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  1. Mattmech

    USRS RR Racing

    Sorry David, tried mine, didn’t like it so took them off, only had the two or you’d have been welcome to one. matt
  2. Heard lots of good things about it, Hyundai have a waiting list for test drives in my area as a friend was interested. Lots of settings to play with. certainly a leap forward from that brand 👍🏻
  3. Here’s mine, 1.4 fiesta, not quite enough power to pull the skin off a rice pudding but it gets me to work and back. makes the isf feel even quicker after driving it! And my previous day shift transport And night shift
  4. Top man, thanks @Big Rat. I’ll be sure to give you a shout nearer the time 👍🏻
  5. With low numbers and a short production run will be interesting to see what happens to values over the next few years. hopefully the values will stay strong, but for me, not too strong!
  6. Many thanks Colin. Could make for an interesting hunt when the time comes. didnt realise the numbers were that low!
  7. @Big Rat so how many uk gsf’s including the last four are there? are the numbers greater than the isf’s? need to know how many I’ve got to choose from in the future 👍🏻
  8. The 2.5’s can suffer from ringland failure. A good reason to put in premium fuel 👍🏻From what I recall that was the only weakness with them. Worst case with your slush fund is fully forged and big power 😎
  9. Very nice, well done. What year / engine is it, I’ve had two impreza’s, the 2.0 & 2.5, both put down the power in different ways. although you can’t beat the noise of a v8 it has to be closely followed by a Subaru boxers unequal headers 👍🏻 Enjoy,
  10. Would love to say yes but the kids are riding MX this weekend
  11. Caught the train from Kent to Leeds. Was hopeful I would buy it! as the cars are rare there’s a fair chance you’ll have to travel.
  12. It’ll be a while yet mate, I like to plan in advance! after deciding that I wanted the isf I had one within the year. Need to let the prices come down a bit more yet! The drive today gives me a clearer goal to aim for. Either that or I need to get the kids moved out before they’ve left school!
  13. To a point maybe, this trip wasn’t about what’s best, it was about what’s best for me in my current family situation. If I felt we would all fit in an rcf then it would have been down to how they drove and felt. I didn’t drive the rcf as that part of the decision was made, the same as not buying an isf with a sunroof, I wouldn’t fit! matt
  14. Had a drive down to Lexus Gatwick to answer the rcf gsf question for myself. Took my oldest son who's just under 6ft to see if I could get all the family in the rcf. They had a carbon white rcf and a silver gsf. Silver looks better in the flesh than the pictures. They also had a new blue gsf in the workshop they showed me , that looked fantastic.had a look and sit in the gsf first. Beautiful cabin, very comfortable. Heads up display was great. More than enough room. Similarly sized to my old 5 series bmw. Had a sit in the rcf. Very nice also. At 6'4" there was no way I could comfortably get the family in so for me it was the gsf all the way. Went out in the gsf and was more than pleasantly surprised how they seem to have improved in all areas of what I feel is a great package in the isf. Suspension is a massive improvement and the stock noise was also very good. Time to start start saving!
  15. Very nice, always been a fan of that colour. enjoy your day of sunshine !