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  1. In the IS the finisher doesnt get so long to the muffler tail, in my case they needed to install a small extension.
  2. Yes, i think its something that at least the Fsport version should bring. The new rear bumper of the IS300H MY2017 isn´t very nice...
  3. Yes correct, those parts come included on the muffler tail, you dont need much more than that. With the references i have given on #12 its enought Regards
  4. Sorry, i may not explain very good because of my English, i have attached a photo that might help you understand what i want to say. The end tip is mounted to the exhaust it comes with a piece that they somehow connect to the exhaust, but i am not very sure how they did it, as i left the car and they gave me it already mounted. Let me know if you have more doubts, i will try to help :)
  5. Once i have it i will uploaded here. Thanks
  6. Hello, Yes they fit perfectly on the new exhaust end tips, as the place is the same. What they did is they cut the exhaust end that was pointing down and they did something to prolong it. I will make some photos when i have time so you can check it. I think its a good option to put them, car looks very nice with them.
  7. I have attached the photos now with the piece that was missing installed. The correct reference is 52161-53070
  8. Yes, for me it was something that the Fsport needed, i know its just esthetic and that its an hybrid version, but i like more the agressive look of the rear part now.
  9. Hello, The before pic is the standard: Yes of course, here are the part numbers and the names in spanish with the prices, once the material was here they made me a 10% discount on the price. 52169-53030 SPOILER TRASERO 219.41€ 52161-53090 SOPORTE 15.97€ 52161-02030 GRAPAS 1.22€ X 6 90183-05050 GRAPAS 0.79€ X2 17408-31110 TERMINACION ESCAPE 230.94€ 17408-31120 TERMINACION ESCAPE 230.94€ If you have any question let me know :)
  10. Hi, The mechanic cut the exhaust so it would look in front. They are in the same position as the exhaust tails, so it fitted very easy.
  11. The pieces cost me around 600€ and the installation around 80€. If anyone has questions, i will be pleased to help.
  12. Hello, Finally i got the number of a IS200T chassis, so i placed the order. The guy of Lexus told me it would take around 2 months to have all the parts here, but finally in less than 2 weeks everything was here. So yesterday i took the car to the mechanic and they installed it. Here the result...
  13. Yes correct, i know i would have to change the exhaust or do some type of do it yourserlf project.... The problem is Lexus in Spain don´t help its terrible to get information of a model that is not sold here... and as in UK you have both versions, maybe someone has tried to change it
  14. New F Sport owner

    Nice F Sport, i think this car looks better in this version.
  15. Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to change my rear bumper and put the one of the 200T + diffuser, of course i would like much more the MY2017, but the one before would also be ok. Does anyone know if it would be possible? As in Spain we don´t have the 200T version it is also very difficult to get one, and from Lexus Spain they say that it is not possible to order it if i dont have the chassis number of 200T, so im not able to try it neither My idea is if it fits, try to find the rear bumper in UK websites or try to look for someone that can order it for me. Thank you in advance