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  1. Ha yes my wife says you can get leads or whatever and just have them sit in the back seat. We'll see. I'll never quite leave Lexus. Still have the GS450h, and the land cruiser I think (certainly for newer models) are sold under the Lexus name. Will only be looking at quite old (around 2001+) models as I'm not made of money... Really don't want to let this 430 go as it's so perfect...
  2. Been quiet on here for a while as I've really not had much interaction with my beloved LS430 (pics here) However things have changed at home, and one of the biggest was adding a couple of working cocker spaniel pups to the menagerie that is my home. So I've decided (probably totally irrationally) to part with the LS. I want something good for the family and carrying dogs around the wilder parts of this country. I've only done all of 1000 miles this year in the 430, and that included a trip to Scotland, so huge engines and associated fuel consumption is not a major part of any decision. I know a Toyota Land Cruiser is probably way over the top but I don't want to go landy/rangey (you all know why) so looking at getting an Amazon (I want something big!). Bonkers decision probably, but I work from home so will only be (off)-roading at weekends/holidays, and am addicted to Toyota/Lexus quality. Anyone familiar with these beasts? Anyone think I'm daft? (no need to answer that).
  3. It's always fun on here to see an LS for sale and all the potential issues being pointed out and the price maybe too high then someone posts "I've bought it" and then it's all "well done mate!" :). I'd pay that for a great condition 400. like the buyer I've an LS430. Hope i never get any of the known issues that comes with it but for now drives and looks like new and I intend to keep it that way. Happy motoring Alan! My first LS400 was a 98 and was rock solid.
  4. I need to find a way for the beep to be louder when it goes off if the smart key is away from a running engine...
  5. I know Peter - close call in more ways than one.... Not sure what I'd have been able to claim on in insurance if the worst happened. Absolutely no excuses for me on that one...
  6. Took my youngest to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 yesterday. Car park was packed but found a space at the back of some dumpster. Got back 3 hours later and boy says "dad is your engine still running?". Turns out in the rush to get to the film before it started I'd neglected to turn off the engine and lock doors (perils of using smart key where you never taken them out your pocket). Thankfully all resolved but fuel was at lowest I've ever seen it. Luckily petrol station was only half a mile away. All's well that ends well but could have been quiet embarrassing to say the least...! btw - that's the first time I've filled the tank since January. Perk of working from home. Tank should last me now until around August
  7. Love green 400's. You've done a spanking job on in the interior too.
  8. The screen did work - just that the A/C on/off icon was greyed out. All other controls worked (though I couldn't change temperature). The odd thing was that a little while later they sprung back into life. Sill not blowing cold though, so back to the original issue... Have found a few threads on A/C not working - some simple regassing (though this was done in service very recenty), some a bit more involved (corroded pipes as Mark mentioned). May take it round to local Kwik Fit to start with. Always found them honest and cheap on these types of checks/fixes. Summer is looming! (though it's bloody freezing today...)
  9. yeah I wish I hadn't read that thread recently... I'm going to stay optimistic though until I know otherwise! :)
  10. Not much good car shows on TV these days but anyone else a fan of Harry's Garage? He posts some great stuff on YouTube. He founded EVO magazine, is clearly worth a few bob, and makes excellent very anoraky car videos.
  11. I noticed that my A/C on the 430 wasn't blowing cold recently when we had that warm spell. The A/C was regassed just a couple of months ago by Lexus when I had it serviced - not sure if they test functionality at that time or not. Was going to get them to have a look, but then had a weird experience today where the A/C selection was just greyed out on the LCD screen. Couldn't enable or disable it and the temperature controls didn't function. After a short while though they sprung back into life. Still no cold air, but certainly something odd going on. Anyone come across anything similar? Suggestions for what to check before I get it looked at?
  12. I didn't even know wrapping a car was a thing. Amazing! Is it durable? How long does it typically last?
  13. It's funny with these big cars - I drive like that too mostly with the LS. Now and again I'll floor it just to remind myself that there's a 4.3 litre V8 under the bonnet, but most of the time I just enjoy wafting around. Am hardly ever above 2000 RPM.
  14. Actually, I recognise that dealership from those shots. Same place I got mine. I trust Tariq and Ed looked after you well :).
  15. Looks awesome! We should have a sub-forum for Silver LS430's there seem to be so many of us . You can't beat the quality. Looks like it has radar cruise too. Cool!