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  1. Hi, My drivers side electrics are not working, does any1 know which fuse it is or can it be something else?
  2. Hi, Am looking to run a straight pipe inc the cat delete. Does the car HAVE to be remapped or can it do without? From what i know u have to remap it. If needed remapped where can i go thats recommened? Michael.
  3. Brought a set of tyres and fitted all 4 last night, washed the car tonight and parked inside my garage to work on the car, heard air leaking out from the tyre valve tube. There is also no screw left on the tip so therefor i cannot screw a plastic dust cap on. Looking to fix this problem, could i fix this going to a local tyre garage or would there be a sensor that i will need to order with it? Problem after problem --_--!!
  4. Next MOT is Due on 9/1/19 Lexus did not report anything and they done a full health check also.
  5. This what u talking about? Anyone know what to do with this hose pipe and clip above?
  6. I have drained my battery using a tyre pressure pump running from the cig lighter. I have brought a new battery but after reading how to change it, it seems pretty complicated and dangerous, it is not like normal cars where u just disconnect both and connect back on? Or with a LS600h, pull the safety plug out, disconnect both terminals, connect new battery and safety plug back in?
  7. Last week i thou my tyre had a puncture, i try pumping it and it didn't work, took it off and it looked like this, the tyre has been leaking air daily since the day i got it. I also send a Letter to the last owner but i have got it back as the people have moved away. I also don't have my V5C yet and its well over a month now i think.
  8. Hi, I have decided to keep the car and fix the car and hopefully its nothing big. I have contacted trading standards and they have contacted me back as they seem really interested in the matter, will keep all posted. Michael.
  9. Nope, He was helping me trying to see if i could get a 1 day cover driveaway as i was having problems for a few days trying to switch my ISF over to the LS600H, that failed so i logged back into my insurance to let him have a go and he done it.
  10. Can someone take a picture and show me the tyre pressure sticker on the side of there LS600H as i don't have 1 and would like to know the correct pressures. Is there a way of finding out what model mines is? been trying to google but cant fine the answer, LS600h, LS600HL? LS600HL RSR? etc....
  11. Thanks all for all the advise, i had a good think these days and am going to risk taking on the car on, its too much hassle at the end of the day and i might come out with nothing or i might be wrong? But i will still be contracting Trading standards to tell them the issue to see if anything can be done. When the guy passed me over the letter to sign that day, i did ask why is it being stamped "Sold as spares and repairs vehicle to be trailered away unroad worthy condition?" he said because there is no warranty so thats why the stamp is there. The guy also helped me sort out my insurance as i was having trouble switching over from my ISF to LS600h.
  12. I will write him a letter as there is no emails on the receipts. If u can that will be great, thank u.
  13. I gave him his last chance to reply today but he has not, fast when putting a deposit down and coming for the car, ignored when u have paid fully n no F**** given. Time to name and shame and will call trading standards 2moro to see what can be done, this company was called "Cheshire Motor Car Sales LTD" On arrival the car was sitting for me in the showroom, staff was great and told me to have a look on my own and gave me the keys. one of the staff took me for a test drive and then i drove halfway back, car felt fine and all good apart from the dash has (!) of checking tyre pressure (My knowledge was because the rear was running 235 instead of correct size 245 that the light was on as 1 of my friends R35 is very sensitive if used wrong width of tyre on. Warning light of pads needs attention which i knew about as to why i haggled from £10,495 to £9,400. (He didn't tell me this problem that i had to check from my phone app to get this information. Driving back home about 100miles in the engine light comes on, started to make me think, front bumper, side skirts and door don't seems to be aligned right. then i mind MOT advise on nearside front tie bar/rod damaged and seriously weakened got me think more and more, then looking into the old receipts it adds up more this car has been in a accident, how big or small we don't know but i feel kinda disgusting to put my family in this car and unsure if this is safe to drive. Some of the old receipts states on buying new wing mirrors, having a 4wheel alignment, link etc....i have also attached on pics to show you's.
  14. This is what am thinking atm. My V5C is not in yet plus do i trailer the car back to him or do i tell him to org his own trailer? Do i ask for full refund of £9400 plus the £800 which i paid by lexus glasgow on full set of pads and disc? I have just found alot of bad reviews on this company --_--!!
  15. No, the car was listed for sale alongside of the other cars they had in the garage, i remember this was 1 of there most expensive cars they had on there site. I still have in text that he can do it for £9400 but that will mean i won't get warranty with it. I did ask if there was any problems with the car as i said am traveling a distance to by this car so i will be buying over pics and info given as i won't want to waste my trip. Nothing was said until i found out on my phone app on the MOT failure thats when i started to haggle cash off, but was not aware of the engine problem. Am guessing they passed an MOT when it was not fit, because on the test drive the dash kept saying take your car to a dealer to check out and brake pads worn. I did say to the guy that took me for a test drive that dash is flashing on brake pads renew but he said we would have fixed that which clearly i knew it was a lie but just said ok. am having the feeling the car has been crashed before too, Glasgow Lexus says it looks like it has some big paint job before because the sticker is missing on the drive side where it tells u about tyre air pressure, front bumper and side skirts seems to be slightly out and not proper in, badges from the rear (LS600H and Lexus) are not there, looking at some of the receipts he replaced wing mirrors, repair front and rear bumper etc.... About the tyres for some strange reason 235 are on the rears where it should be 245 all round. Car is a 57 plate so is that a early 2008 model? milage is about 142000ish atm paid £9400 all i had in mind was the condition of the car was great, all it needs is pads are round n problem solved. Sent the guy a message today but no reply, it feels as if he is trying to ignore the point and trying waste time? i get back to him 2moro on wanting a answer back back the night.