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  1. Hi guys how many use there 430 every day
  2. My apologies to Tango and thank you Paul for letting me know
  3. Always the same just a bit too late see my other post
  4. The only way i can discribe the noise is nissan350z its sounds amazing and definitely revs much easier and the rev pick up is quicker if you know what i mean
  5. Hi Paul yes i do understand you concern I'm the same the good thing is these guys have jointed all the sections so adding a mid resonator is easily added . No placebo effect definitely more responsive ive had my is 5years and i am a fan of silent motoring so maybe would add a mid resonator at a later date just enjoying it at present very pleasing sound....
  6. First off i would like to thank members for their earlier advice on my exhaust. I decided to go for stainless and i don't regret it the system has been replaced from cat back including the manifold clamps which were well rusted I have kept the original secondary cats because they were in such good condition kept the downstream sensors omitted the mid silencer but had oversized polished back box's with 3 1/2 " round polished tail pipes. Well what a difference it is slightly louder sounds very similar to a nissan 350z and definitely more responsive. They have made a superb job all sections jointed so can be removed or altered easily very pleased
  7. Guys do they do the front section from the cats to march
  8. Urgent advice guys please Well ive turned into an old fart that struggles to make the simplest of decisions my2006 is250 is in need of a new exhaust. Having had a weld repair not long ago i new it wouldn't be long before i had to make the decision keep the car sell the car repair the car Well i can't find a car i like as much as this one so I'll keep to the death Now could you help with a little advice Do i put a cat back ss system or fit a mild steel aftermarket system also any recommend manufacturer in my area i live in Cannock west mids Thank you
  9. Hi guys looking at replacement upgrade mod headlights is250 none hid. Not sure yet exactly which ones but i like the look of the black smoked ones. Anyone recommend where i could buy them please thank you
  10. Some very nice cars guys luv the twin back pipes grill is a definite mod i will be doing thank you my biggest problem is going to be wheels ?
  11. Nice thank you my car is actually amberley gold but you can't make that out in the pic sorry was also looking at changing the headlights crystal/ or black what do you think
  12. Hi guys i was looking at trading my is but can't find anything better so I'm going to keep it and do some small mods wheels spoilers ect history is 2006 is250 full history low mileage i can't fault the car in 3years of ownership i was looking for a ls430 but can't find what im looking for so I'm going to keep my is I've got17" alloys at present i want to upgrade but don't want to lower so i was looking at some 18" what do you recommend i have in the past used ebay for spoilers from tawain painted and found them ok so i will use them for spoilers any small mods that you recommend would be appreciated i will add pictures so you can see its a uncommon colour but i like it anyway thank you for any advice