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  1. Stazza80

    possible purchase

    Hi, I’m looking to sell soon. Here’s the ad. Cheers, Ben
  2. ISF makes it......
  3. Stazza80

    FOR SALE - Lexus IS-F 5.0l V8

    Warranty expires 16/01/2020 to be exact and car has 3 previous owners, forgot to add this to the original post. also found this article on the Lexus site featuring this very car.
  4. Just realised my actual car is on this site!
  5. I think it depends on how much you value the experience of owning something like that. I’m trying to get as many V8’s under my belt as I can before the world stops producing these masterpieces of engineering. If you’re worried about running costs and tax then maybe it’s not for you. I think more often than not, owning performance cars comes from the heart rather than the mind. You only live once, so if you can, do it! We may all be driving milk floats within the next 20 years!
  6. Stazza80

    FOR SALE - Lexus IS-F 5.0l V8

    Thanks! It’s been a joy to own and I’ve loved the Lexus ownership experience. Absolutely fantastic cars! Ben
  7. Hi all, After a lot of thinking and an initial bit of interest I’ve decided it’s time to sell. I’ve posted an ad in the for sale section if anyone is genuinely interested let me know. Cheers, Ben
  8. Hi all, After an initial bit of interest I've decided to sell my IS-F. This has been an awesome car but I've owned it for a few years and it's time to move on. 2008 Lexus IS-F 5.0 V8 Slate Grey/Black Leather 93,000 miles (car in daily use) Full Lexus Service History Over 1 year Lexus Warranty remaining Item Condition: The car is in excellent condition with no dents or dings, only the odd stone chip that you'd expect for a car of this age. (please see photo's) It was previously owned by a forum member who had it for 4 years. I will have owned it for 2 years in February and bought it from a specialist near Hemel Hempstead, Boss Motors. I put a refurbished set of original IS-F wheels on it 3 months ago but still have the original set of genuine wheels which I'll throw in if I get the asking price (these are rare and usually expensive when they come up for sale). In my time it’s had new discs and pads all round, tyres 9 months ago (Continentals), a new water pump, a new headlight and gearbox oil cooler under warranty. The headlight filled with water and the cooler and water pump had a slight leak, all common issues I believe. MOT is due in March and next service due August. It had the big 100k service last year so this should be a small one. Being really honest there's some slight curbing on the wheels on the left hand side but I've touched this up (see photo's, it's barely noticeable), and the exhaust tips are a little loose on the passenger side, again a common issue. I don’t like modifying my cars but the only thing I have added is an HPS intake elbow and genuine Lexus F-Sport carbon fibre gear knob. I still have the originals which will come with the car. Private plate NOT INCLUDED Price and price conditions: £15,000 Please bear in mind it has the Warranty which you can't get from Lexus on this age of car anymore plus I'm willing to throw in a full set of genuine IS-F wheels. Extra Info: The car was an ex press car and was the actual car used on Top Gear (GU08 VSN) I also found this Pistonheads review by the previous owner: Contact Details: Ben Watson Mobile: 07875191502 Location: Leicester Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: No delivery Please feel free to contact me with any questions. It is not yet advertised elsewhere as I'd really like it to go to someone who has a genuine interest form the forum. Thanks for looking, Ben
  9. Stazza80

    Looking for an ISF...

    Hi Nick, I may be thinking of selling soon. PM me if interested and I can give you some details. Ben
  10. Was showing this to a few folks at work earlier today so thought I’d share it. Dare say most of you have seen it at some point anyway! Happy new year all!
  11. Bit of promo for the ISF!
  12. I went for Lunex D4S 6000k, it’s a whiter light than the original bulbs but not blue. A lot cheaper than some alternatives but seem very good so far!
  13. 1988 Mitsubishi Starion....
  14. Cars in the Lexus Full 100 service next week. Anyone know exactly what is included for the IS-F? Lexus website is a bit woolly. Ben
  15. I had one of the best drives home from work I’ve ever had this week playing for a good 10 miles with an M4. I had no issues keeping up in my 2008 ISF which surprised me a little and probably surprised him more! It’s made me love the F just that little bit more. I love the M cars (had one) and I think I expected it to leave me for dead. Very pleased it didn’t!