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  1. I would just like to get out for a decent run sod the MPG! Bri
  2. Have a look at this website it may help. Bri
  3. It does seem to be certain dealerships that say this. For instance last year I had a problem come up whilst I was staying just north of London when I called in at the local Lexus dealership they wanted to know what I had been doing when the yellow warning light came up. After I explained that I was just going up a hill after I had come off the A1 and had been towing a 1750kg caravan they looked at me aghast and said that I shouldn't be towing anything that heavy and that I needed an auxiliary transmission oil cooler fitting at the very least! Anyway to cut a long story short they reset the fault (gearbox oil pump running out of tolerance) but it recurred when I was nearly home. As soon as possible I went to my local dealership and told them what they had said. Their response was as Gliderpilot has stated. When I questioned them about a oil cooler they said it was not necessary and they had never fitted one! The fault would be cured by changing out the gearbox oil pump which it was! ( I should say at this point the oil pump in question is only the small one that circulates oil through the radiator that is I believe part of the ICE radiator.) The only caveat was that if I were taking car and caravan to somewhere very warm with a lot of hills then it may be a good idea. Bri
  4. I have towed with the RX400h and the 450h. I haven't as yet towed with my current 450h but I cant see it being any different from the previous 'tugs'. They make excellent tow cars although I don't quite know how Jeff manages 27 MPG, or does he mean 27 MPG including towing?( Which is about what I average including towing) I managed around 18 with the 400h and around 22 with my previous 450h, I am not expecting any great improvement so I will be happy with around 22MPG towing. Bri
  5. Hi Simon I honestly would'nt be too concerned about getting it working again. I would think that there is very little chance of being able to connect the snapped of bits back to the element even if you could get access to it without removing the windscreen! Back in the days when I had an IS200 I had issues with water leaking down the wire after a screen replacement. My local garage finished up removing the wire and sealing it all up. The heating element is there in theory to make sure your'e wiper rubbers do not get frozen to the windscreen and in the UK I cant see that being a serious problem any time soon. Bri
  6. Is it the power supply for the heating element that runs along the bottom of windscreen? At first glance they look like heating element connectors to me. Also looking at the photo they are in about the right place. Bri
  7. Hi Peter, Going back to when I had an IS, the windscreen was replaced after half a brick hit it. Around 6-9 months later I had a similar problem to you. If memory serves the wire that goes to the heating element along the bottom of the screen had been modified on the replacement screen. It leaked water that got into the back of the fusebox in the drivers footwell although the front of the fusebox looked OK the rear was corroded causing the problems. My local dealer had a go at cleaning it up but the problems persisted eventually needing a replacement fusebox. At the same time they sealed the leaking wire. Hpoe that helps Bri
  8. I had a very similar thing with my 2011 RX450 last summer. But i'm not sure what you mean by ' all directional arrows on centre screen disappeared '. However I took mine to Lexus Hatfield (the closest dealer at the time) who diagnosed the fault as being 'gearbox oil pump running out ot tolerance'. I think the code was maybe something 502 (but don't quote me on that!). They reset the fault and it did'nt recur until Lincoln on the return journey. I then took it to Lexus Hull who diagnosed the same problem and changed the gearbox oil pump under warranty. Apparently it is a not an unheared of fault . The oil pump only provides circulation through the oil cooler I think as it does not appear to be anything bigger than a washing machine pump out pump. Either way I hope it's not anything more serious. Bri
  9. Hi Stefan 213 I have sent you a personal message (PM) If you are interested get back to me. Bri
  10. Hi all. I have just ( unexpectedly ) changed changed my RX ( for another younger model! ) and I now have 4 tyres going spare. (My new one has 20" wheels.) They are Vredestein Ultrack Satin, 235 X 55 X ZR 19 XL 105W. I am located in N.E. Lincolnshire, if any interest please PM me. Cheers Bri
  11. Hi All, I may be completely wrong here. But I remember back in the dark days when I had a Merc there was some discussion on one of their forums regarding how much was left in the tank when the yellow warning light came on. I seem to remember thst there was an EU requirement for the warning light to come on when there was enough fuel left to do a further 50 of 60 kilometers. (That being the distance between motorway services on the continent I believe ) . Maybe that would account for the large amount of fuel being left in the tank when the light comes on? Bri
  12. Hi Peter, I have towed with a 400h and now with a 450h. When I had the 400h I used the Milenco Aero (teardrop shaped) mirrors and found them to be quite satisfactory. I now use the Milenco Grand Aero mirrors and these are even better giving a much wider view. Both fitted without any problems but I did have to have them secured to the bottom of the mirror casing to avoid the mirror fouling the clips when I select reverse. The Aero mirrors can be had for around £50 and the Grand Aero for around £80. Hope this helps Bri
  13. Hi Jeegnesh, Just a thought I have a set of roof rails on my car. A set of bars and a bike cerrier will be a lot cheaper than a tow bar. Bri
  14. Hi Jeegnesh, I have a September 2011 RX450h and had a detatchable Westfalia towbar fitted by my local auto electrician. From what I remember it was around £600 - £650 fitted. There seem to be several brands available including Witter and Brink so you shouldn't have any problem with availability. As far as I know they all require the bumper to be cut but it's not that visible. I believe mine was ordered from P F Jones. As for tyres, if you will be towing say a caravan then the front tyres will take a lot of wear, after all it's effectivly a front wheel drive above around 15 MPH. I tow a 1750kg max weight van and my fronts will be lucky to make 2 years so I don't see a lot of point in putting expensive tyres on. I am currently running Avon ZX7s. They seem to have a reasonable balance between cost and wear and of course grip. Hope this helps Bri.
