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    Hi Brendan. From experience with other vehicles ( not Lexus) if it is just a rattle coming from the top of the engine and not a heavy knocking it is likley to be one of the hydraulic cam followers priming with oil. On older engines they can loose their oil so when the engine starts they are empty hence the rattling until they fill again. Bri
  2. Have a look at this site, it may help. Bri
  3. Hi, have a look at It may be of some use. Bri
  4. Hi I have a 2011 450h. When I bought it I told the dealer it would be used for towing a 1750Kg caravan. He never batted an eyelid, he did say that to have a towbar fitted by them would be very expensive but if I wanted they would get one fitted before I collected it for around half the price they would charge. I eventually got a Westfalia detachable fitted locally for around £600. The car tows like a dream. Just the same as my previous RX400h did, no problems with any part of the transmission (mechanical or electrical). As regards a canbus towing module I cannot be sure but wasn't anything special as far as I know just the repeater for the lights etc and a buzzer. The 400h didn't have to have the bumper cut but it did bulge outward slightly at the bottom of the bumper where the socket was for for the towball but it was hardly noticable. The 450h on the other hand did have to have part of the bumper removed. Hope this helps Bri
  5. I seem to remember somwhere that the radio/cd player got hot on some of the 400s. Some people fitted a small PC cooling fan near the unit to help with cooling. Coold it be that is what this is? It would tend to get noisy if the bearings where on the way out. Found this after a bit of looking not the one I was thinking of but close. Bri
  6. Having 'upgraded' from a 12 plate Merc ML350 to an 11 plate RX450h I would tend to agree with you. However there are a few things that I wish the Lexus has that the Merc had. For instance the merc sat nav is better than Lexus ( more intuitive, faster and easier to use ) and the cruise control only having a minimum speed set rather than a min and max speed limiter. However I am very pleased that Lexus have far better reliability and build quality than Mercedes! So on balance as a good friend of mine says 'you pays your money and takes you're choice!!' Bri
  7. Hi, I have changed my sidelights for LED bulbs. The only problem I found was the actual lengh of the bulb. The first one's I got were too long. From memory the first ones were constructed with I think two LEDs either side of the pcb and one stuck on the end making them rather long. The second ones I got were only 1 LED either side of the pcb and one on top. These fitted perfectly. The longer ones I used for the rear sidelights and had no problems getting them to fit. Hope this helps Bri