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  1. Anyone interested in estimating the damage on our car by any chance? Pls don't ask what happened, but we're at fault and it wasn't me . The other car (a neighbour) looks much worse, hence we'll probably have to go through insurance anyway. I've read a thing or two in other posts and understand if going through insurance you'd have to go with their repair centre. Different opinions on this as well, I know, but these would still have to use Lexus components (e.g. underrun, bumper) in case of needing replacement, right? Grateful for your thoughts. And for the insurance experts amongst us, apart from losing out of a year's no claims bonus, what would be the longer term (financial) implications as you'd still have to report any accidents up to 5 years when applying for quotations.
  2. That's where I got my Luxury from. Quite a disappointing experience overall, but very pleased with the car. I decided to jump on the train from London only to find the car in a pretty sorry state from the inside. This did help me establish though that the previous owner was a dog owner, hence managed to get a further discount on the price. Mine was a similar mileage, September 2013 car, advertised at a lower rate than this one. May just be a reflection of the overall state of the car, but there does seem to be room for negotiation.
  3. Post facelift has ML from September 2014 if I'm not mistaken.
  4. I myself have been looking to buy a Luxury or Advance for some time and finally succeeded back in August. An update in this respect is long overdue but I'm quite sure that the Advance models don't have different wheel sizes. Have questioned quite a few dealers on this (who all confirmed that the Advance models come with 19" wheels), but this must be a mistake in their systems.
  5. Thanks Jeff, will let you know how I get on.
  6. Many thanks Rayaan, in particular for advice on the tyres. Also noticed the rear parcel shelf and was confirmed would be added. Agree on your quoted price range, hence price will have to come down.
  7. Dear members, Thanks also to your valuable feedback, am now looking to buy an Advance model. Test drove one last Saturday and impressed. Would be grateful for your opinion though on the following example which has been owned by Lexus. This likely explains above average mileage until May this year. Since then, it only added about 3,000 miles. Can't quite explain the need for a tow bar in this case, which probably - together with roof bars and rear underrun - explains the somewhat elevated price tag. The brake discs seem a little rusty, while two Michelin Lattitude tires are fitted in front and a Pirelli and Dunlop at the rear. The dealer confirmed one of the rear tyres would be changed so that the brand matches, but rather odd to find such a lay-out I guess. Many thanks in advance for your thoughts.