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  1. Is there any setting onthe RX400h that will tell you how many miles are left before you run out of fuel.
  2. I bought a 2017 west disc from which has the 2010 software update on it. Page 2 on the destination allows you to input coordinates although I have neve used it. Ian Wallace
  3. Many thanks for your contributions. I think for our trip in a couple of weeks time I will use the phone. We went to canada last year Calgary....Port Rupert, Vancouver and I downloaded all teh maps I needed before we left and it was fine. I rented a Chrysler 300 for our first week and I was able to link my phone to the Chrysler information screen, so I had Google Maps etc through the screen in the car with the phone still in my pocket. This was absolutely fabulous and I am going to look to see if I can get a third party solution to achieve this.
  4. I would like to be able to run AndroidAuto, or the I Phone equivalent, on a smart phone and link it to the car display on my 2007 lexus rX 400h. Currently my Lexus centre are quoting me £180 for updated maps and telling me that the Lexus supplied maps do not support the firmware upgrade that allows destinations to be input whilst the vehicle is moving. In a few weeks I an going to Germany/Check Republil/Poland/Austria.......back to the UK. I think this will involve me in 3 disk changes, which means stopping by the road side and accessing the DVD player........I can't ascertain at he moment whether this involves disconnecting the battery. All in all I think the Lexus system is pretty poor and their support centres seem completely uninterested in someone with an 11 year old car. I am therfor willing to spend the money to establish an interface to the inbuit screen in the car that would allow me to utilise state of the art navigation. Ian Wallace
  5. I have a 2007 Lexus 400h with the Mark Levinsion sound system installed. Has anyone any views as to whether the above unit would work with this configuration. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  6. Many thanks for the response. When you change the disc do you have to unplug the battery lead. I am going to Easter Europe in a few weeks time and would need maps from Central, North and East and stopping to change the battery lead to input a new map is nonesensical. If any one has any knowledge in this area I would appreciate some help. Ian Wallace
  7. I have been led to belive that updating the maps on the Lexus RX400h after 2010 also provides a firmware update so that the system can be used whilst the vehicle is moving. I sent an email to Lexus Woodford and they have come back to me that they want £180 for the updated disks and that they will not alter the firmware. I am certainly not paying £180 to stil have to stop in a layby whilst my wife changes the destination. Any clarification would be helpful. Ian wallace
  8. Can any one tell me where the Sat-Nav disk unit is in the above model. I can't seem to see where in the boot it is and I don't find the handbook very easy to undrstand.
  9. I am getting more and more confused with the updating of the lexus RX400h sat-nav maps.. My current disk set is 2007 and has Central/North?East and a disk called Program Disk for inspection. I suppose this last disk has West on it as it has the UK maps which the other 3 dont have. I have been on to the and had the following reply from them about firmware updates. "Please be advised that our map updates contain only map data. They will not update any software features. Any issues that you have with the current software, like the block described in your email, will not be fixed by installing a map update. We advise you to consult your dealer regarding this issue." So I am still uncertain as the above seems to contradict messages I have seen in the forum and when speaking to Leus Edgware Road I was told that changing the destination whilst moving is not allowed even in modern lexus sat-nav's. Can I order a 4 disk set or do I need to order the two disks I need (I need Germany/Austria). At the moment I can't seem to get any help from Lexus UK but am still trying.....Does anyone happen to know what the lates updates for this model RX4ooh are. Any further help would be appreciated.
  10. I woould agree with you when you are the sole person in the car, but having to pull into a layby whilst my wife changes the destination is absurd.
  11. I have read discussion on the forum and want to clarify what I have just been told by a Lexus Service Centre adiser. I have a 2007 Lexus RX400h and queiried my local Lexus garage re updating the Sat-Nav maps to the current version, specifically I asked if updating the maps would update the software to allow change of destination whilst the vehicle was moving. I was told that the software was not updated when the you bought new maps, only the navigation, and was further told that not only could you not change destination whilst moving on the 2007 version installed but that the Lexus Sat-Nav installed in new vehicles also prohibited this feature as it was a safety device. This information is contrary to what I thought i had read and I wonder if anyone can clarify the issue for me. Any help would be appreciated.