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  1. Mattmech

    Sad day.

    Good luck with the search. gsf’s seem quite few and far between at the moment.
  2. Mattmech

    Looking for an ISF...

    Good luck with the search Nick, patients is the key to get what you want 👍🏻 There were a few guys on here debating selling. matt
  3. If you go for it gents, post up some pictures please. thanks, matt
  4. Hi mate, very sorry to see another isf written off. Did you have fully comp insurance? if you did you just need to fight the battle for the true value of the car. looking at the pictures I would say it wouldn’t be worth your while repairing. Back wheel, suspension has taken a good hit. Airbags gone off?Also it would be recorded as a write off and would de value the car. Just my opinion on what I can see. if it was me and I wasn’t fully comp I’d look to break it for parts. At least you walked away from it. all the best, matt
  5. Mattmech

    Post your Pics

    Great looking car, I ask whenever mines in for another f or the lc. They just laughed when I enquired about the lc. They did let me look inside it though ! 😩 good work 😎
  6. Looks very nice. Good job 👍🏻
  7. I run option 2 with an aftermarket elbow. I like the Jekyll and Hyde intake with the exhaust note, makes it more of an event when she comes on song 😎
  8. Blimey, that’s a fair whack, hope it was more than an oil and filter change with the brakes 😮
  9. It’s got to be the way forward. I’ll start saving!
  10. Must admit i dispare at my paint at times, if I look at it the wrong way it seems to mark. The black shows everything! Tried all sorts on it, going to have to bite the bullet, get it corrected and ceramic coated.
  11. Agree with the above. It’s not going to get any better. Get them changed whilst under warranty 👍🏻
  12. There’s always another car Tim at another time. hope you get your health back on track. best wishes, matt
  13. Mattmech

    Post your Pics

    I’ve had a set of Phillips led side lights, that guys on here recommended, in my garage for far too long. Was going to fit them when I took the bumper off for a refresh. Decided to have a go leaving the bumper and lights in place. Not a bad job. Near side is fiddly due to the wiring loom. Offside was easy after ten minutes removing the air box. Really pleased with the difference. Nice white light. picture in the dark is with just side lights on. matt
  14. Cleaning and modifying for me. The roads in my neck of the woods are very very busy and in an extremely poor condition. Love driving the car, just get no pleasure avoiding massive holes in the road. looking forward to the southern meet if it happens to go further afield 👍🏻