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  1. Which broker did you use if you don't mind me asking. Its interesting to know that the lead time to the Car with the higher spec is a number of months. I know dealers can generally have demonstrators available but understand they are not allowed to sell unless a period of time has elapsed. That said a number of folk don't like them as they have been driven by many and sometimes can be used as courtesy cars. So does your new f-sport have any shortcomings over your premier on spec? Did you go for ML system again or not?
  2. What year was your premier, did you trade it in. Assume with a local dealer. Was the trade in price ok
  3. This may help
  4. Likely shown on the attached lexus document that summarises the differences and lists what is checked/done. Think that 40,60 and 80 would be classed as Major and the 100k one would be major and coolant and cambelt if applicable. Hope this helps Lexus - Service Table 0418.pdf
  5. This potentially appears to be a common problem. It may be series/age specific so the more members that check the more data will be available to bottom out this issue.
  6. What sunstrip visor is recommended?
  7. Thanks for the feedback so far, it kind of reminded me of a typical taxi where stickers are heavily used...
  8. Be interested in knowing if all models of the current Lexus range carries both labels
  9. I agree with that observation although the car would not go to anyone under current ownership but down the line then yes, it's an issue. My view is that there are other ways to still get this safety message across as other manufacturers do by having this label around the glove box area. Whilst the visor is up and not used then from the outside this label is not seen., I still feel that with visor in use then from the outside it looks a bit strange to see this good sized warning label across the windscreen as it is serving no purpose as only visible from outside the car which defeats its original purpose. I am interested to know if other models across the lexus range have these labels on each side of the passenger visor as is on the CT. I can see from a safety perspective the reason for the labels is that they can be no doubt that they have shown the message when either the visor is not in use or in use as with having 2 labels it is always visible from inside the car.
  10. Not sure you are thinking about the same labels... The labels I refer appear to be simply warning labels warning against when putting babies/ kids in passenger seat then referring to manual for further info... Likely advising to switch off airbag... See attached showing the label on both sides of sun visor..
  11. Has anyone noticed that you have an airbag warning label on each side of the passenger sunvisor. Was thinking although nothing affected when sunvisor not in use but when passenger uses the visor you can see this rather large warning label from outside the car. Not really asthetically pleasing in reality. Anyone removed these labels from their sunvisors and is it an easy removal. Assuming no law against removing one of them? Do other cars in the lexus range carry dual warning labels on the passenger sunvisor.
  12. Whatever has gone on, it looks as though that particular area has either been pooling water or capturing a lot of moisture. You can see from your picture, the bolt at the top left of the picture has surface rusted also which kind of suggests the area is a moisture trap. It will be interesting to know once investigated what has been happening. I know that toyota, lexus bolts can be prone to rusting in general although your issue is a bit more than bolt rust. Irrespective of the mileage as you say its a bit worrying for a 2014 car to do this. The only other reason I suspect could be a manufacturing defect. It would be good to compare another members similar picture in the same area on a similar age car. May be worth a shout out on the forum for someone to to that.
  13. What made you change to an NX and which model of an IS did you change from? I'm considering a move from my CT and either of these would be the next move but with the new UX appearing its probably adding to the choice now. Any issues with the IS over your term of ownership? Assume this is now available at the dealer. May be worth a look if a good car
  14. Seems to be in the headlines again How do Lexus fair in all of this and are any owners taking any additional precautions as a result.?