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  1. USB Port

    If you have your screen on whilst running sat nav, sometimes the charging can't keep up, this is usually if its a standard USB port as this only delivers 500mA. If it is a higher power one then it may be able to keep up and keep it charged. If you're playing music, your screen is normally off, and even though its transmitting over bluetooth, even the standard USB port will keep it topped up. This is from many years of using phones as sat nav, and music (in my case, podcast) playing. Don't worry about overcharging, the phone will control the charging. Vince
  2. That is a good plate, best kept on a GS though. I had X724ERO on my Saab 95 AERO which several people who knew about Saabs noticed. Vince
  3. Help with flasher adjustment please

    I find the cancelling of the indicators at roundabouts a little annoying too, but once you're aware it happens you lookout for it happening. For those who are struggling, I took a few goes before it worked, I think the 5 seconds is the biggest thing people don't achieve. Also, the 'first click' is the position that gives you the normal 3 flashes rather than constant flashing. Oh, and my choice was 5 flashes. Vince
  4. Rear Screen Demister

    My wife has a Ford Fiesta and it has the Quick Clear windscreen, cracking (no pun intended) bit of kit, I've had a Mondeo before with it too. One feature my Saab(s) had was to automatically put the heated rear window on and turn the climate control to windscreen demist automatically when the temperatures were low and as the interior temperature increased, it then gradually eased the fan speed down and ultimately ended up back on the normal auto settings. Now this was 20 years ago, something a prestige car like Lexus should have in its feature list, the only thing I had to do was turn the heated seat on when I had my commute starting at 6.30 in the morning, many times I didn't even venture back out of the car to clear any frost, the car warmed up quickly and a warm seat is much better than going back out into the cold. So far I've found the Lexus clears then windscreen with reasonable speed though, I only ever press the demist button, then disengage it when its done its job, no need to touch any other buttons for fan speed or temperature settings. Vince
  5. Highest Mileage on IS300h

    I only got my IS300h in February, its a 2015 model, pretty low mileage so can't help with any queries in that regard. I only have one regret, and that is I didn't get one sooner. Vince
  6. Highest Mileage on IS300h

    Yeah, I've done this before, but changed it back after a couple of days, on my mainly urban commute it was very odd to see the revs drop to zero quite a lot of the time so found it more distracting. I had switched to this mode out of curiosity though. Its not a setting on the large screen, its on the mini screen above the steering wheel. its the last settings page (the gear symbol), if you go down those settings using the buttons on the rhs of the steering wheel, you will find it,you can have rev counter on always, never or the usual where its sport mode only, you can turn the EV indicator off too. Vince
  7. Highest Mileage on IS300h

    I wouldn't dismiss these as motorway cruisers neither, when I go on a longer journey, I usually see my average mpg rise a little. If you switch to Sport mode to get the rev counter on, you'd be pleasantly surprised at how little the petrol motor is being used. Vince
  8. Sport Mode Gauge

    Not got a CT200h but an IS300h, on my car there is an option to have the rev counter on all the time or never at all, is there something similar on the CT200h? I read it in the manual, switched my car to show the rev counter all the time, switched it back after a couple of days because on my commute the engine is forever being shut down i.e revs = zero and it was more of a distraction than the economy / charge gauge. Vince
  9. Soft helicopter sound at stationary

    I've got an IS300h, when stopped like you say, you have a continuous fan which is the ventilation fan blowing the air into your cabin. You may keep hearing another fan stop and start every few seconds or so, this appears to be the AC 'chiller' unit which would normally run off the ICE but on the hybrid is electrical. If you press the AC button to turn it off, you will find that the second sound stops. Vince
  10. The number is really a reference to the battery size. A CR2450 is 24(.5)mm diameter, and 5.0mm height, its the same for all these button cell type batteries. Vince
  11. Wobbles at speed - ball joints?

    I had an issue on my previous car, a Honda CR-V, it started mildy but over time got worse, it took quite a while to track down. Basically it started to vibrate around 35-40mph and by 55mph it disappeared. By the time it was fully diagnosed, it was quite a violent shudder, both my local garage and Honda were baffled, needed both front drive shafts replacing. Vince
  12. This video demonstrates how the e=cvt box works. There is a series of videos, but this is the best one to show it in all its glory. Apparently all the Toyota transaxles are basically the same idea. In the series he explains the difference between each one, this particular one is from the Prius so I'd expect the same one in the CT200h, Vince Don't know why but the video always starts towards the end, just go back to the beginning.
  13. I agree about the CVT, don't let the idea put you off, its not a true CVT, as gareth1902 says, its an e-cvt box, it doesn't use belts and pulleys. I've seen a series of videos which explains how they work, which is basically through a set of planetary gears and a second electric motor. Basically the car is an electric car with petrol backup, the computer decides which engine will do what and control them to give you what you are asking of them by your throttle usage. In Sport mode, the petrol engine is used quite a lot, but in Normal and Eco modes, the petrol engine goes completely off a lot when around town, but will it runs at motorway speeds, albeit at quite a low rpm. You can set you dash to have a rev counter on in all modes to see this happening as you don't really hear it stop and start in normal mode, it is a bit weird but it works so smoothly. I now know why people look at the car when you set off in car parks, if the petrol engine is on, which it does when its cold so as to warm the engine up, as you drive off, the petrol engine most likely doesn't change rpm and thus you appear to accelerate with an engine running at tick-over.. Now I've driven automatics before, but the e-cvt system is so smooth, its on another level, go and try one. Vince
  14. 6 Speed Auto Modes (D4, D5 etc)

    Yeah, but by using the paddles, you will see that the car goes into regen too. I did see somewhere, it may even have been on this forum that once the battery is full and can't take any more, the car will spin the engine to have actual engine braking, but that would be a pretty big hill, maybe something like the Applecross road in Scotland, but I'm pretty sure I'd be using my brakes on that one. Vince
  15. 6 Speed Auto Modes (D4, D5 etc)

    It is useful, a few weeks back I took my son into the peak district for his Duke Of Edinburgh walk. As I was descending into Hathersage, it is quite a steep hill, and its 30mph, so I 'dropped it down' a couple of gears, as one wasn't enough and it held it at 30mph all the way down. I may get to try this again soon as a visit to Scotland is on the horizon. Vince