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  1. If DIY store paint are seconds then I can't see it mattering much. If I paint a room I'll buy all the paint I need there and the colour will still match. I was under the impression the reason the trade didn't shop there was because the trade paints are not available and the cost is very high. I work in the manufacturing industry and as said above, between homebase, B&Q, and Wickes etc they will sell the vast majority of stock that these manufactures sell in the UK. Retail brand buyers will not accept seconds from manufacturers, retailers are all powerful nowadays. Just Google Tesco abuse of power. Lol. I'm not convinced that the whole retail market is full of seconds, whether it be car parts or paint. Feel free to tell me I'm talking ****. I usually am! Marcus
  2. Would they legally be allowed to sell items like that without declaring that it's the case?? Marcus
  3. Thanks, that was a major selling point for me. It's way more practical than the ISF, has folding seats also. It's not really hatchback sized, it's closer to saloon size. More room in back seats too. I can't think of much south of £30k, even used that will keep up with it point to point either. You guys really need to at least blag a test drive. Not sure if you have noticed but I'm slightly smitten with it. My opinions are completely biased and untrustworthy!! Marcus
  4. I've been a honda driver just about my whole life, starting in VTEC crx's (had 4 in a row!!) Owned everything from civic type r to Integra type r to accord type r. I was very much in the opinion that honda had lost their way with the new type r cars but they definatly haven't with this one, it drives and feels exactly the same as old school 90's VTEC Honda's, it's just been turned up to 11! The noise is gone though which was a massive part of the VTEC experience for me If you get a chance to drive one, give it a go. (That's some car combo by the way, you must have a very understanding other half!!!!! Your a lucky man.)
  5. LONG LIVE PINK!!!! On a lighter note, although the styling is a bit Marmite, they do look better in the flesh and I'm not kidding when I say I have never driven something that turns in and grips through a corner like the type R does. I usually take what motoring journalists review with a pinch of salt but it really is like they say it is!! It'll be quicker than the ISF point to point and is cheaper to run and more practical also. Don't discount one based upon styling until you drive it. I was blown away! I'll always miss the ISF though. What character!! Marcus
  6. Guys, the time finally came today to let the ISF go to a new home. I have loved every minute of ownership but there are lots of cars I want to own and only so much time in which to do it. The car that has replaced it is a 2018 civic type r and although first impressions are epic, the ISF will always have a soft spot in my heart. Thank you to all of the forum friends I have made and good luck for the future. I will still be dipping in from time to time as the banter is just too good to miss!! Cheers guys. Marcus
  7. I wouldn't listen to me, I'm looking at the civic type r this afternoon so my taste is unreliable at best
  8. I don't even know what that is!! It's either a coffin or s*x toy (or both)
  9. I'd agree that an RCF in silver isn't impressive. Having looked at one at Lexus Edinburgh I was underwhelmed. Same reason I'm not keen on the silver ISF personally RCF's need to be shouty!
  10. Edinburgh to Birmingham for me. As others have mentioned, I'm willing to travel anywhere for the right car as it's going to be with me for a while. Depends on the car too mind, don't think I'd travel far for an Astra or Focus. (If I was after a Focus I'd be driving to the psychiatric unit, not the forecourt!!) Marcus
  11. That would be brilliant if you could,. Can you remember who started it?
  12. Enough of this pink talk. It''s supposed to be sexy to be in touch with your feminine side anyway!!!
  13. So much easier said than done when I've got 2 kids under 5 and a rather demanding wife! I've love nothing more than to do that. It's not as bad as the picture shows to be honest either. Thanks though .. Marcus
  14. I'm going to guess silver! Really appreciate the post, one of the good things about so few cars being made is that you can create a history of them and do some digging to find stuff out. Marcus
  15. Mesa Red has never been the most popular of colours within the ISF world, it was the lowest selling colour when they were up for sale with only 6 or 7 sold in the UK (I think!?) Well today is the only day of the year that it will be sunny up here in Scotland so here's of few pictures of what Mesa Red is supposed to look like! I can imagine most of you will of only seen a Mesa Red ISF in the shade/clouds, I promise they're not maroon!
  16. I'd it truly a competitor though? Purely based upon performance?
  17. Really?? I've would of thought that the E63 would be noticeably quicker. As an M5 competitor the car is designed to compete in the next class up. Admittedly cost will reflect this Marcus
  18. That's a beast, certainly wouldn't turn my nose up at an E63. Completely different league to my ISF!
  19. How did the ISF get on in some newer company? I'm hoping that all the cars perform similarly on the straights and in the twists. If anything, having driven the new M3 I could expect you were all trying to keep up!!lol Marcus
  20. The RCF is getting a little common around here now, perhaps you should stick with the ISF. Better long term investment!!ha