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  1. I had a lovely VXr8, picked it up from its mot and some guy busy txting didn’t see me stopped waiting to turn right on a national speed limit and drove straight into the back of me destroying my car. Im now looking at the Isf again and iv seen that converting it to a 3 seat is sort of possible as i need to carry a baby seat and occasional inlaws for day trips ect. It would be nice if i could fit the child seat in the middle if possible. If anyone can give me any info or advice on this subject please do! As long as its safe i dont mind how sqaushed it is as it wont be me in the back! I think I know what the answer is going to be - dont bother but iv got to ask. Cheers P
  2. At the end of the month il have £15k to find an isf. Im in no rush to buy. From the cars listed in the classifieds they may still be out of my budget but they aint moving to fast. So i could put a cheeky offer in. If anyone knows a car pls let me know. Dont like the red or burgandy and my wife aint a fan of silver. ( i know shock horror). I may be unrealistic but you never know. They can go up in value after iv bought mine!. Tho iv never bought a car to make money. The isf is no exemption.
  3. I know its not an LF but i found a low milage vxr8 2007 up for £17750 at a vauxhall dealer. Its been for sale for over 6 months so i rang them and asked if they would do a deal on a straight forward cash deal. They wouldn't knock a £5 off as it owed them to much money and had already been discounted. Some car dealers really should stop sniffing glue imo. Saying that the more i re search the Lf it just seems a better car. Tho i think the 6.0 ls2 does sound better (sorry but true) and the 3 seats in the back of the vxr8 would be better. But the build quality aint there and consumbles are extreamly expensive.
  4. That's why i recommend after 6 on a week day. After dark there are alot of deer and it can get messy. But there are a few gems that are really tight and twisty not far. Real shoot and break stuff.
  5. While re searching problems with the isf only 2 seem to crop up. 1 water pump but the 2nd is the steering rack that iv heard people pay from 3.5k to 5k for. Whilst I understand its a 50k+ car this is extremely expensive. Even if i was a millionaire id not be happy.( im not, im a dirty stinky diesel mechanic) My question is this something you should budget for if you keep an isf? Can they be repaired by a steering rack specialist? Or am I worried for nothing? TIA.
  6. Iv spent alot of time on the evo triangle, god knows how many times iv done it especially on the crotch rocket. There are a few hidden gems not far from it that give it a run for its money for pure driving/riding pleasure. The best times are after 6pm on weekdays. Iv also seen so big crashes. Know matter what v8 i end up with id gladly show people some of the best roads if needed.
  7. is the owner of the isf in lixwm north wales on here? Iv seen it a few times as i live just down the road and id like to know if i could meet up and ask a few questions ect. Cheers.
  8. I know for a fact when iv saved the cash for a car like this i will not be able to find one. But i just cant buy a car on the drip no matter how cheap finance is atm. On another note i think and i may be wrong but not having 3 seats in the back may also put people of buying them.
  9. I use an old bmw 325i track car aka the green goddess. Did 205mls at the last one in anglsea avreging 9mpg. Bought her for £350 and just cant belive shes still going. Iv learned so much from this car. One of my best memories is teaching a good friend lift off oversteer and by the end of the day he was doing it at 70mph. Iv found as anglsea aint part of msv they are a little bit more lenient on kicking the rear out. Some track day companys have a word now if you have excessive tyre squeel. What ever that is!
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome! Il be honest its a tie between a vxr8 and the isf. Im a mechanic on mobile cranes so im not affraid of pulling anything to pieces but prefer not to. Iv looked and priced servicing costs on most v8 saloons and the isf and vxr8 are very good value compared to the rs4, m3 ect. Dont get me wrong these cars aint going to be cheap to run but some seem to cost alot more than others. I think the only thing that lets the isf down is not having 3 seats in the back. Im in no rush to buy but my wifes getting a little annoyed with her 1.2 polo!
  11. Hi im new to the forum and currently looking for my first lexus a isf. Is there anything to look for when buying one apart from good service history? Are they prone to gearbox, engine or suspension issues? Cheers P