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  1. IS 200 front bumper corner spats - please help!

    Against all expectations, the TÜV tester did not even ask if these are original. So my biggest problem is gone. Still, if anyone has any paperwork, please let me know. Thanks!
  2. Introduction: Hello from Germany

    Thanks for the friendly welcome!
  3. IS 200 front bumper corner spats - please help!

    They actually were, but are pretty rare. I bought them this year, and the package included original longer screws, this manual and even 12 year old bodywork adhesive (which I did not use, I bought some new stuff). The part number is also stamped on them visibly on the inner side pointing at the wheels. Here's a thread about when you could get them at the dealership.
  4. Advice needed

    Hi, replacing your ball joints on both sides and a wheel alignment could be helping. If it doesn't, I'd go for further checks.
  5. Hello there. I just signed up on the UK LOC and used the german LOC so far. But for my question regarding those spats, I need you guys to help me, because these are even more rare in Germany than here. I have these spats on my car for a while, and I need some documents that state that these are OEM Lexus parts. In Germany, almost every part that was mounted after the car left the factory, has to be notified in it's papers. Therefore, I need documents like that. For example, there are German expert reports about the TRD lip including part numbers and so on. So to get that done, I need to prove that my spats are genuine Lexus parts. Modding a car in Germany isn't that simple. German bureaucracy, all about documents and sh*t. All that came with it was the instruction manual as you can see in the picture. Does anybody maybe have an invoice or something, or anything else that proves that the spats are genuine? Thanks a lot in advance.
  6. Introduction: Hello from Germany

    Thanks a lot!
  7. Introduction: Hello from Germany

    Hello LOC UK! I wanted to introduce myself here. My name is Max, I'm 24 years old and I drive a '02 Lexus IS 200. I'm from Bayreuth, Germany. I'm a member of the German LOC for numerous years and I own my Lex for 2 years and 4 months now. It has always been a dream of mine to own a Lex ever since I played NFSU2 on the Playstation and made that come true. The reason why I'm here is, because I'm already active in numerous Facebook groups about Lexus and the XE1 in specific, and the UK LOC seems to be a good source of information for me, because it is more active. I guess that is a result of the much bigger Lexus community in the UK. I have been reading here already, but now thought it was time to sign up to get access to more Lexus related information. Since I bought my car back in 2014, I changed quite a lot of things. Most of them were of cosmetic nature, such as dark chrome rear lights, dark painted headlights and fog lights, front bumper spats, sports grille, UK sport model spoiler, tinted windows, rear fog light mod, painted engine covers etc. And I plan a lot of stuff for the oncoming years. So I'll just leave a small collage of back in the day and now, and look forward to being part of this huge community! Cheers