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  1. Mine was severely corroded when dealer tried one on when I bought it. The pipe comes from tank over the rear axle then up in the wheel arch. If they change it make sure you put some under seal on it as paint that is on it is thin as hell and mine was scratched back to the metal when Lexus installed it. Glad I didn’t pay for it.
  2. Yes you can, select climate from on screen menu. ac is bottom left on my 2010 Rx450 green is on. Don’t press auto on dash or it turns it back on.
  3. When I took mine off to fit the tow bar they had used tape I have seen before holding on number plates it was a ****** to get off, but if it held that on mine no issues try that.
  4. Make sure they don’t bleed the brakes without a tech stream or you will have an expensive trip to Lexus. The 450 bleeds by the abs pump. I changed front and rear disc and pads, straight forward to do and you will have the satisfaction of knowing they are cleaned and greased properly.
  5. Did that on a navara I had, got a hole in rad at the front Nissan Wanted £350 plus £200 labour. Sourced new rad £95 and took an hour to replace. Went to local Halfords £50 to regas. So main dealer not always the best. On another note my 450 wasn’t cold and had no leaks detected by Lexus as they did a neg pressure test, but needed topping up to get cold.
  6. My 2010 will only do 27mph in ev so is that right
  7. Anyone had one of these fitted, it’s an American idea but these seem to be the uk agents, a little cheaper than catloc for bottom 2 models they sell
  8. Major service last week Lexus Leeds, the handbrake was adjusted foc. When I did mine 2 years ago,The rear discs were £90 from Andrew page and £22 for the pads off eurocar parts. Bought a seals kit off eBay for the pin boots and serviced them my self, the pins were cleaned and re greased no issues. Don’t bleed the brakes yourself without a tech stream or it will be a expensive trip to Lexus as you use the abs pump to bleed. Lexus did £109 to fit me a new heat shield on rear exhaust. Put a self tapper and washer on for 20p so saved a bit there.
  9. Just to throw this in the mix mine went faulty 2 years ago for about two weeks start of January then worked rest of year. Soon as it went dead cold last year same problem for a few weeks. This year absolutely nothing so far so it weird. But when I was stripping the car to try find out where the issue was 2 years ago I moved 2 of the square relays in the engine bay and the pbd worked for one go and died again, so not an input power problem to the motor as others have said all ideas point to the pbd electronics.
  10. Keep getting error200 trying to upload photos. They are both under 10mb. Anybody got any advice. Both jpg
  11. I pay for a service plan which works out cheaper than essential service based on what you get. 3 years of service which I pay £20 month 1 major 2 minor. 3 years ago when I started this Plan it needed spark plugs changing so if I’d kept the essential service this would have cost £600 on top for the spark plugs swapping out. Just had a major and they changed brake oil and air. Receipt said £288 inc but I’d prepaid
  12. Had a few parts from Lithuania and always been happy with the parts. Come we’ll wrapped too.
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