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  1. Press Cars

    Thanks Graham, I didn’t think it had, just don’t think they were trying hard enough (or maybe just over awed). Good to know it’s been done before so thanks! Still loving the car BTW, and other than this issue I can’t fault Lexus customer service, been fantastic so far.
  2. Press Cars

    That’s what I thought, bit of strange one then, maybe have to go elsewhere to get it done! Just had 4 new tyres so that’s why I’d asked them to do it!
  3. Press Cars

    Yes, Lexus Coventry
  4. Press Cars

    Good question, I asked if they had a Lexus part no. but they said they couldn’t see one or weren’t stamped. I’ve never thought mine looks lower than any others I’ve seen but they said they couldn’t attach the alignment equipment around the tyres due to it being so low. Side on pick attached.....
  5. Hi all, In for MOT today at Coventry. Whilst it was there I asked for the wheel alignment/tracking to be be done but they were having trouble as apparently it has lower springs than standard. They said they are not aftermarket springs but Lexus items interestingly. They seem to think it may be because the car was a press car and that those cars may have had a different options list?! Anyone heard of this before, would be interested if anyone else has come across this?? On another note, the warranty has just paid for itself as I needed a new headlight due to condensation! Ben
  6. Headlight Bulbs

    Thanks, I’ll check that before I going buying them, they are dear aren’t they?!! I have condensation in my headlights which Lexus say they may be able to put through as a warranty claim. Wondering if that has something to do with it.
  7. Headlight Bulbs

    Got the handbook thanks, just didn’t have it to hand. Any siggestions for upgrades welcome?
  8. Hi all, had a low beam bulb go today 😡. Can anyone tell me what all the bulbs are please? Was thinking of replacing all of them while I’m at it for good measure! Cheers, Ben
  9. Post your Pics

    Reckon it’s all that caustic wheel cleaner I use keeping the weeds at bay! We had a cat cr*p in on it this morning which my mrs took to work on the bottom of her shoe!
  10. Sounds like these dealerships need to be a bit more consistent!
  11. So been in Lexus Coventry today and they didn’t fail to impress with their amazing service! Airbag sorted for recall + £25 of free fuel! Waterpump replaced Warranty purchased no questions asked even with my intake and filter (car is 10 in March) Offer of champagne and canapés (no joke!) also had a sit in the black GSF they’ve got, look a lot better in the flesh, very nice car!
  12. My car goes in tomorrow for the airbag recall and water pump replacement. I’ve also told them I’d like to buy the extended warranty while I’m there. My car has the HPS intake and Toms panel filter so fingers crossed they’ll let me have the warranty. It’s Lexus Coventry and they do know my car so hopefully it’ll be ok!
  13. Fox Exhaust

    Great work Big Rat!! I struggled to find anything! Sounds pretty awesome, I’m assuming that’s a cat back job though? Definitely still in the market for this but just started a new job so put it on hold until the new year. Appreciate the extra info, cheers! Ben
  14. 37, working in clothing retail for one of the “big four”. As someone else mentioned, I like non normal cars and the ISF was a box I had to tick. Absolutely loving it so far!