve thing not the ls
  2. I get 19 to 20 mpg. But i drive mine like a tool. Man i love that second rush of power after 3000rpm.
  3. See how i get in with mine first
  4. Fantastic links. Had a quick look tho while at work. I shall order some bulbs and pick a date soon. Lol
  5. well bugger me i have just found out what it is, i just popped upto the shop and drove back with the rear windows down for no reason, well i was listening to the noise, cus windows open is when i can hear it, and thinking grrrrr so while parking the noise starts, the first time ever not moving and i realise its just something on the exhaust rubbing or resonating somehow, so i have 50 percent found it, bloody weird noise tho to sound more like chirping/dragging brake squeak kinda deal
  6. they are all valid suggestions, just not this time, i dont worry, i will sniff it out in time
  7. oddly it doesn't seem as bad as before, but i think that's just me, but yeh if i ever get to the bottom of it i shall deffo share
  8. so the lights are starting to go out on the center consol on the ls400, could anyone advise me on how to get at them, can i change them etc?
  9. so an update, i still have the chirp, only think left to change will be the tensioner pully bearings cam belt now done, and i am happier about it, it was well overdue,
  10. some one i met (who bought my old wheels) said the same, it was changed in the 90's so ready for sure
  11. i checked the bearings on the aux belt and they were ok, the belt was last done at 50,000 and a long way back, its on 101,000 or so, like i say well needed
  12. Just to update Changed the aux belt but altho it looked tired it didn't solve the problem. Ran it a while longer and decided on a new cam belt and pump. I should get it back monday. The belt was due a change anyway so see if it sorts it...
  13. i will check the belt, the noise is brief, i would of expected a longer noise if the belt was slipping, but yes heavy acceleration would be where i hear it, so will report back tomorrow when i try that
  14. As much as i love to hit the air con i do from time to time open a window, well mainly cus i am down to 2 silencers on the exhaust now and it sounds nice, so anyhoo i noticed a noise the other day when i accelerate more briskly than usual i get a noise, best described the same as a brake disc squeak, now i thought it was a brake but tapping the pedal doesn't stop it, nor wiggling the steering left to right, so seems to do it when i accelerate, i am now starting to think water pump or belt tensioner, something like that? thoughts people
  15. Nice. Motor. I almost went ls430 but chickened out and went ls400. Still i am sure in due course i will get one.