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  1. Are the prices on this link fairly accurate?
  2. Part diagrams here (no prices)
  3. Try a few permutations
  4. How do you find the ride on KYB springs? Assuming you changed both?
  5. I cross posted on Pistonheads - could this be the issue? My car is covered in snow, and its freezing so i can’t confirm just now
  6. I actually prefer a lower ride height, maybe 10mm higher than the broken rear pic above, but I can’t find lowered springs anywhere for these cars - i thought i had an option of -30mm H&R springs from the US, but find these are NLA as of March 2017 - bugger Aside from coilovers, anyone aware of lowered springs for the Mk4? Anyone had bespoke items made up?
  7. Pic before - sorry, not the best You get maybe two vertical fingers in between arch and tyre - not a single finger gap now Note also the increased arch-tyre gap at the front - resulting in negative camber (top of tyre sits further out than the bottom of the tyre when looking at the front of the car)
  8. Morning all, i discovered this yesterday - broken rear springs? I actually drove for an hour at motorway speeds without realising, as the boot was full, so thought it was just loaded up i have a set of new Kilen springs in storage which i may get fitted; depends if the garage of choice is happy to fit customer supplied parts. i also have a pair new KYB front struts, with the same caveat. Pic of the car with an empty boot:
  9. Mine had a bit of surface rust around one drain hole - treated with Bilt Hamber dynax Also used the seal linked above - the genuine Lexus part I believe is not split.
  10. What’s the “sunroof outlet”? You mean a drain tube exit? Behind the rear wheel? Not heard of this before (although my windows don’t list up either). Good practice to keep the wheelarches clean, especially the bit in front of the rear wheels where they meet the sill - big mud trap there
  11. as above - I’d much buy rather a high mileage motorway driven car than a London based car.
  12. Back on the road

    Congrats on getting it back on the road I would not have let this the mileage go however - i would have been onto Lexus HQ with a well chosen rant
  13. Aka - The Italian Tune-up
  14. Nothing wrong with red lining your engine, I find engines that have been regularly exercised to the red line more performant than those mollycoddled at barely tickover speeds. Stereotyping somewhat but the age groups that own Ls400s are much less likely to do this! I’ve had 3 or 4 cars on a chassis Dyno, they all feel much smoother and more responsive to drive after a hitting the Rev limiter a few times during the test.