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  1. Calling all Lexus LS Owners! I've been tasked with helping organise the launch of the new LS500 at our Dealership, which is expected to hit showrooms at some point in January. Having seen and driven it in Milan, it's a beautiful, beautiful thing. You will love it. Without giving too much away, I'm looking for a couple of owners of ideally a gen 1 and gen 3 LS. They'd need to be in "good to great" condition (I appreciate they will potentially have up to 30 years use). I'd need to borrow them for a night, maybe even a couple of days - but would organise something to repay the favour. Please drop me an email if you think you could help: Many Thanks, John. Lexus Birmingham.
  2. LexusBirmingham

    Hello from Lexus Birmingham

    Hi, Good afternoon All! I'd just like to introduce myself as a representative of Lexus Birmingham. I'm planning on organising a few events for members over the next few weeks and months, just need the sign off from the DP! In the meantime, if you have any questions or queries then please don't hesitate to get in touch. Regards, John.