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  1. Would you prefer 'sedan'? Still Yankee style.
  2. The Lexus air mix servo's do seem prone to issues so it's not a huge leap for your issue to be related to them. The servo's worm gear can become loose, DIY fixes are available online. Having looked at how my air box works, one of the links getting stuck seems entirely plausible. My passenger side temp output is a bit off and I doubt I'll ever have the courage to look at it again. Operating in dual mode helps alleviate the issue somewhat. I may ask Lex-TexAuto's to have a look IF they're able to understand the conundrum, should I ever have them look at my car. Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  3. Well done, very satisfyingly to save a bunch of cash [emoji106]
  4. Looks like a very nice car you've acquired there Peter, well done Tigerseal on the bush tho, really?! Well spotted. Good to see that you're on top of the jobs but keep your eyes peeled for any other odd fixes.
  5. Roy, At the back of headlights you'll either find plastic caps or rubber bungs that hold in the bulbs. These caps/bung either unscrew or just roll back to reveal the bulb. Pop out a bulb in the misted up lamp and leave in the sunshine for the moisture to evaporate. Hopefully you can gain access from the engine compartment and don't need to remove the wheel arch liner or the headlamp unit itself. If I were nearer then I'd happily pop in to give you a hand.
  6. Thata a tough call and I suspect you'll get a mix of replies. Consider any money saved on the purchase can be held back IF anything needs repairing. Not paying for a warranty can also free funds for a 'war chest'. I'm able to tackle most things myself but there are plenty of alternative and cheaper than dealer solitons available. The warranty question is kinda odd as Lexus are one of the most reliable brands.
  7. Phew, that's better re: Hybrid issues - Richard @hybridbatterysolutions is a wizard and will see you right
  8. Hi Marcin, welcome to the forum. The GS450H is a pretty solid car, it's a Lexus after all but on the older models watch out for leaky shocks, blowing exhausts at the rear Y pipe and rear mufflers. The Hybrid battery meter will flow up/down during use and is handled automatically by the vehicle. So what you saw sounds perfectly normal. Dealer charges on the hybrid batteries are costly but there are numerous options to make much cheaper repairs, we even had a forum member who offers such a service. Hybrid issues aren't unknown but they aren't common either, as Toyota/Lexus have been developing the system for many years now. There have been several threads like this recently that will quickly bring you up to speed e.g. https://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/115281-going-to-see-a-450h-tomorrow-any-tips/?page=1 https://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/115355-dads-looking-at-purchasing-a-gs450h-any-advice/?page=1 As always check the MOT history whilst looking at any purchases, they can often be very revealing. Good luck with your search and let us know how you get on? PS: what's going on with your large font?
  9. It's cheap enough at that price, FSDH, has miles but not excessive and pic's look okay and is an easy colour to keep clean. What's your opinion?
  10. For sale: OEM GS, IS, NX, etc rear exhaust gasket part# 17451-31012 (replaces 17451-31011), please check online for compatibility with your vehicle... e.g. http://jp-carparts.com/lexus/part_search.php?maker=lexus&part1=17451&part2=31012 Fits just forward of the Y-section on my car (see URL). Item Condition: New and unused, ordered from JP-CarParts but not needed. Price and price conditions: £20 posted or cheaper if collected from near A1 north NOTTS
  11. I bought mine from there just over a year ago. PM me if you want any info on the dealer. Mine was serviced by the nearby Lexus dealer, so I wouldn't be surprised if this has come from then too. Car is low mileage but not too low. What's the MOT history like? Is it missing any recalls?
  12. We're off to Belgium again in a few months but will be travelling 4 up this time and will need more luggage space. Previously it's usually just the mrs and I that go 'on tour' and we simply use the back seat as overflow of stuff that won't fit in the boot. I already have roof bars which are 920mm wide, 700mm center to center, with a 60 x 30mm semi aero bar profile. I'm tempted by either of these from Hapro; Traxer 6.6, left/right opener, 5yr guarantee, longer/narrow/lower profile - https://www.roofbox.co.uk/scripts/rbvehsel4_tab.php?HP25908 Roady 4000, left opener, 3yr guarantee, shorter/wider - https://www.roofbox.co.uk/scripts/rbvehsel4_tab.php?HP31560 Both have quick fittings which appeals as I aim to use a bike carrier on the bars more often, so will swap carrier/box back and forth. I did wonder about a really long and narrow box so I could fit both on the rack at once, but I'm not sure I'll use them both together. I'm currently thinking of getting a fairly wide box for a good capacity boost as the boot is a mere 280 liters. To simplify loading/unloading with a luggage set - I know Rob was planning on getting some and I thought there were a practical option back then; Box storage isn't a problem as I've space in the garage to hang from the rafters and maybe even use it for storing bits/bobs. The lighter boxes appear to be cheaper and less robust, so I'm looking for something that's a good all rounder and not too pricey. Do you have any thoughts or experience of boxes, fitting systems, storage, usage, etc? Or maybe I should just get the 'luggage' and hire a box when we need it?
  13. Can anyone with a GS tow bar part# PZ408-S1553-00 measure outer distance between the two vertical plates that sit alongside the rear mufflers. According to the literature, this tow bar fits all mk3 GS - GS300, GS350, GS430, GS450h, GS460. I have a non OEM exhaust and would like to know if the tow bar will clear my set-up. If it doesn't then I will have to consider changing the exhaust and may select another tow bar. Many Thanks
  14. Yes, de-pin'g was painful especially as I had to do it twice! The instructions had 2 different pin'g options :(
  15. Tell me about your Roof Box

    The roof box was going to take us over the height limit for the car/dual level carriages and after using the roof rack I wasn't happy with loading/unloading up there. So I pushed on and fitted a tow bar to the GS and have myself a beefy rack from www.bak-rak.com, their website isn't great but their product is. It's 100kg capacity means we can now add a couple of bike racks and get the wifes heavier e-bike on there too, which you wouldn't dare do on a roof rack.
  16. All done Was quite a job and made worse for me as my rear AND mid section of the exhaust had to come off as it's one piece. This also meant removing the two lambda's and a couple of cross braces. A long SS exhaust is heavy too! Oddly the front exhaust seals were tiny and I've replaced them with a couple of nice tapered seals that fit much better. I was concerned the the tow bar brackets wouldn't clear the aftermarket exhaust but they all went back together just fine. I only had to trim back the long lower bolts that secure the central bar to the end plates. I was quite surprised that the tow bar sits under the rear bumper bar, on previous cars the tow bar replaces the bumper bar. Oh any the tow bar mounting plates move the foam bumper insert out by approx 5mm, so the foam insert needed trimming back across it's length.
  17. Oh dear, sold for spares/repairs Why did you sell it Phil?
  18. GS 450H my first Lexus

    Oh and as it starts to rain (again) while your rushing around clearing up tools at the end of job, don't carry arm full of tools/etc at once. If you do then you may find that the heavy removable swan neck tow ball does a swan dive to terra firma. The issue I had was the key was still in the lock and the key broke off inside the lock Fortunately the key broke in such a way that two of us managed to fish the broken portion out of the lock. A replacement key and a spare arrived this morning
  19. Rather than keep updating my New Members thread I figured a build thread would be a more appropriate place to keep track of my changes. Especially as Robb/Mod's went to the trouble of opening up this new section for us. January 24th'17 - GS 450H purchased This is my first Lexus, my first hybrid and it's such a joy to drive with plenty of power and it's very slick CVT gearbox. For a big car it goes/stops and handles surprisingly well. The rear boot space was the only concern but with just me and mrsF it's worked out just fine and 6 months down the line we've made a couple of trips over to Belgium without any issues. So lets have a brief recap of the initial 6 months of ownership. The car came with a spare key but it wasn't working, thankfully a new CR 1632 brought it back to life #phew January 31st - Lexus Full+100 service @Lincoln, including a Hybrid health check - was successful and warrantied for another 12 months The Lexus health check listed these items... both front tyre valves leaking - the OSF definitely is, around the base of the TPMS sensor. I can't see any leaks on the NSF rear brake pipe corroded - all I can see is a small rub on each side, looks like the