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  1. I've put one in my IS300h and to be honest its a bit of a pain, as you can see in the photos above of an NX, it impedes the gearstick, on an IS it also impedes your view of some of the audio and climate controls. I'm going to remove it and only put it in when I really need it. Vince
  2. You've done what I did many years ago,I went to my local Saab dealer to test drive a 9-3 having previously had a 900, the car was out on a test drive, but as I was looking at a 9-5 they offered me a drive in one of those "while I was waiting", which I did, then I drove the 9-3. Both cars had the same engine spec so the 9-3 was definitely faster, I bought a 9-5, not the one I drove, I wanted a blue one but the same spec, and a few years later I got a 9-5 Aero (the faster one). I currently have an IS300h, cracking car, but I bet the GS will be even quieter and smoother as was the 9-5 vs 9-3, also the extra space inside would fell more luxurious too. When I bought my IS, I too considered a GS, though my choice of spec and colour was out of my financial reach, I would say that if you prefer the GS go for it. Vince
  3. I use a bit of software called MP3Tag to modify the metadata, you can edit say the Album name or Artist for the entire Album at once, you just need a bit of patience I'm afraid if you have a lot of files, I've got a 32Gb thumb drive and its physically tiny, when plugged in theres only a few of mm visible. Vince
  4. That sticker is a good idea, I had no idea you could disable it in the car settings, been doing the 2 press thing on the remote myself. Vince
  5. I've given up trying to work out why the engine runs when I think it shouldn't, after a run on the motorway maybe it runs to run the water pump and oil pump to cool the engine down a little. I assume you've not used the "flappy padles" as I've noticed that the ICE stays on if you try to use them to slow down rather than the brake pedal. I just leave the AC on constantly, always have in all cars I've had with AC. I think you tend to overdo the efficiency by trying too hard, been there, done that. Two and a half years in I still occasionally try things, but for the main just let the car do what it needs to do, Toyota / Lexus have been at this game for a few decades now. Relaxing driving aids mpg, but the occasional quick getaway is fun. Vince
  6. Crikey, this was an old thread resurrected. I had something similar on my 2015 IS300h a few weeks back. Got home from work, parked and locked up, around 9.15pm, alarm goes off, so I reset it check everything, about half an hour later it goes off again, and then again about another 20 minutes. I disabled the interior sensor, never went off again. Next day I find an insect in the car, about 2cm long like a small cricket or grasshopper, something I see many of when cutting the lawns, so that was the culprit. A couple of nights later it happened again, this time as I got in to disable the sensor I saw a moth flying inside, left it disabled, would have only got more in if I tried to get it out in the dark. Next day was really hot, think it may have finished the moth off, never gone off since. In over 30 years of driving, I've never had a car where an insect set off the alarm, these Lexus have damn sensitive alarms 😁 Vince
  7. Don't know why people say you shouldn't use ECO all the time, I'm sure I've seen Lexus suggest it would be fine, in fact, if you are in ECO mode when you switch off, the car comes back on in ECO mode, the same is not true for Sport mode. As for Spotify, I haven't used it but I have seen the display to be hit and miss regarding showing the name of the podcast I am listening to, so it probably uses the same protocols. You say that you notice the engine starting up sometimes from a standing start, this is quite normal, the system has decided that instantly you are asking for more acceleration than the electric motor will give so it starts the ICE, now there is no starter motor, it starts by adjusting the speed of the 2nd electric motor, thus momentarily reducing actual acceleration which you notice, there are several videos online which show how all this works. I find it most noticeable in Sport mode, if you bury the accelerator then there is a delay whilst the system starts the ICE, then you get very brisk acceleration. These cars are so smooth that you end up "looking" for any imperfection, had mine for two and a half years, still love driving it. Vince
  8. My wife had a similar issue when she recently got a Toyota Yaris. On your phone, go to Bluetooth settings and look for your cars connection entry, theres a "Gear" symbol next to it, tap that. Now you should see a list of what options are available ie Phone Calls, Media Audio etc You need to enable Contact Sharing, some devices may then get you to re-pair as they have enabled a different connection protocol which wasn't standard. Vince
  9. Hopefully your fears about CVT boxes have diminished somewhat. The video posted by Herbie showing how the Prius gearbox works simply shows how it all works. Yes the engine will rev if you "floor it", but in every day use, the revs lift a bit then fall back, I even had the engine revs drop whilst accelerating very hard up a very steep hill to overtake a group of cyclists, it does feel most odd, you need to remember that the electric motor speed is tied to the road speed, all the revs from the engine are doing is adding to the electric motor as you are asking for a lot of acceleration. When cruising along a motorway you will often see that your petrol engine may only be doing 1200rpm, the system varies the speed to optimise the efficiency depending on the current conditions, i.e up/down hill etc. If you have a relaxed style of driving, you will find it even more relaxing with an eCVT. Vince
  10. You'll know when you find it, I had mine over a year before it was described to me, explains why sometimes acceleration can be better than other time when setting off, you have to "bury" the throttle :-) Vince
  11. Automatics or manual, most cars will move with the handbrake on which is why most have a warning beeper to tell you. The footbrake is just the same as a handbrake in other cars, to put it on hard you need to press it down hard just like you would pull a handbrake up hard. As someone else has alreay pointed out, when in "Park", the gearbox will lock anyway. Vince
  12. I remember seeing Bob's review of the GS450 and he was raving about how quick the acceleration was. I think his review is quite fair overall, I follow him on YouTube, his reviews are a breath of fresh air. Vince
  13. Wow,can only assume a jealous response there. I used to do a commute of about 84km each way in my 230BHP Saab, smooth relaxed drive. Vince
  14. IIRC the Lexus one is something ridiculous like £40, I got one off Ebay for something like £3. It's not perfect as its a little narrow at the top but I put some foam on it to stop it moving, but hey it was £3 Vince
  15. No, my brother got rid of his after it started costing him big time, think the worst was the steering rack, cost £1200. He now drives a Hyundai and he says its actually a much better car. I know someone else who had a Freelander and it randomly started lowering one of the rear windows about 5cm - he had to be very careful when leaving the car as it sometimes did it when the doors were locking. Vince