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  1. god iam getting fed up of this problem. brief update: moved coils from 1,2,3 cyl to 4,5,6, and vice versa removed shielding from the wires going to cyl 1 coil pack to see if there was any damage ( non found ) removed and cleaned the 2 Earth points on the head. ran car all day yesterday without issue but i dont trust that its fixed so is the possible fix one of the above I dont know , but it may just work for you. brendan
  2. well another update cleaning the injector connections has made no difference but what i noticed is that the car runs fine from cold but once you turn it of and on again thats when the misfire occurs. I then let the car go cold and then ran it until it was hot with Torque pro running ( O2 sensors b1s1 b2s1b and b1s2 been monitored) all was fine until i shutdown the car and left it for a few minutes. Once restarted after a couple of seconds there was no output form sensor B2S1 . verified this a couple of time so looks like a bad 02 sensor , have one on order so will see how it goes. sadly after this its going to be the scrap keep as i have just doubled the value of the car so far ha ha . Cant understand how the B2S1 sensor is causing a misfire on cyl 1, a bad B1S1 faulty sensor makes sense but not the B2S1 can anyone enlighten me ?? thanks for looking Brendan
  3. hi thanks for the reply and will see if i can find the source of the oil leak. regards brendan
  4. just a quick work in progress update. I decided to check the resistances of the injectors and all within range of 13.4 -> 13.7 ohms. what i did discover was that injectors 1, 2 & 4 had oil in the electrical connectors see attached pictures. so having cleared out the oil and using electrical contact cleaner there is a marked improvement in the idle and so far no issues with the rough running. may be early days but will keep this thread updated as I have read lots of people having the same problems but never a solution been published. Injector 1 was by far the worst for the oil soakage and maybe this contributed to the misfire always been reported on cyl 1. however i couldn't see how the oil is getting into the connectors and wondering as anyone seen this behavior ?
  5. hi PCM, thanks for that , i have checked the forums and the Web quiet deeply and have been unable to resolve the issues hence why i posted. regards Brendan
  6. Hi all, got a problem on my 2003 Is200 automatic. when it gets up to temp it runs really rough and shows a flashing cel and P0301. this is a misfire on cyl 1. I have replaced the coil pack and all six spark plugs without success. It has also recorded a P0701 ( system too lean on bank 1 ) O2 volts bank 1 sensor 1 = 0.965 O2 volts bank 1 sensor 2 = 0.03v O2 volts bank 2 sensor 1 = 0.32v Using android and Torque Pro there is no visible sign of any wiring damage and i desperately looking on what else it could be. any help would be greatly appreciated thank in advance brendan
  7. hi all Today I replaced the 3 belts on my 2001 IS200 and ended up ringing the nut holding on the pulley for the Air-con belt aagghhh . I have 2 questions 1 whats the part number of a new pulley 2. whats the part number of the nut that holds it in. ( or even what size nut is required as I'am sure I may have some in the shed but dont want to take it off as I need the car. ) thanks in advance brendan