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  1. Great write up thanks. My drivers outside handle is loose, it slides back and forth, only a few mm but if it is in the wrong place it makes a weird noise when pulling the handle to open the door. I will need to go in like the above but try to see what holds the outer handle from the inside.
  2. That Ebay photo is like one of those optical illusions. If you look long enough, you can make the vents point either way lol.
  3. I've got new rear pads and disks in the garage, hoping to do it today but rain stopped play. No idea about headlight leveller but I'll have a poke about. Water pump is a job for the summer, looks a good days work
  4. I'm about 6 miles from the dealer. I had the option of having a loaner or collection. I chose collection, I got 25 quid of fuel, wash / valet and a condition report. They mentioned stuck caliper, auto headlight leveller and loose drivers door handle and play in the water pump to sort out.
  5. Airbag recall done today, car just delivered back to me. refitted the Dashcam (wires would have been in the way so I removed it). A few items have been advised: 1. Water Pump slight play £132.10 plus coolant £35.01 I'm assuming that is the part alone, not fitted. A new pump costs £135 from Eurocarparts (not including the made up discount). 2. Rear caliper siezed, disc corroded - I know I know, it's been on my list to do once the weather picks up. I'll change the rear discs and pads whilst I am greasing the slider pins. Halfords seem cheaper than Eurocarparts for Pagid kit. Oddly, it looks like Halfords sell the discs as single items, not in pairs. 3. NSF Headlight Level Sensor siezed - £329.56 Not familiar with this but I have just seen some youtube guides, although not for the IS250 specifically but probably the same. It seems reasonably simple to strip and clean. 4. OSF Door handle loose I have no idea how to sort that out, I assume you need to go in though the door card. Any top tips for the above?
  6. How are they going to test for Brake fluid contamination? A lot of cars these days need more than simply undoing a screw cap as the reserviours are hidden under plastic covers. I guess another round of advisories like the under body ones which often get mentioned.
  7. It's about right. I'm in the high 20's.
  8. I hope it goes well for you too. My insurance woes are not good at all. Do you have witnesses or dashcam evidence? In my terrible experience, if they guy who hit you says you reversed into him, they will split liability. Don't underestimate the lies people tell. Mine is still at formal complaint stage, I will escalate to the ombudsmen not that it will change anything.
  9. Yes, they are easy to fit. The inner clip is different but not massively so, it's easy enough to figure out. Not sure about the spring, maybe it's due to the risk of pressing the button whilst moving, better to have it pop up slighltly than fling right open. If you fit a spring it would take more effort to close.
  10. Try ejecting the cd's. It could be chugging about even if Audio is off. Fan would've been my first choice but you turned it off, can't think of anything else.
  11. I agree. Having had more time to think about it, I will be going back to LV requesting more info. I submitted a huge amount of detail showing the angles the cars were at and the points of impact. If the other driver were to be believed, I would have had to be almost perpendicular to his car, pointing almost at the centre island of the roundabout. It is not plausible that my accused lane change led to damage at those points of the cars. I don't even know how I am supposed to know what the final decision is, LV have not once made contact with me. I am a named driver on both my daughters cars, both of which have recently been renewed. I didn't tell them of this incident as I still don't know what type of claim it was (Non fault, At fault etc).
  12. I did go looking for any traffic cameras after the event but couldn't see anything likely to cover the roundabout. I have learned that rather than start taking photos, I should have hit the video Recording and captured the post crash discussion. It was completely about his rights to turn into the Retail Park so if I had it recorded, it would have blown his current pack lies wide open. A couple of months ago LV informed me he had admitted to being in the right Hand Lane. I thought that was great news at the time but I have now found out he said he was in the right hand lane going the same was I was, up the A4174. He claims I moved into his lane hitting him. I argued with LV that my lane is correct as I turn left a bit further up to go home so I had no reason to move into the right hand lane. I'm also annoyed with LV that they would simply bend over. Despite all the moans from Insurance Companies about fraud, they seem to endorse the practice by not challenging in any way a statement which is, on the balance of probabilities, false. Another moan about LV whilst I am on my soapbox, they have not contacted me once throughout all of this, I have phoned them everytime. All I have ever received is an auto generated email in response to the ones I have sent. I'm still inclined to take the guy to Court out of principle.
  13. Yup, expecting someone to tell the truth seems a tall order in this day and age.
  14. Update: Just got off the phone with LV. The other driver changed his story and now claims he was going up the A4174 and I crashed into him. LV have suggested as it has been countered with a different story of events, it is a 50/50 shared liability. I cannot put into words what I think about the guy who hit me. LV suggested I can take it to court on my own but have said that in cases like this it will certainly be a 50/50 from a Judge. Advice, comments welcome.
  15. Can you confirm all the Voice commands work? I bought one like this a while ago and although it worked, the Voice system stopped (all of it, even for air con/phone etc). The seller did correct it with a new disk but it worked for a week then had trouble reading the disk. Due to the faff of removing the disk each time it played up it is now sitting in my garage and the old 2008 original disk is back in.