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  1. Yes they are, they were imported from the US as the fitment was tricky due to the uprated brakes! Do share a pic of yours!
  2. Morning all! Is anyone aware of a reasonably priced home use ODB reader that can work on a SC430 Jap import? I have a few at home and none work reading the codes and all they do is trigger the engine warning light plus a couple of others. Even my local garage with their up to date Snap-on reader can’t get a connection. Thank you in advance for any help!!
  3. Hi Tigerfish, I have 2 readers and my local garage has a more sophisticated one and none of them will connect.... Thank you!
  4. Thank you Steve for your reply. Lexus Glasgow in November tested it and said it was one of the knock sensors. Subsequently the Jap car specialist I sent it to out their tester on and said there were no faults however the engine light is back on and it is in limp home mode. When I put my reader on it it fails to connect - can anyone recommend a reader that will work on a Jap import? My local garage has connected their Snap on reader and they can't connect either..... I have a full tank of super unleaded so maybe a change of fuel filter could help?! Regards Sheridan
  5. Hi there everyone, just wanting some advice if possible. My SC430 has an engine warning light and is currently in limp home mode - essentially little power and chews through petrol. I recently sent it to a jap car specialist that fitted most of the mods and on their tester the fault cleared and they felt all was ok. I had previously had it tested by Lexus in Glasgow who suggested it was a knock sensor fault. The jap car specialist felt it was not a knock sensor fault and just needed to be run on the high end petrol. The car is now back and the warning light is back on and we are limping around. I have a couple of questions / observations. I have read online that you can splice the faulty knock sensor wiring onto the good sensor - personally not an option for me as I am not keen on messing with the wiring. Another option is to have the knock sensors replaced - I have also seen online where people have done this and the issue hasn't been resolved.... The car had been sitting unused for a few years so I am wondering if there is sediment in the fuel tank and running ten tank low may bring on the issue... any thoughts or advice? Also on a separate note, anyone having luck with OBD readers on imported sc430's as mine just won't connect. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
  6. After much research and talking to lots of different people I finally found the guys at Projex in Clevedon who were able to give exact measurements on the offsets. The original wheels whilst amazing were always going to rub. Problem is now solved and new wheels have been manufactured to fit like a glove!!
  7. Morning Neil, thank you very much for your time and reply (and thank you to everyone else)! When my brother-in-law who had all the work done told me she was up for sale I couldn't let her leave the family! She is awesome so if I can save the wheels it will be great! I will look into your advice and keep you posted!
  8. Advice on wheel set up Hi there, recently bought fab 2002 Soarer from Aquanuke (family relation) and love the custom made 20 inch wheels on the car (see pics). The only issue I have is the local roads are not forgiving on this setup. Have had the suspension raised twice now so the wheels have circa 1.5 to 2 inches clearance from the arches but still hitting the wheels on bumps.... it's not a comfortable experience. The dampeners are set to their hardest setting so I think downsizing the wheels may be the answer. I'd like to go for 19 inch but worry that it may not be enough so maybe 18 inch is the answer. Ultimately I think the Rotora BBK 6/4 pot brakes may limit what I can put on.... would welcome any advice and guidance you guys could give in terms of what I can get away with and what I need to look out for. Thank you!!