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  1. Ace Hi what was the negatives in changing the suspension? was planning to use air suspension or lowering springs and even coil overs
  2. M, We have the same concern. Decided not to lower the car. Have you done your upgrades? ca you show me how your car looks like now? Have the same car but 2015
  3. Hi! can i get my gs300h lowered. Been in contact with some garages and they said they dont have lowering springs nor coilovers for my car. Is it because of the adaptive suspension. Wanted to change the alloy to a 20” and if i wont lower it down it wont look good
  4. Mates, thank you for your advise. Lexus cambridge was so accomodating and they did admit that the mechanic made a mistake. They gave me a free health check, valet my car, gave me a free leather cleaner pack and one free full service.
  5. Anyone fitted a 20” alloy without lowering a gs300h? Can you post a photo? Just want to see how it looks like
  6. Hi! Any ideas why there’s no one supplies lowering spring for gs300h here in england. Can fing some online but no one would fit them. Looking at rsr springs ftom america.
  7. Hi to all! got an email and they said that the rear disc has the same problem...now theyre saying that they skimmed the rear discs! They did not explain what was wrong and what caused this...a bit worried. Car’s mileage is just 30000! Now theyre saying that they did the right thing to change the front discs. just wondering why it happened as well with the rear discs. No explanations given what should i do?
  8. Hi! Thanks for all the replies. Spoke to customers service 2 weeks ago and they did investigate the case. They advise me to take the car to the dealership to get a free health check brakes will be completely checked. Yhey will look at the calipers too. They will pay for my petrol free full valet(asked them to clean engine instead). Then they will decide whether to refund me what i payed for the disx and pads
  9. Thanks for the replies! i have to speak to them about that because the brake disc they changed was still good. But they said 30000+ miles is reasonable mileage for the disc to cease. But as ive said i checked it before taking it to them. Should i ask for refund?
  10. Hi there! i have issues with my brakes. Have a gs300h 2015 and had vibration when i press on the brakes, i can only feel it on the pedals. Took the car to lexus and they changed the disc and the pads spent aroo £400. Then after 2 weeks it came back again. So took it back to lexus and they said it was just dust accumulation on the hub. A bit worried that there’s other problems. My warranty just ended. john
  11. I tried the the lexus executive leather care and i would say that it works well. I not really sure because the car is still new but the leather feels new
  12. Lol! Stress at work...cleaning the car helps relieves stress
  13. Sounds crazy but cant bear driving a dirty car... my gf was shocked when she found out that i clean it that often
  14. Thanks! Yeah it was...unfortunately got written off:( spent hours a week to make it shine. Then cleaned 3-4 times a week:)