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  1. Well managed to sort it with a second hand spring from eBay off a 2013 model for £13.50 delivered from Lithuania, took an hour to replace it. 3 bolts to take off, push the carrier down, spring out and in and bolts back on no problems.
  2. Do not bleed the brakes manually. You a tech stream to bleed them. Did mine last year cleaned and greased both front and back, fitted new disks and pads all round and no problems
  3. Thanks herbie it will be a great help if I find a solution I will post back on here.
  4. Having same problem as nick if you can send any help my way also it would be appreciated
  5. looks like its my week to be stuffed rear spring broke now rear door wont work on buttons or keys i have to crawl in from inside and use the mechanical manual unlock, once its open the buttons still dont work, if anyone has had theirs repaired do they what parts were used or how they repaired it. have searched online for all morning to no avail. it did this last winter then seemed to fix itself and i stripped the back door to bits and found nothing.
  6. does anyone know where to get coil springs for the rear not lexus as they want £200, 2010 rx450h, had the right one under warranty 2 years ago now left one has failed, no warranty
  7. You don’t jump off in the boot, only under the bonnet it’s in your car manual.
  8. Had this problem last winter but rectified itself, the issue was back door buttons dead, button on dash dead, went into engine bay moved a few relays about and it would work again for a few minutes then all dead again. Hope it doesn’t happen this year it was a pain.
  9. Cabin filter changed at last service 4000 miles ago, screen was cleaned 1month ago and car only used at weekends, I don’t think it’s stuck on recirculate as it never steams up when car in use, if it’s under sound deadening where’s it getting in as no signs on carpets. I’ve never had a problem with not using ac on other cars I’ve owned, wife’s car is a Kia ceed she keeps it like a crap box never cleans glass at all and her car has no condensation on inside at all anywhere.
  10. Have got heavy condensation on windscreen does anybody else get this, car doesn’t have a sunroof and all carpets seem dry, it takes an age to clear it before I can drive off, at a loss as to what causing it.
  11. Done my own discs and pads on a rx450h front and back for £125 from Euro carparts for front and back pads and front discs. £85 rear discs from gsf car parts. Your pins are probably what are seized get them off and either fit new or clean and red rubber grease them. On mine it’s a straight forward job just didn’t bleed them As you need a tech stream to bleed on mine. The water pump I’d buy myself and get fitted anywhere as it’s not a Lexus only job and any reputable garage would be far cheaper, gators just forget only dust covers and advisory only.
  12. Found Lexus in Leeds to be a little over priced to say the least, when I got the car from another garage it needed some work doing, Lexus Leeds wanted another £1000 over another Lexus dealer in Stockton, guess where it went.
  13. P f jones Manchester fitted one to my 2010, diy £450 took about 6 hours