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  1. Lexus NX300H sport

    On the sport model it seems you can't turn the rotary light stalk to off there is only auto or on, seems a little silly if you don't want your lights on auto?
  2. Lexus NX300H sport

    Ok many thanks for this.
  3. Lexus NX300H sport

    It is my fault you can't seem to turn the lights off Auto so they come on at dusk hence the indicator.
  4. Lexus NX300H sport

    Does anybody know what the "tail light indicator light" the green symbol is for, just noticed it is on when I start the car?
  5. NX300H Sport fog lights

    Can't see it in any of the Lexus brochures.
  6. NX300H Sport fog lights

    Does anybody know if you can fit fog lamps to the NX300H Sport, it has the blanks in at the moment?