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  1. cadman2k

    Rust on chassis leg

    Whatever has gone on, it looks as though that particular area has either been pooling water or capturing a lot of moisture. You can see from your picture, the bolt at the top left of the picture has surface rusted also which kind of suggests the area is a moisture trap. It will be interesting to know once investigated what has been happening. I know that toyota, lexus bolts can be prone to rusting in general although your issue is a bit more than bolt rust. Irrespective of the mileage as you say its a bit worrying for a 2014 car to do this. The only other reason I suspect could be a manufacturing defect. It would be good to compare another members similar picture in the same area on a similar age car. May be worth a shout out on the forum for someone to to that.
  2. cadman2k

    Absolutely love my new NX

    What made you change to an NX and which model of an IS did you change from? I'm considering a move from my CT and either of these would be the next move but with the new UX appearing its probably adding to the choice now. Any issues with the IS over your term of ownership? Assume this is now available at the dealer. May be worth a look if a good car
  3. cadman2k

    Keyless theft

    Seems to be in the headlines again How do Lexus fair in all of this and are any owners taking any additional precautions as a result.?
  4. cadman2k

    Help needed.

    What's your 2013 premier worth? I wouldn't think that the extras would be much different other than the new lane departure features and radar cruise etc. I would assume the 2 tone leather, bolsters and seat are a difference also as well as the chassis and facelifted exterior. Do you just fancy a change...? Shop around I'm sure you could save a few ££££ by getting a demo with a couple of thousand miles on it... Think the cheapest from a dealer was about 23000 with just over 10k miles but quite a few around 26000 with mileage between 500 and a couple of thousand... Think that's a 5k saving, although you would have to accept colour, interior combo without a real choice
  5. Do all models of the Face-lift 2017 on IS300h come with Led headlights. Checking the brochure suggests 2 versions of headlights appear to exist. One a Led and the other a BI-Led. What is the difference and are the days of complaints of poor headlights on the Is300 now gone from the Face-lift 2017 on version of the car
  6. With Lexus being available in limited numbers and having a reputation for good residual values, I have noticed the last few month that lexus finance predicted values of most used lexus vehicles are around 50% of what they ere purchased for after 2 years of ownership with minimal mileage. As an example a 68 plate Lexus IS300h advance with a few thousand mile on it is showing being worth 16298 from an initial purchase price of 30980. This equates to around 7300 a year depreciation or £608 pound per month. This excludes any monthly payment for the car which without any cash deposit equates to 700 pound per month. Therefore total cost of ownership is 1300 per month. I am wondering what the objective is here. Surely this cannot be helping a car market that has been in decline the last number of month. 30,980.00 Guaranteed Future Value/Optional Final Payment £16,298.75
  7. cadman2k

    Interesting Article

    Interesting short read on the new ES for anyone who is considering a purchase
  8. cadman2k

    Anyone else?

    Good luck, I suspect the outcome will be down to dealer pushing it through for you and the warranty accepting the claim. From what I believe, The wiper arms are not listed as an excluded part nor do the form part of the bodywork/paint which is excluded. From my experiences the toyota, lexus cover is A1. Keep us posted on the outcome.
  9. cadman2k

    Anyone else?

    Assume the photo is your wiper arm? It's the Toyota standard I'm afraid for wiper arm corrosion. I would not have expected that to start showing on 2013 plate though. Perhaps another 2-3 year. Do you have your car outside not garaged or live by the coast. The CT Wiper arms will not be cheap.last year I priced up arms for a Toyota I had 2010 model and they were over 100 each. If they are left the black top coat will start flaking away and they go white. I did a quick repair job on the ones I had. Took them off, rubbed it all down with wet and dry till they stopped flaking.Then hammerited with a brush smooth matt black. I had to put a few coats of it on though. It showed up differently when it dried to the long part of the wiper arm so I figured to paint those as well. It looked OK when I finished them and I figured would last a few more year. It wasn't perfect but they were much easier to live with as no awful paint flaking. I also kind of stopped looking at them as eyes were not drawn to them as they were not white anymore. Let me know if you price them on your CT. Mines a 2014 model and has no signs of any of that yet.
  10. One of the general issues with repair work and what the finished repair ends up like is a lot down to the care and preparation before painting/finishing commences. They are unlikely to have an open ended man hour budget but it's almost pointless to skim over things if the job gets rejected. On another vehicle I used to own it cost the bodyshop around 4000 to replace a tailgate as I rejected the finished paintwork. They could not strip back due to the rear window being back in etc do it as ll had to be done again. The work in the first place should have been about 1600. I have no idea who picked up the loss but I doubt it was the insurance company. Dig your heels in, the job is never perfect but should be at least to a standard where its extremely difficult to see if it was repaired in the first place. Overspray is another issue so run your fingers over the paintwork. Check outside and inside the panels. If it feels rough, compare the feeling to the non repaired side. Roughness is generally overspray as the paint goes all over the place. It's easily removed then polished off, it's just time etc, but should be down to them. Good luck
  11. cadman2k

    Is200t 2016 or IS300H

    Thanks for responses so far, test drive of 200t is imminent. Another question, is the cambelt a servicable item on the engine or is it a chain that does not need the same servicing.... I'm coming away from a ct200h and the 200t is an f-sport... Will it be any more comfortable on the road as Ct is quite a harsh ride on the back roads....
  12. I have my eye on an IS200T 2016, having read the reviews are the issues with turbo lag and automatic gearbox shifting issues really a big issue, would be interested to hear from any owners comments. Is the IS300h a safer bet? 
  13. cadman2k


    I changed from the low dB rated sport max rt2 when they got down to about 4mm. I replaced them with yokohama decibel as the courtesy CT I was given had them fitted and it did feel a bit more comfortable as I had found the RT a hard ride. I was also experiencing tramlining on them primarily probably down to tyre wear that was attributed to driving same roads on a daily basis. Probably another interesting subject. The yokos obviously stopped the tramlining but 6 months on I'm not convinced you can quieten a CT down or achieve noticeable increased comfort levels due to both the cars setup and the state of some of the roads we are forced to drive on. On a more positive note after years of high car tax payments and now at zero road tax it feels less of a blow... I guess next tyre change for me may be to cross climate + so that the car improves in winter months.....
  14. cadman2k

    Navigation screen

    This is fairly straightforward but not in a setup area where you would expect it to do this press your home button that will display your current split screen configuration, move across to the navigation screen, once you've done that push the mouse up once and you should notice the cursor going on top of a rectangular shape box at the top of the screen. It's near the Bluetooth symbol. Once this is highlighted select it which then pulls up the configuration settings for splitting out and sorting where you want what on the screens. The 2 screens split are available here......hope that describes it and helps...
  15. cadman2k

    CT200H Alloys

    Had these fitted by dealer to my CT in January..went for Yokohama Decibel E70 after driving a courtesy car and previously running on Dunlop RT2,s that felt hard ride as XL tyres. The yokes feel are an all round balance for comfort and noise. Was waiting for a fair day to share the images