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  1. Is220d non start

    Hi, all sorted now thanks, 2 injectors were down thus shutting off injector driver (edu)
  2. Is220d non start

    Have primed the fuel system with switch in the car, I have an rpm signal as its giving me a rpm reading whilst cranking.
  3. Is220d non start

    Yes it has been primed, I have fuel coming out the supply line when I use the prime switch in the car, but no power at low pressure pump/injectors/fuel pump relay. Could it be a fault with the infection driver (ecu)?
  4. Is220d non start

    Hi, have replaced head gasket with 2 injectors, now I have no power at low pressure fuel pump/injectors etc, even the fuel pump relay is not switching on cranking!! Anyone have any ideas it would be truly appreciated.
  5. Hi, I'm new to the site and wondered if anyone can help or had a similar issue?? have replaced head gasket and 2 injectors, now the car does not start! I have no power at low pressure fuel pump/injectors, basically the whole injection loom. Fuel pump relay is not switching either. Have coded the injectors, check all fuses, earth cables etc, anyone have any ideas??