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    I would say more of the street and mixed MPG. the car gets regular service and I always use quality fuel. For half a tank I used to get average of 180 to 200MPG. However now if I really take it easy, maximum it gives me 120 MPG, till the light comes on!
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    Hi all. I've got is200 . Recently I noticed my car go's through lot's of fuel less MPG for some reason. Has an one know what's going on.? I used to get 400 per tank. And now only average of 20 to 25 MPG !
  3. Hi guys. I owne a is200 51 plate. I bought the car last year. Now the car done 160k. Last time timing belt got done was on 96k. No problem with the car. How ever recently I noticed the car usin lot more fuel than usual ! Any one can advise me about unusual fuel uses?