  15. Hi all, Whilst I bow to Herbs electronoc knowledge I can say that I have jump started several 'conventional' cars from both my RX400 & later my RX450 and have never had a problem.But perhaps I have just been lucky (doubtful!). Just remember red (+) to red(+) and black (-) to black(-) from the battery terminals ( although the 450 is a bit of a faf) alternativly you can use the dedicated jump start points as noted in the manual. I really do not see the issue providing the battery is connected correctly and the hybrid system is in the 'Ready' mode after connecting to the conventional vehicle. However I do carry a 'booster LiOn battery with me if I am going to leave the car for a fortnight or more shpuld I ever need it. Bri
  16. Another vote for Avon ZX7's at just over £100 a corner resonably priced. Had mine on for around 18 months and still going strong. Bri
  17. Hi Dave, It was certainly a bit of a problem initially. I finished up using some of that brown parcel tape that's about 2" wide. Another alternative is to use a bit of double sided sticky tape (that was going to be my fall back if the brown tape failed). So far I have only had the dashcam come off once, that was during the hot summer of last year whilst the car was parked at the airport. Initially I was a little concerned that I would potentially damage the heating element if I had to remove the tape but when I thought about it no end of dealerships place their stickers over the elements and they come off easily enough with just abit of care. Hope this helps Bri
  18. Whilst I would not want my RX to be stolen it's not something that I worry about. After all it's well known that if a theif wants something that badly there is not a lot anybody can do about it. However I do try to make sure it's not my RX that they get.
  19. I could be totally wrong here ( I frequently am according to the wife!) but I thought Lexus exhausts were stainless anyway. I'm sure somebody will put me right if they are not. Bri
  20. Hi Charlie. I think you need to check the level in the cooling system header tank ASAP. Often the antifreeze stains the inside of the tank ( it certainly has done on mine) and you can be misled into thinking there is a level when it is empty. I tend to 'wiggle' the tank on its rubber mounts and look for the level sloshing about a bit. Failing that I guess take the top off and have a look. Either way I wouldnt drive the car again untill it's sorted, new cylinder heads come expensive! Bri
  21. I had a black one on my silver RX400 and now have a black one on my white RX450 both looked / look fine to me. In the intrim I had a Stainless effect one on my ML350 that got seriously scratched. You're choice I guess. Bri
  22. Thanks for that Herbs, I can assure you that the plug has not come out or even looked like it may be working loose in the 18 months of so that I have had it plugged in there. In fact it takes quite an effort to remove it! Also my dashcam has a nice red (when it's charging) and blue light when it's recording that I can see in the rear view mirror so should it ever fall out I would notice it not working. Bri
  23. Hi Darren, I do have a rear facing dashcam that I found pretty easy to install. Rather than try to write down a description of how it was done I have taken some pics showing the routing for the wiring. The only slight problem was prising the plastic trim far enough to get the wires behind but with a bit of care it went ok. Just make sure that you leave enough spare cable to allow the tailgate to open. Hope this helps. Bri
  24. Hi there, whilst I can't comment on a 400h file transfer I did have a problem with my 450h. Although the numbers seemed to transfer OK they never came up on the display when they rung me. After trying to transfer the numbers several times I asked at my 'local' Lexus dealer ( Hull) they were extremly helpful and between us we got to the bottom of it. It appears that any numbers that have been prefixed with the international code for the UK (+44) were not recognised, as soon as I took the +44 off the number and replaced it with a 0 all was well. Dont know if this will have any bearing on your'e problem but it may be worth checking. Bri
  25. Hi Richard, yes it is a well known problem with Lexus regenerative braking. More apparent on the 400h then the 450h if my memory serves. I can sympathise as it can be a bit off putting at times but once you get used to it it is not really an issue as if you are braking heavily then you are effectively on hydraulic braking only. Bri