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  1. Digging up an old post here but: How do you access codes using OBD without a scanner? I don't have the workshop manual Secondly, my ABS light is on and TRC is flashing. All brake lights are fine and all ABS sensors are okay. Any other ideas of the problem?
  2. Throttle sticking temporarily

    Taking the throttle body off is quite easy and would be the best way to clean it. Use a generous blast of brake clean and some scrubbing and it'll be super clean in no time. Let it sit for a bit so the brake clean can evaporate off any electrical components and re fit. It should solve your problem. WD40 is a solvent not a lubricant. Use something like silicone lubricant for that as it resists dirt and oil and withstands temperatures of up to 200°C
  3. So. I had the opportunity to replace the power steering pump on my IS200 that's done 150,000 miles with a newer pump that's only done about 70. Being a freebie I didn't pass it up. Anyways, after fitting the newer pump and putting the belt on, after tensioning it right (and before anyone says its not too tight, it's actually on the loose side), you can visibly see that the power steering pump pulley isn't lining up straight with the water pump pulley and the belt is slightly skee-wiff. The bracket it mounts to is tight to the block. I've found, when I tighten the bottom bolt of the pump, it causes it to 'pull' inward and goes out of line. Any help would be massively appreciated.