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  1. Lexus Swindon bought it off me, doesn’t appear to be for sale yet thought.
  2. Hi all, Selling my spare set as the car is now sold. PM me if interested. Cheers, Ben
  3. Having sold my IS-F I no longer need these. Good condition, ideal for a set of winter tyres. £450 thanks, Ben
  5. Price dropped to £14,000 without the extra set of wheels.
  6. Still for sale, now has a fresh MOT and 4 new tyres. Ben
  7. Looked at Reyland for my Starion, seem like good value. Get some pics up when they arrive!
  8. Hi, I’m looking to sell soon. Here’s the ad. Cheers, Ben
  9. ISF makes it......
  10. Warranty expires 16/01/2020 to be exact and car has 3 previous owners, forgot to add this to the original post. also found this article on the Lexus site featuring this very car.
  11. Just realised my actual car is on this site!