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  1. I have a space saver wheel from a prius,have used it once in anger.I secured it with an original hand turned threaded bolt which i found on a scrapped Toyota celica,the thread was identical. As for the storage box i removed it entirely and find you can store items around the spare.
  2. I have Heko deflectors on my CT,i found placing the clips in the side channels worked ,not the top channel.I think i had to widen a couple of the clips with a screwdriver to finagle them a bit.
  3. Had my ct 3 years now, agree with your review,especially the DAB ,took me about an hour to tune preset stations,had one in my previous car took 2 minutes. Agree Lexus Newbridge are a helpful bunch,i'm in the same area so may see you about on your travels.
  4. I have been reading about the new Corolla and wondering if Lexus could move into the compact segment against the A1 and A class.The saloon version looks to me like a mini IS.
  5. My Mrs is a member of a Subaru forum and a few guys there have used torque gt to import jdm stuff.We've not used them personally but their reviews are pretty good,the website has some good info.
  6. I would be concerned,when did you last check the oil?I check mine at least once a month, as for the hybrid issue this has no effect on oil consumption as the engine operates in the same way as a normal car would. The usual causes of major oil use are leaks or the engine is burning oil,you would see bluish smoke usually in this case.It is worth checking the oil level after a car service as they can sometimes underfill it.
  7. The fuel gauge is your only indicator and you will notice it says R not E at the end of its travel.This indicates you are running on reserve which as stated above is about 1.5 gallons,the distance left in miles is quite pessimistic i find,i have personally travelled another 65 miles when the display read zero.The american forum has an example of a CT owner who carried a can of petrol and managed over 100 miles on reserve.
  8. I have often wondered why Formula 1 teams don't fit Ford Transit engines into their cars they seem to be able to do 100 mph while fully loaded for 8 hours a day every day.
  9. I usually change cd's once a week for journeys to work but some old favourites are: 1.AC/DC-If you want blood 2.Rammstein-Mein Teil 3.Steely Dan-The Royal Scam 4.Y&T-Rescue Me 5.Budgie-Napoleon Bona Parts 1&2
  10. Agreed my Mrs runs a 17yr old Impreza,while the dash is hard, it still looks as good as new and any marks are easy to clean.
  11. Congrats i love this colour,was in Edinburgh last week and saw one of these ,may even have been your car.
  12. Not a huge change i would go Toyota,never had one but i like their new direction in designs.Experience of previous cars i would favour Suzuki and believe it or not Fiat.😲
  13. Try you tube for how to videos, as mentioned above all calipers are pretty similar if your exact model is not there.You will find the same parts are fitted to Toyota models like the Avensis/Auris.
  14. If it`s good enough for starfleet it`s good for me😉.Maybe not for everyone but i never take my cars too seriously. ps When in sport mode i`m getting more than warp 9.
  15. My mod took 5 minutes now i get to where i`m going in seconds. 🚀