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  1. Hi Stephen, I tow a 1750kg van with my 2016 RX450h. I have had no problems at all. MPG wise its a bit more thirsty than the ML350 that I have had previously but there is only 2 or 3 MPG in it. The Lexus is a lot more comfortable and reliable! Off the mark it may seem a little more sluggish but with a 1.75 ton caravan behind you you do not want to be going anywhere fast anyway. Load wise with one rearseat down ( the other one is occupied by the dog! ) there is enough room to get awning, groundsheet, gas BBQ, crate of food, TV, bottles of water ,wine etc various other bits and still be able to
  2. Hi Lukas, Please let us know how you get on as I have been told on several occasions that under no circumstances should any sort of roof bars be fitted to an RX with a pan roof. Obviously should the roof be opened it will damage the opening part of the roof. I have been told that there is a possibility that the stress of putting anything on the roof bars could shatter the pan roof. I assume this refers to the fixed bit behind the opening section. As a matter of interest what do you intend to carry on the roof? All I was going to put up there were two lightweight aluminium bikes. Bri
  3. Thanks Mark. I can't say that the reply was exactly unexpected! Bri
  4. Hi Mark, I will be very interested to hear their reply. Bri
  5. I can only agree there Mark. Having purchased a late 2016 RX with a pan roof, Lexus Parts direct would not sell me the roof bars saying that anything that is carried on the roof would cause the roof to flex and the pan roof to shatter. So why put roof rails on the car at all then, and dos'nt that raise questions regarding the rigidity of the body shell in general? I would have thought that the roof rails would have taken the weight but apparrently not. I must admit I would probably not have bought the car had I known this. I can understand Lexus being concerned about people dropping things on
  6. I think (but I may be wrong) that the law requires a visual or an audible warning. For example when the indicator lights come on there is a beep from the towing relay. However as Lexus bury them somewhere in the back of the car near the rear light clusters it is very difficult to hear them (especially if like me you are deaf ! ). If you want to check this you should be able to hear the beep but you may need to have a pretty quiet car, no radio on for example to do it. I have my wife do a 'lights check ' whenever we go away so I know everything works at least up to the point of departure. I hav
  7. Sorry I can't help you there as I was only going of memory and I don't remember a red box at all! Once again sorry but maybe a decent auto electrician should be able to point you in the right direction. After all I think these relays are fairly 'generic'. As I have in the past fitted my own tow bars and electrics and they all look at least pretty much the same. I notice both of them seem to say VOLTA on them so a google search may be worth a try. On second thoughts I have just done one and Volta seenms to supply charging points for electric vehicles. So maybe one of them is the relay to suppl
  8. I have had a tow bar and electrics fitted to all my RXs, from a 400h through two 450h's and the towing relay has always been in the left hand rear corner. If memory serves me just remove the bit of trim that allows access to the rear lamp clusters and look for a box around 2"X1.5"X around 3/4" with a lot of wires coming in and out of it. One of them may have several wires together and will go toward the middle of the bumper that will be the one going to the towing socket(s). The others will be usually spliced into the original wires for the lights indicators etc. My latest was fitted by my loc
  9. Hi Richie, Would connecting two sets of jump leads reach? ( I have done this on occasion to start a 'conventional car ') Just have to be careful not to short circuit them. As the Lexus only requires a small current to boot the computers you may be able to start it that way or it should provide enough current to open the tailgate. Bri
  10. I would just like to get out for a decent run sod the MPG! Bri
  11. Have a look at this website it may help. Bri
  12. It does seem to be certain dealerships that say this. For instance last year I had a problem come up whilst I was staying just north of London when I called in at the local Lexus dealership they wanted to know what I had been doing when the yellow warning light came up. After I explained that I was just going up a hill after I had come off the A1 and had been towing a 1750kg caravan they looked at me aghast and said that I shouldn't be towing anything that heavy and that I needed an auxiliary transmission oil cooler fitting at the very least! Anyway to cut a long story short they reset th
  13. I have towed with the RX400h and the 450h. I haven't as yet towed with my current 450h but I cant see it being any different from the previous 'tugs'. They make excellent tow cars although I don't quite know how Jeff manages 27 MPG, or does he mean 27 MPG including towing?( Which is about what I average including towing) I managed around 18 with the 400h and around 22 with my previous 450h, I am not expecting any great improvement so I will be happy with around 22MPG towing. Bri
  14. Hi Simon I honestly would'nt be too concerned about getting it working again. I would think that there is very little chance of being able to connect the snapped of bits back to the element even if you could get access to it without removing the windscreen! Back in the days when I had an IS200 I had issues with water leaking down the wire after a screen replacement. My local garage finished up removing the wire and sealing it all up. The heating element is there in theory to make sure your'e wiper rubbers do not get frozen to the windscreen and in the UK I cant see that being a serious p
  15. Is it the power supply for the heating element that runs along the bottom of windscreen? At first glance they look like heating element connectors to me. Also looking at the photo they are in about the right place. Bri
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