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  1. I have a IS300h so there's no 'B' option on mine, but you can use the flappy paddles to 'select' a lower gear, which I've only ever used a couple of times but it maintained the speed without using my actual brakes. Lexus will have the system set up so 0% and 100% battery on the display are actually only say 20% and 80% in reality, this would save you running your battery completely flat and when full gives you extra 'space' for a bit more charge. So here is the thing, when you are regenerating into the battery, you will go past 100% as far as the display is concerned but there will be still be a limit when then battery is actually full, now when this happens, you have still got to dump the excess electricity being generated somewhere, what the system does is to use this electricity by spinning the secondary electric motor which causes the petrol engine to turn, thus using the petrol engine as a load to keep the system happy. I'm surmising that its this transition to spinning the petrol engine where the actual braking diminishes even temporarily, you would sense this as a surge in acceleration due to gravity. I've watched several videos on YouTube showing how the hybrid system works, and in one of the Weber videos, they actually mention this effect where the engine will spin to create extra load, just like conventional engine braking would. Vince
  2. I have the IS300h, when you disable it, you see 2 sets of 2 flashes, so 4 flashes in total of the LED on the remote. You can also walk up to your car and slip your hand behind the handle and it won't open. I do this all the time at home, when out and about I usually leave it alone so you can walk up to the car as normal. When leaving or arriving home, you usually need your keys for your house front door anyway. Vince
  3. Vince Donald

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    I find my IS300h great on the motorway, entering from a motorway services is impressive as it pulls very quickly all the way, I find Sport mode is better for responsiveness, but use cruise control most of the time. The day I picked up my car, I reset the meters, and sat at an indicated 70mph and it showed an average of 58mpg. On my journeys up to Scotland (350 mile each way), I tend to get high 40s, nudging 50s, with 48 being the norm, I actually find it better on the motorway than round town, maybe my right foot is too heavy. Vince
  4. Vince Donald

    New owner and Sat Nav

    There are quite often issues with the Lexus Portal, however the biggest issue I've found is the browser. I use Chrome as my main browser, and the Lexus Portal just doesn't seem to like it, yet it seems to work better in Edge (Windows 10), it may be worth a try. Vince
  5. I listen to the Security Now podcast and this topic was covered on one episode of that. The keyless entry are especially susceptible because of how they work. What they criminals do is they have a couple of bits of equipment which are basically like receiver/transmitters which work at the frequencies used by the car manufacturers, they are linked by what in effect are wifi modems, so basically one piece of equipment is place close to your key (ie near your front door) and the other is placed by your car where you would normally stand to open the door, the equipment basically relays the comms between the car and key , so the car thinks the key is right by the car, so opens, and again thinks the key is then in the car and theres not a lot the car manufacturers can do to defeat this. In theory, they could limit the time allowed for a response since the signals are being relayed so this adds a small propagation delay but this is so tiny it would need extremely expensive electronics to try and defeat the "hack". I just turn it off at home since you can disable the key with a few button presses, but elsewhere I don't as they would need to know exactly where you are to get close to your key. As Steve Gibson, the security expert on the podcast often says, security and convenience are often not compatible with each other. Vince
  6. I think the menu option on the small dot matrix will work even in drive but only if you are at a complete stop, obviously this requires foot on the brake. I also think that if you are in a menu screen when driving, then stop, you need to go out of that menu and then back in for it to register that you are stopped, this also happens when you try to browse the USB before its finished scanning too, you have to go out and back in to the screen for greyed out options to become available. Vince
  7. Vince Donald

    Pairing Galaxy S7 to IS300h

    I've got a 15 reg IS300h and it connects fine to my S7 Edge which will basically be the same software as your S7. Vince
  8. Vince Donald

    Music on a USB

    I have a 32Gb memory stick in my IS, which I recently used in an NX which I had as a courtesy car. As has been mentioned, there is a limit on files/folders, and I believe its not limited to Lexus, you should have no more than 255 folders in your root directory, I have a folder for each artist, and put the album folders inside the respective artist folders, I think WMA work okay, but now have mine all as MP3. Just checked the manual, says MP3, WMA & AAC, max 255 files (& folders) in any folder (including root), 9999 files total, 3000 folders total, no more than 8 levels of folder, ie folder in folder in folder etc. Vince
  9. Had my 2015 IS300h for just over a year now, great car. First, ignore all those reviewers who moan about it CVT box, it's only unpleasant if you drive like a total nutter all the time. Second, you'll notice the tyre noise, this is because the rest of the car is so damn quiet and smooth. Third ignore those who tell you this is a pulleys and belt CVT, there's plenty of videos showing you how the eCVT works, and this explains why its so smooth. Vince
  10. Vince Donald

