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  1. Leather cleaner lexus

    I tried the the lexus executive leather care and i would say that it works well. I not really sure because the car is still new but the leather feels new
  2. Happy with gs300h fsport

    Lol! Stress at work...cleaning the car helps relieves stress
  3. Happy with gs300h fsport

    Sounds crazy but cant bear driving a dirty car... my gf was shocked when she found out that i clean it that often
  4. Happy with gs300h fsport

    Thanks! Yeah it was...unfortunately got written off:( spent hours a week to make it shine. Then cleaned 3-4 times a week:)
  5. Got a yokohama on my old is220d and it was really grippy and not that noisy. Got a gs was fitted with bridgestone and i would say that it is as good as the yokohama. Michellin i think is the best but expensive. But Lexus cars is very quiet compared to other saloons. I know someone in london who can give you a very good price for premium tyres
  6. NX 300h - Mud flaps yes or no

    For me NO! But what ever suites you mate! As long as youre happy with how your car looks and as long as it will preserve the cleanliness
  7. Hunting for a GS 450H

    Yeah enjoyed it for a good 3 years...no major problem...just the dpf. But luckily i have a friend who fixes dpf issues. If anyone needs sorting out with their dpf just message me.
  8. Happy with gs300h fsport

    Lol! Having a hard time last night rotating it
  9. Leather cleaner lexus

    Will try if its good. comes with a conditioner.. been read blogs and they suggest not to apply the conditioner. What would be the best thing to do to preserve the leather?
  10. Leather cleaner lexus

    I bought this just today from lexus
  11. Happy with gs300h fsport

    Yeah be posting one soon. Getting it serviced right now
  12. Happy with gs300h fsport

    Previously driving an is220d sport...twas a pleasure to drive...had to upgrade and got a gs was not expecting it to be this good! Just got back from windermere...the car was so comfortable to drive..have some photos of the old is220:(
  13. Hunting for a GS 450H

    Gs300h fsport is really good. Just got one from a dealership in london. So impressed with the ride. I thought my is220 sport was the best. But cant really compare..got the is220 modified but ride was still good
  14. Leather cleaner lexus

    Hi just need advice on what cleaning product i can use to maintain my leather seats. Phoned lexus dealership they said they have supagard leather care kit...is it a good product or just buy megs