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  1. ChilasPT

    IS250 Manual DMF

    Eheh thanks[emoji106] I can live with the dmf judder when pulling off and so can my wife, may just get a clutch kit and leave the old dmf, we still haven't decided Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  2. ChilasPT

    IS250 Manual DMF

    So, heard from my local indie, around 280+vat for the labour, so that would be a total of around 1.2k for the clutch + flywheel, problem is the LUK kit doesnt come with the bolts, so I have to find part numbers for those! still beats the lexus quote by around 500k+vat Will put the PN of the bolts once I find them in case someone else needs them.
  3. ChilasPT

    IS250 Manual DMF

    Haven't spoken to the local indies yet, that is something I will do this week, I found it to be a good price as well! Gonna sort it out! I've got 73k miles Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  4. ChilasPT

    IS250 Manual DMF

    so, it's time for me to change the clutch on our IS250, the biting point is really hight, and it is juddering when pulling off, (the only way it doesnt judder is if we rev it a bit, but that wears the clutch out faster) I am thinking of getting a DMF as well getting one of the local Indies to replace the DMF and Clutch at the same time, Found this one online - LuK 415048710 which I believe is the right one for the Lexus, (The only reason I'm thinking of doing both is because I can get it online for about 550 pounds, which seems unexpensive compared to other options). might as well replace both while they are at it :) what would you guys do if you had to replace your clutch? (and perhaps DMF?) Has anyone tried refurbed DMF's? where from? Thanks, Erick
  5. I got a call from Lexus Battersea to book mine, scheduled for mid october :) it's a 55 Plate 250 Sport :) - Very happy with the good news!
  6. I am curious to see if they end up damaging any dashboards with the removal / refitting, and if they do if they will replace them... I've heard the dashboards are fragile and can be easily damaged when removed
  7. I've just ordered a set for my IS250 - Denso :) wont be worse than the rubbish that is on them now! :)
  8. I've put an order yesterday for a new cable just for the software, will be happy to test it and let you know once it arrives
  9. argh... damn, I had a look at eurocarparts, halfords, and a couple of other sites, and it was always over £100 :S - Thanks for the links
  10. And Lexus Battersea will do it for 95 with vat and labour! cheaper than getting one myself and fitting it :)
  11. I need to buy some axle stands (as I don't have any jacks or wood blocks) and maybe a hydraulic jack to make the process easier, will go down to halfrauds hopefully this weekend,
  12. Lexus Twickenham will fit it for you, for a cost of 140+vat.. LOL I guess I'm going for the Bosch and DIY :)
  13. Thanks Linas, I'm going to have to find a way to have a look myself! its a 55 plate, so one of the first to come out, but I love the car and would be hard for me to get rid of it :) Going to get a second opinion later this month... - I just want it to be safe, and to pass its MOT :) Erick
  14. Thanks for the heads up Allan, I did try getting in touch with Alpinair for the AC work, was promised a call back, and its been 6 months and no callback lol. I will see if I can find someone to give me a second opinion re the rust. (the AC I do know its busted, so will try alpinair.) Thanks again, Erick
  15. Hi Everyone, Took the Lexus for a full service at JEM yesterday, and the advisor mentioned that the suspension front and back was badly rusted. Silly me, I didn't ask them to have a look to see what they were talking about, so have no idea what parts, or how bad it actually is. I did ask about MOT, and the advisor said that it shouldn't affect the MOT or safety of the car yet, I plan on getting a borescope camera to have a look and take some pictures, but was wondering if anyone has had similar problems with the 2IS? I want to make sure the car is safe, and that it is ready for its MOT in November. Thanks, Erick