    Nice Car, but maybe flawed

    I came from a Diesel CRV (no auto back then), that engine is very punchy, the IS300h I have now feels less punchy but thats because its so smooth, still feels pretty brisk though. On the whole I liked the NX, but as others have alluded, maybe the engine set up different to the IS even though it would appear to be the same 300h, this may be a necessity due to the NX obviously carrying extra weight over an IS. The real eye-opener to me was when I was joining the M1 at J34 Tinsley Viaduct / Meadowhall, a road I know how my IS behaves, I know its uphill, but I was only joining at the national speed limit. I know what you mean about relaxed driving style though, I have found that if you're too aggressive with the IS, it too isn't a pleasant experience, but with the NX it was enough to maybe put me off choosing one, which is a pity because otherwise I think it would be a perfect car for me. The relaxed driving style I'm used to, I used to drive 30k mile per year and I did that in a Saab Aero auto, I got used to driving more relaxed even though it was a powerful car. Good to hear what others think though. Vince
  11. I have a IS300h, and took it for a service at Lexus Sheffield, they gave me an NX300h as a courtesy car - great cos if I could have afforded one, I would probably got one of these when I was looking for a car over a year ago to replace my Honda CRV, but it was a little out of my price range. So I had a drive from Sheffield to Doncaster and back involving urban and motorway, so I got to try it in a variety of situations, my thoughts, well I really like this car, it would have been better than my CRV in every way apart from one... the engine, the CRV had a great diesel engine, the NX has a great Hybrid engine except that its not the right one for this car, most of the time its fine, but under fairly brisk acceleration such as joining the motorway - yikes its harsh, mainly due to revving quite high, much higher than my IS does I'm sure. I tried the radar cruise control, think that would take some getting used to, think I prefer the standard cruise but maybe more time I would get used to it. The driving position seems really high (compared to the CRV), but that ain't a problem, the ride and everything else would make this my next car, its just that engine, could maybe do with 500cc more or even a beefier electric. I don't know what any of you guys who own one think, but if this car had a little bit more power so that brief acceleration wasn't as harsh then there would be no other car to look at for me, okay the RX is nice but it just seems huge having sat in one, will have to see what transpires with the new UX having a new engine, maybe there will be more new engines for the rest of the range. When I was looking for a new car, I looked at loads, but always came back to the Lexus, having driven one for a year, I don't see anyone else tempting me away, with a slight engine improvement it would be an NX for sure. Vince
  12. Vince Donald

    USB Port

    If you have your screen on whilst running sat nav, sometimes the charging can't keep up, this is usually if its a standard USB port as this only delivers 500mA. If it is a higher power one then it may be able to keep up and keep it charged. If you're playing music, your screen is normally off, and even though its transmitting over bluetooth, even the standard USB port will keep it topped up. This is from many years of using phones as sat nav, and music (in my case, podcast) playing. Don't worry about overcharging, the phone will control the charging. Vince
  13. That is a good plate, best kept on a GS though. I had X724ERO on my Saab 95 AERO which several people who knew about Saabs noticed. Vince
  14. Vince Donald

    Help with flasher adjustment please

    I find the cancelling of the indicators at roundabouts a little annoying too, but once you're aware it happens you lookout for it happening. For those who are struggling, I took a few goes before it worked, I think the 5 seconds is the biggest thing people don't achieve. Also, the 'first click' is the position that gives you the normal 3 flashes rather than constant flashing. Oh, and my choice was 5 flashes. Vince
  15. Vince Donald

    Rear Screen Demister

    My wife has a Ford Fiesta and it has the Quick Clear windscreen, cracking (no pun intended) bit of kit, I've had a Mondeo before with it too. One feature my Saab(s) had was to automatically put the heated rear window on and turn the climate control to windscreen demist automatically when the temperatures were low and as the interior temperature increased, it then gradually eased the fan speed down and ultimately ended up back on the normal auto settings. Now this was 20 years ago, something a prestige car like Lexus should have in its feature list, the only thing I had to do was turn the heated seat on when I had my commute starting at 6.30 in the morning, many times I didn't even venture back out of the car to clear any frost, the car warmed up quickly and a warm seat is much better than going back out into the cold. So far I've found the Lexus clears then windscreen with reasonable speed though, I only ever press the demist button, then disengage it when its done its job, no need to touch any other buttons for fan speed or temperature settings. Vince