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  1. Thanks for the reply katabrontes. The dealer did tell me the sensor was functional but they have to replace the sensor and linkage as one. The linkage had seized and subsequently snapped. I’m assuming that if the sensor was faulty the AFS light would be on, which it currently isn’t?
  2. I had the issue with the AFS light flashing and found the linkage had snapped. The car was due a service and had the cambelt and water pump replaced at the same time, so couldn’t afford to fix the AFS issue. The dealer said they had ‘manually’ set the headlights to a suitable height until such time that I got it repaired. In the meantime I’ve sourced a linkage and fitted it. The AFS light is now off, but the headlights don’t automatically adjust as they used to. When I used to switch them on you could see the lights self levelling. Does anybody have any ideas if I can reset the headlights to enable them to work as they should? Thanks.
  3. Just in case somebody else encounters a similar problem and looks at the forum, I went to the dealer and as described above the battery had a dead cell. £95 all in to replace and fit. All seems good at this point.
  4. Thanks for the info. I'll give my local Lexus dealer a call tomorrow. I'm not aware that the 12v battery has been replaced. I've looked through the paperwork history and can't see anything.
  5. Hi, I'm new to the forum so this may well have been answered previously. I have a 57 plate RX400h that I bought in September. I've started getting issues, where the car won't start, I.e. Ready will not display. If I disconnect the battery and reconnect it, it will then start. Any ideas or advice please? Thanks.