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  1. Hey guys. Thanks for the replies. When the pothole damage was originally seen to I called the AA out and they inspected the suspension, track rods, etc. The tyre pressures are fine. There is no pull, no vibration, and this has only changed since I replaced the 18's for 17's. The AA guy managed to get the wheel back somewhere near and hold pressure on the least affected wheel and I had a full size spare so I drove it for another 3 weeks after the pothole and it went down again. On the 18's even after the pothole strike I had no problems that I'm having now. The wheels I've got now were inspected and have no damage (bit rough with the lacquer peel, but not really relevant). Is there any chance that the tracking is out? Like the rake of the wheels in regard to the road, maybe the toe in-out?
  2. Nexen on the back (new) and Pirelli on the front. Would the release agent cause body roll though?
  3. The 18s were already on the car. The new set have been inflated with nitrogen. I changed all 4 wheels. There are 2 new tyres on the back and 2 tyres with good tread on the fronts. I don't understand what's going on. Would the tyres not being as wide be a cause?
  4. Hey guys, First off, apologies if this is in the wrong area. I recently hit an enormous pothole and damaged 2 of my IS200's aero pack 18" wheels 225/40ZR18 and replaced with Lexus 17" wheels 215/45ZR17. Since doing this the body roll going around corners makes me feel seasick. Also driving around 70 if I move from one lane to the other just correcting any movement makes it feel like it will begin sliding down the road at any minute. I noticed the tyres are different widths after I put them on but didn't think it would make this much difference. Am I missing something? Have I done something seriously wrong? I know this is probably something simple to you guys but I'm not really great with cars. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.