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  1. Hi All, Ive changed my RX400H's all break pads myself. They are all working good now. I remember when I was changing rear break pads one of the bolts have small black bush at the end. I dont remember if I put it in right side when I put it back . Is the one with bush goes on the top or bottom hole of the calliper? If I got it wrong wrong side , will it be problem later on or not? What is the bush for anyway and why two different bolts are used for? see attached photo for the bolts. Front one has pins instead of bolts and one of them has bush at the end. Same question is asked here please? dagva
  2. SORTED. if you see these round holes on your bumpers then your car had pariking sensors installed!!! I managed to find what is the small black push-button for. Previous owner installed Electronic Parking System (FBSN-4FD) on this car. It had been installed under the panel just next to gas pedal. Whole set includes 8 sensors (4 in front bumper, 4 on rear), main control unit (the one attached ), front cable harness, small black push-button and the speaker which beeps the annoying sound. After switching the ignition ON If one of the sensor fails then the speaker makes loooong beep plus a short beeps. if 2 sensors fail to work then speaker makes looong beep plus 2 short beeps something like that. Apparently my car has 2 failed sensors. The parking sensor never work if one of the sensors is not working. I didn't bother to change or clean the sensor , just take out the fuse which was between ignition and the parking sensor control unit. I never heard that beep again. As for the black push button with red led, It is to stop the beeps temporary if speaker keep beeping because of some obstacles too close or some other reason. BUT in my car why that looong beep and 2 short ones are heard after pressing heater's FRONT or AUTO button. Thinking the 12VOLT power connected to the Parking Sensor Main Unit just after the point where FRONT and AUTO button gets power. Instead it should get power just after switching ignition ON. Probably wrong cable connection. DG See the pdf manual of the parking sensor kit attached FBSN-4FD.pdf
  3. That is exactly same button. My one beeps everytime I start heatings usng FRONT or AUTO button.
  4. Thanks for your reply it is not LPG. It is Petrol Hybrid. I got seller's number but he dont tell me too much. I should have seller's prev owner's number who hopefully tell me what is the button for? I deleted all contacts in phonebook so too late to get prev-prev owners number. After purchasing this car when I do little bit and bobs job on that car and found out long loose black cable was just behind the little black button. But I can not trace it down, Also the OBD socket was lose as welljust beneath the little button. So definitely this black little button has been added by an owner.recently.
  5. Ive just noticed there is small black button sticked next to the mirror buttons. It is blinking red light when the loooong beep is heard. See the photo and short video pls. Seems like this button is sticked there by the prev owner. Made a hole on the base and small narrow electric cable goes back to the panel. What is the button for? That button seems make that beeps. Strange, IMG_7708.MOV
  6. these beeps are heard every time to turn Front and Auto ON, but no warning light on the dash. listen to the attached sound pls. Ac.m4a
  7. It does make sense when you guys explained what the buttons for. But not sure pressed the Front button again to turn it off works. will test the buttons again. Also I asked in a different post, every time I press the Front button Or Auto button to switch them ON (While both of them are OFF) it makes a loooong beep then 2 short beep. Ive checked it on different RX400H and that car doesn't make that beeps.
  8. Hi All, (as for RX400H 2008) (look at the attached photo please) When the front windscreen defogging button is pressed it works normal. But when OFF button pressed while the defogging is working windscreen defogging stops but light stays on. If I press the Front button again light still stays ON but defogging dont start. Only way to turn it off the light is to press Auto button. Why is that? What should look at? Regards DG
  9. thanks for your reply, I ordered this one from eBay which uses techstream software. Haven't received it yet. I will be back here when I test it on hybrid car. also wanted standalone one which doesn't require laptop. I may buy the one you have recommended, cheers
  10. Hi All, What is the best but not too expensive OBD fault code scanner diagnostic tool for Lexus Hybrid car like RX400H in UK marlket? So many of them on eBay, hard to choose one. any help will be appreciated Regards DG
  11. Just checked lights and boots. No lights on and boots properly closed. But I find out not just pushing the Auto button makes that beep, also pushing front wind screen defogger button makes that beep as well. Pushing rear window and mirror defogger button dont make that beep. Ive checked it on different RX400H 2006 model car and every time pushing the buttons make a beep. (not that looooong beep) so wondering is there any menu (maybe hidden ) to set the beep when push the buttons? Cheers DG
  12. not sure it happened before cos I owned this car only 3 days. But why only AC button make that beeping sound. As far as I know no other button causes this beep. Thinking it might be AC related, still not sure? this beep happens no matter Im driving or stopped with ignition on, OK I will check any light is always ON position thanks for your answer DG
  13. thanks for the valuable info. It does make sense now. also, one long beep then just beep is heard every time Auto button is pushed. Then A/C, changing fan speed and change heating direction work as normal. Im not sure if it was like this before the battery flattening incident happens. Previous owner told me he changed Condenser Radiator and topped up. No warning light appeared on the dashboard. Might it be some error code stored in memory? How to get rid of the annoying beep? thank you again