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  1. Glassed off

    Hi Lexie yes mine run vertical up & down think it is lack of cleaning by previous owner & I guess at 7 years old it would be out of warranty by now, I might try the scratch removing products but think they are to deep to completely come out . Thanks for your thoughts. Steve
  2. Glassed off

    Hi Nemesis thanks for the suggestions not sure if the windows are protected read somewhere that the door mirrors are, the scratches are pretty deep but I will look into some of the products you have named as I'm sure it couldn't make them any worse thanks again. Steve
  3. Glassed off

    Cheers Rayaans since having the car I did notice a lot of algae and grit in the window seals like it had been parked up outside as it only did about 3k a year for the past 4 years I guess that was quite a bit so I power washed the seals out ( gently) then got in with a tooth brush & soapy water. Might look into the glass scratch removal have to see how much it bugs me!!
  4. Glassed off

    Hi Rayaans yes think you are right although the car is low mileage ( 33k) & full Lexus history it was probably owned by someone who wasn't as fussy about keeping it as clean as me. Still a great car to drive & looks pretty good for 7 years old, just annoyed about the glass & guess it would be expensive to replace.
  5. Glassed off

    Thanks Mike glad to be part of LOC I'm sure I'll have many years of carefree motoring & maybe one day move up to my profile pic, when the weather is fine I'll get some pictures downloaded. Anyone lives in my area be nice to chat especially about sat nav.!! Steve
  6. Glassed off

    Hi people new to this so put me right if I'm in the wrong place, well had my Lexus is 250 se-i for about 6 weeks and yesterday was the first real chance to give it a good clean & wax, well what I noticed was every door window is full of scratches ( should have looked closer in the dealers) my question is has anyone else had or got the same problem as I've never seen any car with quite as much as this & if it's a common problem do Lexus know about it. Apart from that I'm over the moon with the car ( well the sat nav is a pain) but that's another story. Cheers