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  1. Hi all, can anyone tell me which pins to tap from on the back of my display screen to add video capability to my 2001 RX300 please, I have attached some pictures of the connectors on the rear of my unit. thanks.
  2. Wow , that price is horrendous, I wonder if another Toyota Sat nav unit can be modified to work, canabalise harness etc ? , I just need the DVD reader unit for the sat nav 2001 RX300
  3. Hi Tayaste, the only other connections are the ones on the right side of my boot picture which shows another connection that's pushed together
  4. Yes I agree and I do have those options but I would just like to get the original sat nav working
  5. 86841-47030 doesn't look like the correct connections to match mine.
  6. Thanks, I had a look at that unit but the connections seem to be different ..
  7. No luck with that, but thanks for the suggestion.
  8. Hi All I need some help please , I have just purchased a 2001 RX300 (UK) series 1, it has a Sat Nav display but no unit in the boot , it does have the connectors does anyone know which unit I need to make the system work ? ---- Would this unit work toyota 86841-20010 ? , does anyone know which part number will work ?, thanks in advance for any help , I've attached a photo of the screen & some of the connectors in the boot next to the jack.