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  1. Job lot of genuine trim clips, screws and sticky pads for affixing mudflaps and lower door/wing trim panels - bought for my old mk4 LS400 but now sold and no longer needed. 2 packets have been with opened; others all sealed and unused. £30 + postage (cost over £90 from Amayama)
  2. Thanks everyone, will dip in an out to see how the new owner is getting on
  3. Gents 2 years after taking ownership of my 98 LS400, I’ve now moved to the dark side having acquired a 2006 Jaguar x350 XJR. I was impressed by the Lexus, as it did everything I needed it to with aplomb. It was hugely efficient but not one to stir the soul and this is the primary reason for selling. Having moved from London to Woking during my ownership, there are decent roads on my doorstep, so driver involvement has become a higher priority. The Jag appears similarly refined, averages 30mpg (good for a 400bhp V8) and handles like a much smaller car - very strange sensations for a 1700kg car. The Lexus has gone to a LOC forum member (via Pistonheads), so hopefully it will continue to be enthusiast owned. I’ve enjoyed my time here. All the best Shirish
  4. Both GM and Ford have the own oil spec requirement (eg m2c913-A/B/C for ford) it just means the Halfords oil meets that spec.
  5. All oil recommendations should be invalid until the recommender has torn the engine apart and inspection pistons, cylinders, cams etc Of course, no one will do that, so when I see comments like “it’s a great oil”, I think ‘how can you say that without knowing what the engine looks like internally?’ “Tell me I’m wrong!”
  6. I use the Archoil 6200/6400 product and find it makes my 400 smoother and with better pick up at low-mid rpm.m; some low speed hesitation has also been removed. I don’t do many miles a year, so I’m thinking it improves combustion qualities of the fuel, which may off whilst sitting in the tank. As long as you stick to the dosage I don’t think you’ll go wrong; too strong a dosage can cause oil dilution, ie thinning of the oil - with a 5w/30 oil you can’t afford much thinning.
  7. Hasten to add they perform well - apec discs and pads, no squeal, low dust etc. It’s just the cosmetics which are disappointing.
  8. Brake and disks performing well but these pics show the difference between genuine Lexus front discs and aftermarket Apec rear disks. Hint - Apec are the rusty ones!
  9. Why do you think that would that change anything? 🤔 Have you checked the basics - tyre pressures and wheel bolt torques (check manual)? Have you ruled out steering and suspension components? UCAs etc? Dont go spending money on tyres just yet.
  10. Amayama - Think thats the part you need
  11. Try swapping rear wheels with front. Could the wheel itself be buckled?
  12. Strange, i thought they were ET45 too - could they have been different for the earlier cars?
  13. Various sites suggest that 12.5 is anywhere between 75% and 90% charged - maybe an overnight charge would top it up - the 14.6 is about normal at idle
  14. Check your temp sensor: