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  1. It looks like they are on sale at lexuspartdirect @ £454 Seems like some on eBay trying to get £600 secondhand...makes the new one a good buy if it's a complete replacement
  2. Hopefully the parts will be available to sort. With the current global situation I know someone who has waited 4 months for an NX repair. Sorted now but was flying around in a courtesy/rental car for that period of time. His was a no fault also. Looking at your photos it's likely they will want to change the sensors also. Be interesting if you could find out the repair cost, I bet it's not far off 3-4k by the time it's sorted.
  3. The black wheels make your car look so different to the original look, a more modern look .. assume your happy with them...who did you use for the job... What's the process for the trim de-chrome? (Remove and wrap or done Insitu?) Are you running cross climates on the IS,how do you find them? One small point and cheap to sort...(common with Lexus/Toyota ) now you've had the wheels done it shows the rusty looking locking wheel nut on each to sort, just over 20.00 for a new set and will make it look so much better (unless you see past them) Link to new set here....
  4. I'm searching my brain for the answer to this , as convinced a salesman at a dealer provided the answer to it. Why are some lexus dealer used car prices strange on certain used cars, example £31018 and £27697 yet other cars in stock have sensible rounded off numbers £27495 etc. The weird prices look like there on a lot of cars.
  5. Is that a typo in the part cost? Assume it is 1000gbp . I would guess the labour for a rack at another 5-600gbp at a lexus dealer.
  6. The alloys were suffering from what I believe is known to be a common fault (lacquer peel) and did have the odd kerb rash mark....I chose ' The Wheel Specialist' to sort them. Not the cheapest, but you really want the best job and quality. They have a very high review rating on trustpilot etc and I found the service second to none. Would recommend to anyone considering needing wheels refurbished
  7. Check here, they look to be on offer at 78.99 along with an additional 10 percent off so brings them in about 71 delivered....a good buy for brand new delivered
  8. Looks fantastic for a nearly 20 year old car ....says a lot about build quality.....I notice on the reg that its originally a north east car so guess it's remained in the area in its to be better than the Mondeo surely.?.....enjoy
  9. A lexus approved body shop will come in anywhere between 850-950 including vat for the job, a lot of the labour (depending on complexities) is for removal of sensors,lights,headlight washers,reflectors can look quite daunting when you see the photo of them removed, especially the front. Yes you pay a bit of a premium compared to a non approved shop, but the level of guarantee on the job (finish) refitting with alignment and knowing it goes back how it should be could be worth paying that bit extra for. It ultimately depends how you view it and if your holding on to the car for a number of years to come.
  10. Might be some relevant info in this thread on the U.S forums
  11. Big money for a 11 year old motor, but likely an appreciating classic at some stage.! The trader gets decent reviews and is selling some expensive motors.
  12. The used car market is certainly not flooded with vehicles that have a full main dealer history and for buyers that can be a stand out when you come to sell it (privately). There's a wide range of arguments over folk even going to a main dealer for any service. I know one private company who do not even service their cars anywhere and simply only carry out an oil and filter change when they feel like it. They believe that they save about 1500 over 5 years then just trade the car in regardless, getting whatever the book price is at the time. If your going to save 150.00 by not going to lexus for the service then perhaps consider 1 year,2 years down the line, are you going to sell privately or trade it in or are you going to run it forever till the end. If it's going to be sold privately then you may get your additional cost back by adding a few hundred quid to your asking price. I guess what's really important in all of this is that whoever services your car carries out the work to a high standard and that your comfortable with their work.
  13. Mate of mines Audi Q5 Failed its first MOT on suspension bushes, only 25k on the clock and just 3 year old. He's put it down to the weight of the vehicle and UK roads/potholes/speedbumps etc. He seems to accept it as 'normal' view was won't it just happen again in another 3 years time? Interesting to see if this is common on the NX
  14. I know someone who was on the receiving end of these at a dealership. He used to go mad, as he said that they are obliged to provide a formal response. He told me that offers used to land that were half of the asking price. He said it took a bit of his time up to politely respond (NO) I know that it was normally a given to accept an offer of a couple of percent less so on a 20000 transaction , 19600 would normally be accepted. Although the market is so buoyant right now the only positive is that the car your after must be aimed at a very narrow market so perhaps an offer of up to 5 percent off would be accepted...who knows? Worth a try
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