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  1. You can take extended warranty until the car is 10 years old and has under 140,000 miles. Mine was 9 years 11 months old when I took out the extended warranty for two years, it cost £950 for two years warranty including the top AA Home Recovery Breakdown cover for two years. I have had the water pump and coolant etc. and the clutch release bearing changed under warranty and there is still another year left on the warranty - it's a no brainer really to take the warranty out, I did purely for the head gasket failure problem which if done properly can cost about £4000!
  2. Mine are done every 12 months, this year the fronts had to be replaced, rubber boots were perished a lot of corrosion on the slider pins. I guess every 6 months is probably about right but I would 12 months is an absolute maximum.
  3. To be honest I didn't haggle, thought the £14.23 was still a bargain, maybe if you need them try and haggle and see how cheap you can get them for lol
  4. I bought a pair of Bosch wipers (22" & 20") for my is220d for £14.23 off eBay which I thought was a good deal! Still available now eBay item # 330863388959
  5. I have to be doing 80mph in mine which is about 2000rpm before I can use 6th gear comfortably, usually keep it in 5th which also helps keep the DPF clean..........
  6. You also get 2 years full AA recovery with it, if they offered me 2 years cover for the price of one then I would snap their hands off, I've also had the clutch release bearing replaced under extended warranty - total cost so far in repairs is about £600 and considering the AA over is £150 pa I'm breaking even and I still have just over a years warranty left so it's a no brainer!
  7. My is220d was in yesterday for it's yearly service (small service) fuel filter also changed as well as the brake fluid, was told the water pump is leaking and needs changing as well, this was done under extended warranty including fresh coolant which I was going to have changed anyway - total cost to me was £250, water pump change out alone inc labour is £330, so glad I took the extended warranty out last year!
  8. IS250 Manual - Clutch replacement

    My is220d has covered 116,000 miles and recently I had the clutch release bearing changed under extended warranty, the flywheel and clutch plates were inspected and both were in reasonable condition, I elected to have the clutch plates changed which only cost me £350 as Lexus picked up the labour under the extended warranty scheme.
  9. My is220d SE was in the local Lexus dealership yesterday having some recall work done on the passenger airbag release mechanism, got the car back and they had done a full valet + they put £25 of fuel in it as well. Lexus I cannot fault you!!!
  10. To be fair mine has been the same when starting during the recent low temperatures (-1 degree's) but in normal temperatures it starts immediately, thought this was normal to be fair.
  11. My is220d flew through it's MOT today and without any advisories as well, annual service due in February next year and will have the EGR valve pulled and cleaned at the same time - definitely feeling the love at the moment!
  12. Just had the release bearing replaced under extended warranty, DMF was ok but whilst they had the gearbox removed I had them replace the clutch plates which I paid for, cost me £315.50 which I thought was a good price, usual good service from Lexus Teesside, courtesy car Lexus is300h (which I did not want to give back) and full valet on mine prior to being collected - Well done again Lexus of Teesside!
  13. 115,000 miles on my 2007 is220d, going in next week for clutch release bearing replacement and DMF inspection, these will be replaced under extended warranty, whilst they are in to the clutch I've told them to replace the clutch plates at my expense, I've been quoted £350 inc vat for the plates.
  14. I bought a genuine Lexus 2015/2016 dvd from a guy on eBay who had upgraded to the 2016/2017 disc, it worked perfectly and as you would expect all functions are working. Cost me £50! Apparently the guy updates every year so I told him when he upgrades next year to get in touch with me and I will purchase the old one again, at £50 I'm still quids in me thinks! The one I had was Europe 2006/2007 from when the car was new, the one I bought is just UK but a lot more accurate than the older one......
  15. IS250 Manual DMF

    My is220d is in next week for release bearing replacement (under extended warranty) the DMF will be inspected and replaced at the same time if required (under extended warranty) I am paying for the clutch plates to be changed (£350) - Not bad deal under the extended warranty scheme me thinks.......
  16. Not noticed anything more than their already was but will now monitor it more closely, this always was an issue from day one with some cars.
  17. They are, I can recommend them to any Lexus owner who lives in the area.
  18. My is220d was in a couple of weeks ago and I got a hybrid loan car, car was completely valeted and £25 of fuel was added, only complaint was they put supermarket diesel in and when I had my egr cleaned they told me that I should only use BP Ultimate etc. Needless to say quite a bit of squirming when I pointed this out lol Overall though Lexus of Teesside always go the extra mile, well done Lexus!
  19. I have an imported BMW Z4 here in UK from Japan and it is in near mint A1 condition with zero corrosion, this is the third Jap import I've owned and they've all been the same. I thought Jap imports were popular in New Zealand for this very same reason?
  20. Stationary DPF regeneration P2002

    It's the way that you can get Techstream working, which was one of the questions, I just supplied the answer......
  21. Stationary DPF regeneration P2002

    I am running Techstream on an old Dell laptop with 32 bit Windows 7 installed and everything works well, wipe Vista from your laptop and install Windows 7 and you will be good to go.
  22. Navigation Disc

    I upgraded from 2006 to 2016 with a genuine dvd from ebay, cost me £50 - removed old dvd and inserted new one and I was good to go.....
  23. is220d MPG

    Just used my first full tank and refilled then worked out mpg, a disappointing 30 mpg! To be fair nearly all the journeys have been small and around the town etc. Is this the normal mpg that everybody else is experiencing around the town? EGR cleaned recently and engine behaving normally, I do tend to keep the rev's high to keep the DPF happy etc.
  24. My key fob has stopped working, hope it's the battery. How do I open up the fob to insert a fresh battery? Thanks in advance.