inner arch has rubbed the pipes slightly front shocks leaking from body - all four dampers are bone dry tho! - I look forward to hearing what Lexus have to say about this exhaust blowing at 'Y' section - agreed, discussing this with the dealer that sold the vehicle exhaust also has a slight leak from the mid section - I couldn't get underneath sufficiently today to check this Not the best of starts but I was prepared for some work to get an older car 'straight'. February 7th new wiper blades Feb 11th, lowered bonnet bump stops that were preventing the bonnet from closing without a really good slam. Updated the OEM satnag, using http://www.latestsatnav.co.uk/ - now the local roads appear. This supplier has the UK/Belgium/etc countries all on a single disk unlike other providers or OEM (over several disks) I needed to disconnect the 12v battery to get the replacement DVD to load. Feb 14th, Dashcam fitted, a Thinkware F770 dual channel that I'd been using in my previous steed. Hardwired into the AUX circuit via a piggy back fuse on the drivers fuse board. Earthed to the forward fuse board bolt. As the fuse board is well recessed, I've left the cover off for the moment but I may cut a slot in later and then refit the cover. Routing the cable was quite easy and only needed the drivers side end of the dash un-clipping. The cable was then tucked in the drivers A pillar and roof lining, up and over to the camera. Excess cable was looped up, cabled tied and tucked under the carpet well out of the way. As the rear sun shade doesn't run parallel to the rear screen (it starts further forward in front of the 3rd brake light) I managed to fit the camera just above the 3rd brake light, higher would have given a better image but that would have interfered with the sun shade. The rear camera cable was run around the parcel shelf, up and over the rear door but I couldn't get a neat run around the top of the b-pillar. So I dipped the cable halfway down the passenger b-pillar, popped off the lower section to loop up the excess cable (out of the way of the seat belt). The cable then went up and over the passenger door and around the top of the screen to the camera. All neat and tidy (ignore the mirror that was just pushed out of the way to show the camera install). Test views, front rear Feb 15th, gave the headlights a quick polish to see how they'd come up. Quite pleased how they came our after just a few mins work. Cargo net fitted, under the parcel shelf so I still have easy access to the boot (like this sample pic) Feb 17th, the car has been up on the ramps today with my trusted local mechanic who gave it the once over with me. All of the shocks are bone dry with no signs of any leaks or misting ANYWHERE. So for now I'm going to ignore the Lexus recommendation LOL The exhaust is definitely blowing at the rear Y (see earlier pic). We also saw that the OSR box has a few issues... Pretty obvious huh. Neither Lexus nor the last MOT flagged it. It can't just have appeared in the last 3 weeks since I've owned it. I despair. The rear section is beyond repair so I bunged my indi some beer money for using him ramps. Looks like I'll be getting a new rear section made up in the not to distant future Feb 19th, new mats fitted, this Luxury version fits a treat http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252033676404 Gave her a good scrub Including the engine bay, no treatment applied yet Turns out the passenger footwell has only been blowing cold, giving mrsF cold feet and making her unhappy. Before you ask...yes, we tried all options of Dual/modes/temps/etc. So after surfing for solutions I dived in to check the servos; Drastic eh. I eventually tracked down the passenger temp control (passenger side) but with the fixing screws out, I couldn't get the servo out :( With fading light I decided to button it all back up and went for a quick test drive. What'd'ya know, the passenger footwell is now working! The only difference is that I taped up the ducting, both sides, to get a good seal from the heater core. Result. The sceptic in me reckons it can't be that easy and that I'll be back under the dash before too long. Which is just as well as I have a few screws left over Never finish up a job in the dark! I didn't get anywhere with the heater on Saturday afternoon, so buttoned it all back up and thought the mode control was roughly working. Nah, on a 5am commute the other morning clear screen setting kicked in (I didn't test that earlier) and the heater did zip all except vent to the rear seats! For the entire 4hr round trip At lunchtime I went back to basics and figured out what lever on the heater does what. I also removed the 2 servo's/mounting plate and let them do their thing. Once I had a grasp of ALL the settings (temp, modes) I set all levers in roughly the right setting, lined the mounting plate to the heater arms (no easy feat), restarted the vehicle and the first test failed I have noticed that when you turn off the ignition, the servo's sit for a while and then revert to some standby setting. I think this has been throwing me off so I removed the servo plate, set all levers in roughly the right setting again, fired up the ignition and let the servo plate settle. With the ignition still ON, I aligned the