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  1. There is with the Essential Service, which wouldn't include the plug change if I remember correctly.
  2. Must admit that I either started to get used to it or I just stopped paying attention. Hope it's not this though:
  3. It does seem cheap, even considering the car's 90k mileage..
  4. It's way too high for my liking, but not as bad as you might think - just over £700/year with Admiral. Last year when I was obtaining quotes it was a few hundred more, hence in fact pleasantly surprised that a fault accident during the year and no NCB ended up me paying less. Goes to show what everyone on here already knows or has experience with: we're trying to apply common sense on an industry, which is guided by all kinds of metrics and common sense doesn't feature. My motorbike insurance goes up every year even though 14+ years NCB, sometimes by as much as 100%. You then end up calling and a surreal conversation begins, s'thing along the following lines: Me: Can you explain the reason for the increase in premium this year? Insurance: You live in London and motorbike thefts are rife. Me: But I've got 3rd party only. Insurance: Doesn't matter... You get the gist.
  5. Bought the car in 2017; less than 2 years ago. Never owned a car before although driven plenty (but not as a named driver). Also 10+ years no claims bonus on a motorbike, which doesn't count.
  6. Also tried Chris Knott but was told they require at least 2 years NCD...
  7. They won't be diamond cut as it is a Luxury model. Don't think any of the 3RX came standard with 18 inch, hence would be difficult to 'avoid' when buying. Maybe s'thing to consider when opting for a separate set of summers and winters. Looks like a nice example indeed (if you like black..). Michelin tyres on them, which is a good sign and you may be able to get s'thing off the price considering the cars mileage. Good luck!
  8. Thanks for clarifying; I got that. Notwithstanding, I choose to explain the functionality as available on the RX450h, which I believe Peter is after. If not available on earlier models (can you confirm this John?) then other RX450h drivers may still find this useful. Or am I ignoring a forum rule here?
  9. You can link your settings to one of the keys on the RX450h, but this may not have been available on yours. I don't think the functionality as you describe is available either way (car remembering key position last used for each key).
  10. I just doubt there is enough space to fit 3 in a row. Also depends on the types of seat of course, but even if you could, how are you gonna reach to the middle with a seat on either side? Seems impractical.
  11. Given that both you and Edward hint at the exhaust shields this 'sounds' plausible indeed. I've got limited technical knowledge but presume that checking and fixing them requires good access from underneath?
  12. (Approved used) warranty was expiring hence brought it in to have it checked for peace of mind. Lexus couldn't find anything and nothing showed up in diagnostics (which I guess it wouldn't with a loose bit). Anyway, will at least get a clean car back
  13. Grateful for your thoughts on this start-up noise. Persists for about 20 secs from when the engine kicks in at start-up and cedes thereafter. Probably worth booking it in, but thought I'll check here first to see if anyone else has experienced s'thing similar (or whether this is 'normal'). Thanks in advance, Friso IMG_1090.MOV