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  1. Longevity of is300h

    Thanks pal my brain is telling me the lexus as lower running costs and with lexus being a top reliability brand. My heart is saying the Audi a6, seeing as I'm 22 it's obvious why I'd want the audi as it has more badge appeal and I'll get more respect in the workplace. I'm honestly torn between the 2 o_o
  2. Longevity of is300h

    Thanks for your help but I was wondering what would be the things I'd need to replace at certain mileages? Thanks!
  3. Hi all I'm at the point where I'll either be getting an audi a6 black edition or lexus is300h luxury or fsport. How long will the lexus last generally if property maintained and what would be the things to look out for at certain mileage? If I get the lexus it'll be at 30k mileage or so and I plan to drive it into the ground so I'll be doing roughly 70k miles per year and try and keep it for as long as I can Thanks all :)