mounting plate to the arms for the umpteenth time and gingerly pressed a different mode button... The first test worked and the servo's didn't bind. So I tried another mode setting and that worked. Trying not to freak out, I carefully went through all the possible combinations and to my delight they all work The passenger side footwell output is still hopeless tho I think I may know which control needs a slight tweak but then it may just be the way the airflows. So rather than dismantle it all again I reckon I'll buy the mrs a heated blanket/mat or fan to keep her feet warm. To help align the 7? heater control arms to the servo plate I found one of these cheap endoscope camera's quite helpful to help see around corners http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122076843254 Oh and this time there are NO spare fixings left over March 9th Yesterday I had the...pleasure? of exploring Leeds city center whilst my car was left at Tony Banks for a new exhaust. To recap the rear section had the usual split and a gaping hole in the OS muffler, so we definitely needed a new rear section. I knew the middle section had a slight blow and when Tony removed the rear...the middle section decided to snap in two! He spent around 6 hours (elapsed) crafting both sections from stainless. The cost of a new center section (with cats) was so tempting that I was already half tempted to get the whole lot done and then I'd never need consider the exhaust again. I didn't want any fancy or annoying noise so chose a standard set-up and driving around town you'd struggle to tell this system from OEM. Under hard acceleration or at dual carriageway/motorway speeds there is a slight increase in noise, which is no bad thing at OEM is really quiet. The system should quieten down a notch once it's coked up a bit. I didn't get back to the work shop before the car came off the ramps so I haven't had a close look at the system but from what I can see it looks dandy. The chaps were helpful and have plenty of varied work coming through the workshop, including a steady number of Lexus. Overall I'm impressed and wouldn't hesitate to recommend http://www.tonybanks.co.uk March 17th OSR tyre flat - punctured, replaced with an Avon ZZ5, managed saved the TPMS and fitted a new valve. OSF leaking needed which on investigation then a new TPMS sensor. April 2nd, cleaned/lubed rear calipers. OSR stone guard is badly corroded April 21st, paint correction/protection; July 6th, fitted 3M tape and a roof rack before the heavens opened. It'll allow me to get back on the bike and hit some nice trails, once I source a carrier. Found a great heavy duty bag to store the rack, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263068408736 If you want any more details about anything above, then check out my opening thread;
  20. I finally got around to tackling the arm rest squeaks yesterday and it's made a HUGE difference. I added thick but soft foam tape wherever I could and thinner sticky backed felt elsewhere. In the diagram I stripped out all the components top left; shifter guide, ash tray and cup holder. They were all contributing quite a bit to the squeaks. They were then each refitted with foam/tape, to prevent as much plastic on plastic contact as possible. The side panels got the same treatment and now the tunnel area is silent I also removed the media console and central vents for the same treatment but they weren't really nearly as bad as the tunnel. I goofed whilst removing the vents and nearly pulled them completely apart so take care if you try it.
  21. My arm rest/center console between the seats appears to be causing an annoying squeak, which is starting to irritate me as the rest of the car is so quiet. The sliding arm rest can be in the rear or forward position, up or down with arm on or off the rest but the noise persists. I've eased it a little recently when the gear selector panel was off but think the noise may be coming from deep under the arm rest/cubby hole. I've had a quick scan online but can't see any related info, so if anyone has a link/experience to share them I'll all ears. So I can investigate and may add foam to the rear vent pipework/etc, I'd like a guide on removing the arm rest without breaking any fittings. Does such a thing exist for a gen3/2008 GS 450H or will a guide from a similar model apply? Thanks for looking.
  22. GS 450H my first Lexus

    OEM tow bar and electric's are now installed, the job escalated and left the car airborne for a week. A rear mounted rack that's nice and low is much easier to use than a roof rack, more aerodynamic too. I've already had a pal 'suggest' that I've been moonlighting for the council and emptying wheelie bins into my boot ! That bin has been split for years, ended up housing junk and has now gone.
  23. By pad carriers, does he mean the shims that the pads slide along? Some pads don't come with them, which is fine if you can reuse yours. But maybe yours are in bad shape and need replacing?
  24. Mk4 LS400

    Well done, the boot lid looks much better. How did you secure the mess behind the redundant number plate holes? Are the coilover, BC something or others? Do the coilover use rubber top mounts or are they bolted directly to the towers? How's the ride now?