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  1. Why is my insurance so high?

    Sorry yes on comparison sites and a couple of insurers direct. The area is low crime and my dad who lives less than a mile away pays no more than £200 for his Mondeo (albeit he is 30+ years older than me)
  2. Hi All I've recently bought a 2009 IS220d and I'm astonished with insurance prices. I'm 33, live in a nice semi,2 kids co-habiting with a decent job and 6 years NCB. Can anyone understand why my policy is £600+ across the board?
  3. New IS220d owner

    The review does say it has £2000 worth of options to be fair.
  4. New IS220d owner

    It does have a satnav. If you click the links no you'll see as that's the actual car used in the review and pics.
  5. New IS220d owner

    It's an Se-i. I think the only thing it doesn't have is the Mark....... radio. The review isnt isn't particularly favourable to my car, but I picked it over an exeo as the quality is so much better.
  6. New IS220d owner

    Hi all new Lexus owner here. I've gone for an IS220d se-i. Low mileage at 58k miles, owned by Lexus for three years and was, it appears used as a press car. The link below is the actual car that I've bought. Strangely enough I was looking at the Exeo and Lexus and obviously preferred the Lexus.
  7. Hi All as a new Lexus driver I'm wondering if there is an integrated kit available to add DAB? I don't want one of those tacky side mounted kits, and I'm sure there must be a way of integrating with the standard Nav/Audio system? I've seen some geniuses on here putting freeview into their motors so I'm sure DAB isn't too far fetched?