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  1. To clarify, if I've been driving for a while and then stop for a few minutes it will go straight into EV mode upon start up. So it is most certainly an issue with the battery not holding sufficient charge over night and not a deliberate change by Lexus in the way EV mode operates. I guess my main question is should the batteries be holding charge better. I know the Lexus hybrid tech is getting quite old now with their nickel batteries so assumed mine was operating correctly. However it seems a few of you have a different experience to me. Will get it checked out. Cheers
  2. Mine will certainly not be the same in the morning, charge is always lost to some extent. I should imagine a battery health check is easy to do so will take it back to the dealer when I get a chance.
  3. The battery always charges nicely and gets to what looks to be around 80% (I've never seen it at max). At the start of a journey it is always 2 bars (sometimes 3) and needs a few mins before sufficiently charged for EV mode
  4. Thanks all. Although I didn't really explain myself properly. I do try to force EV mode by pressing the button upon start up but it never lets me and just says EV mode unavailable. Basically the battery is always too low to go straight into EV mode. It sounds as though you guys all use EV straight away which suggests there may be a fault with mine? Cheers
  5. Afternoon all I took delivery of my new NX three week's ago and so far I'm absolutely loving it! I just have one question for the community regrading the hybrid batteries and EV mode. Every time I start the car EV mode is unavailable until about 10mins into the journey. I understand they need to charge but I'm concerned the battery is not holding its charge as it should. Is this standard for a Lexus hybrid? It feels as though this has got progressively worse since I bought it but that could well be in my imagination. How does this compare to other people's experience of the NX 300h? Thanks
  6. They look great, nice job. I definitely wouldn't trust myself to do a neat job of that. One last question and then I promise I'll leave you alone. With the door mouldings and mud flaps did the Lexus dealer supply and fit at their standard rates or did you order the parts and fit yourself? Thanks
  7. They're about 40mins away from me so definitely a possibility. Do you have experience with them?
  8. Thanks. How about the door mouldings? Standard Lexus fit?
  9. I actually made a mistake as it isn't actually Supagard, it's called Lexus ProTect which I assume is just Lexus rebranding for another product. But it seems to me that the main problem is the application not necessarily the product. I'm in two minds about whether to add protection up front or just use and restore in a years time. I'm looking for some local detailers at the moment. If anyone can recommend one in the Surrey area that would be great. Thanks all
  10. Thanks for sharing, really helpful. Can I ask if those additions were done through a Lexus dealer or did you source them yourself? I'm considering the side mouldings but not sure if I like how they look on the NX.
  11. Thanks McLean. Any advice on specific products for the paint work? Also is would I need to get this applied before general use or is it ok to wait a week or so?
  12. Hi all I have a new NX on order which, after much deliberation with the other half, will be in Velvet Black. I know that being black and non metallic, light scratches and swirling will show up more readily than on lighter bodywork. As such we were considering taking the Lexus paint protector which I think is through Supagard. So my question is will this type of protection even help towards preventing swirls etc. And if so is the Lexus offering good value/worth while? E.g. would I be better off taking it to a third party auto detailer? Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated Thanks all
  13. Was just my local dealer however I had to get a few other offers from around the country for them to beat. It was significantly less than their first offer. Keep your eyes open for offers being promoted. Glasgow always looks cheap. I've also seen this on a sport http://www.hillsmotorgroup.co.uk/lexus/new-cars/nx/?gclid=Cj0KEQiA2uDEBRDxurOO77Cp-7kBEiQAOUgKV1XJLjCFqTExI7sA-KWm4DS2sgmGdYFN7Lsq6y9F-9MaAgjJ8P8HAQ I rang them about a luxury but they weren't very helpful. Let me know own how you get on
  14. No, velvet black. We nearly went graphite black but ultimately both preferred the non metallic finish
  15. I recently ordered an NX Luxury with Nav for £33,700 with a £1500 dealer contribution towards the PCP deposit on top of that. So £32,200. Shopped around a fair bit and felt it was a decent deal. Anyone fair any better recently?