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  1. IS220D Mystery

    Just been on my honeymoon to the west coast of Scotland in my IS220d, 56 plate with 119000 on the clock. Did almost 2000 miles in it on a variety of roads, never missed a beat,no smoke at all, drove extremely well and as comfortable on the little single track roads as on the motorways. Drove home yesterday and did 300 miles on half tank of diesel(about £32.00). Did 6th gear most of the way on the motorway at 75/80. No rumbling or whinning from the gearbox, just heaven to drive. Maybe i am lucky and have found one that has been well looked after before i bought it.
  2. Paint fade

    Respray, been quoted £250, which seems reasonable. It cant be seen when it is wet, which is 90% if the time here in Lancashire.
  3. Paint fade

    Update. I have had a go at it over the last couple of weekends, with no joy. Seems it is a badly painted panel,(well spotted Rayanns). Looks like it has been painted by a roadside artist with a tent, then the tent taken down and damp has got to it before the paint has hardened.
  4. I also have a 220d se. Couple of small problems at first, but all sorted now. Cleaned the egr valve myself, easy job, changed my slider pins as there was lots of knocking when going over bumps, but it stopped if i applied gentle pressure on the brakes. Again, another very easy job. Car is great now and i love it. Its good to hear someone else praising the 220d.
  5. Psychotic Madman

    My is220d se
  6. is220d brake calipers & pins

    Just done mine in under 45 mins, very easy job.
  7. EGR cleaned

    Been running great since i did it last week. Just found the cause of all the rumbling underneath when going over bumps, turns out to be the calipers, so getting them done next week. I can actually move them by hand, but only just.
  8. EGR cleaned

    Oops, maybe i should have said 60?
  9. Hi all. Today i removed my egr valve and cleaned it out, it was'nt as bad as i expected after 118,000 miles. Anyway, on start up after refitting, it felt like i had a misfire, but after a few seconds (probably 20 seconds), and a few kicks on the accelerator, it was running fine. Took it out for a quick blast up the local bypass (80 most of the way), it felt very good and sounded sweet. Just posting to see if there is anything i should be looking out for as this is the first time i have done this. Thanks for any replies. Chris.
  10. Paint fade

    Typical, all ready to start and it begins to drizzle. What i wouldnt give for a garage instead of this storAGE ROOM WE HAVE.
  11. Paint fade

    I dont want any t-cut anywhere near my car, i have heard bad things about it. Turtle is just something i was looking at, but i am cautious about it. I think i will try thr Mer or Maguiers. i will post when i have used them with my results. Thanks for the replies.
  12. Paint fade

    Will look for some tomorrow, i will be at Halfords at 10 in the morning. Thanks for the help.Watched some vids on youtube today, ultimate compound refurbs red paint according to them. Also looked at turtle wax for dark red paintwork, comes complete with a stonechip pen.
  13. Paint fade

    Mer?, sorry, never heard of it. I was going to try Maguiers ultimate compound.
  14. New member

    Just washed, not even waxed yet. My MX5 is the 1.8i icon, 2001. Just been doing it up over the xmas period for the mrs and me to enjoy this summer.