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  1. Just had exactly the same problem on my '04 IS200, however unfortunately mine is completely knackered (bent and partially worn away). My rear disk backing plates are completely rotten, I've called Lexus and they want £250 each for replacements. Other than trying breakers yards does anyone have any good ideas?
  2. Has anybody used a Connects2 USB adaptor on their factory standard 6-CD changer head unit? CTALXUSB002 -
  3. IS200 Original Stereo Wiring

    After taking a photo of the wiring I've removed the amp bypass and am left with just the plug highlighted in green for the stereo. Looking at the back of the stereo, only the socket on the right will have a cable. Is this correct?
  4. IS200 Original Stereo Wiring

    Hi, yes a standard (I believe) 6 CD changer head unit. Sorry, haven't got any pics on my phone. Just wondering if both sockets on the back of the stereo should have plugs in them.
  5. Hi Guys, I've tried the search function but only finding detailed stuff on aftermarket stereos, not the original. I've just bought an IS200 and although the stereo was fitted he told me it wasn't wired in. It also had a big speaker between the rear armrests which I've now removed. Anyway, can someone tell me whether both sockets on the back of the stereo should have plugs in? Or should there just be one and then amp feeds the signal to the speakers? There was a bypass lead from the loom to what would have been his aftermarket stereo. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if this has been asked before.