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  1. Thanks Steve, Got the connectors off ok - just needed a bit of brute force which I wasn't comfortable with before seeing the video you posted. Not sure about being able to remove the battery without removing the ECU. There are 2x securing bolts beneath the ECU which need to be removed before the tray lifts out. But all pretty easy. Thanks again. Scott
  2. Thank you Texas, Very useful diagram and yes, don't want to be messing up.....hence my question. So I've marked up what I trying to do and hopping someone can advise on the removal of the connectors so that I can remove the battery base. Cheers, Scott
  3. Evening everyone, You can tell it's new car maintenance day....🙄 I'm trying to fit a new battery clamp as there wasn't one on the car when I bought it. But I can't attach the forward rod to its mounting under the battery tray. So I want to remove the battery tray. Seems pretty straight forward other than the two big electrical connectors (see pictures). I've levered up the little locking tabs (I think) that are on connectors but I just can't get the connectors to move. I'm not trying too hard yet but wondered if anyone knew how these disconnect these just in case I break them. It looks as though they just lever up and the connectors are backed off. Thanks in advance, Scott
  4. Having played a bit with the value I thought I'd just close this post out. I ended up giving the end of the valve stem a tap with a bit of wood and a mallet (so the rod running through the assemble that the little valves are mounted). After a few knocks the valves seemed to be sitting ok and so more erg cleaner and pushing the valve assembly in & out it seems fine. Not to say that it won't need replacing at some point but it seems fine now. Scott
  5. Thanks Steve, I suspect you're right. Is is possible/wise to dismantle the valve. Presumably the cap over the spring in the attached picture comes off but does this allow the vmechanism to be dismantled? Scott
  6. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help. I recently bought a IS220d F Sport (2010) to replace my '07 IS220d with 175k miles. The new car felt sluggish at low revs so I thought ok, ERG valve.....which I've cleaned I's say 3x previously on the old car. Sure enough, the valve is clogged with soot - worst I've seen (car has 68k so I suspect never done). However now that I've cleaned the assembly I've noticed something that doesn't seem right. The valves are not sitting in their seats on the body of the housing. It's as if the valve mechanism is not retracting fully. This presumable allows gases to pass through the valve constantly. I'm attaching a couple of pictures which hopefully show what I'm probably describing very poorly. Any thoughts very welcome. Scott
  7. Hi Andrew, That's exactly it. Maybe I should have been clearer in my original post but yes, this is located at the rear of the car. If you're able to find a part number that would be terrific. Scott
  8. Thank you John, Steve. I'll remove the part and report back as it seems to be very unclear what this is. Scott
  9. Hi, I have a '07 IS220d that has developed a chronic fuel leak. It only leaks when the engine is running & therefore when fuel is being pumped through the fuel system. The part that is leaking is shown on the attached picture (highlighted) - it's not the hoses, the entire body is leaking and therefore this part needs to be replaced. There's a 2-way electrical connection in addition to the three fuel lines so it seems like some form of solenoid value? The fuel filter can be seen (I think) just below and slightly to the right on the picture. I'm struggling to find what this is - I had a chat with the local Toyota dealer (parts dept) but they were as good as useless. So, any help very much appreciated. Cheers, Scott
  10. Firstly thank you Dave, very much appreciated. They're on order. To answer the questions regarding re-use of the pin, broke. Bit of a long story but, car idle for 6 months whilst abroad. Three out of the 4 calipers siezed. Got pins out of all but one (typical) which just refused to come. As a last resort I tried tweaking the nut at the end of the pin but broke the pin (I know, I know....)! So I drilled a small hole in line with the pin at the opposite end of the caliper and pressed out the pin. I'll tap & cap the hole and replace the entire caliper when I'm able to. Final thing, thanks for the help & assistance. Great resource. Scott
  11. Hi, I wondered if anyone can help regarding finding a replacement front caliper sliding pin set for a 2007 IS220d. The Lexus part is ca. £40 but various suppliers (Frentech UK,, etc.) have kits for most cars at a fraction of the cost but nothing listed for the IS MkII. The kit for the IS200 is £10 & I'd like to do both front calipers so the saving is not insignificant. Also, I found the small inner bush (for the upper? pin) on ebay & it's listed for IS, GS plus Toyota Avensis, Previa, etc. So I'm wondering if the pins for these other models would do? Any help very much appreciated. S