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  1. Mattmech

    ISF exhaust tips

    A few on here have suffered the same fate. Try and retrace your steps if you know when you lost it. Very expensive from Lexus. keep an eye on eBay or hopefully a member on here can help you out. last ditch effort is a Hayward and Scott Exhaust 😎👍
  2. 60k and 120k are the spark plug services, they are expensive at Lexus, a few of the lower mileage cars over six years old I looked at had been serviced but no plug change. Ask the dealer about warranty, they did a health check on mine before it was offered.
  3. Blo#dy hell, that’s a proper crash. Very lucky man indeed.
  4. Mattmech

    Post your Pics

    Dropped in to a local Kent suoercars meet. Three maclarens, four Lamborghini's, usual array of mercs bm's and porche. Only one F car there though!
  5. Thought I’d dig up this old thread. after having a little play with an M140i, noticed a big blue Range Rover sitting up behind me. after a small blast up a quiet dual carraigeway, found that it was the Range Rover SVR, damn that can lift its skirt and get a move on. Noise was ear piercing but it certainly flew 😁
  6. Mattmech

    Post your Pics

    Congrats, looks a cracking car. enjoy.
  7. Mattmech

    Kemble 'F' Meet

    Will check dates, would like to have a run out. 👍🏻
  8. Mattmech

    New car - a GSF

    There used to be a sticky with gsf specs but it’s gone now! 😎 good luck if you decide to take the plunge 👍🏻 Great looking cars
  9. Mattmech

    USRS RR Racing

    I’ve not read that the rcf / gsf suffers the same issues as the Isf. I would imagine it could cause warranty issues for front suspension related problems. Glad I fitted them to mine though as it made a massive difference.
  10. Beautiful looking car. looks great in white
  11. Great news Etienne, pleased you got it sorted. Hopefully at a not too horrendous cost, well done. 👍🏻
  12. That’s definitely Southend on sea, recognise the lights 😁
  13. Mattmech

    USRS RR Racing

    Sorry David, tried mine, didn’t like it so took them off, only had the two or you’d have been welcome to one. matt
  14. Heard lots of good things about it, Hyundai have a waiting list for test drives in my area as a friend was interested. Lots of settings to play with. certainly a leap forward from that brand 👍🏻
  15. Here’s mine, 1.4 fiesta, not quite enough power to pull the skin off a rice pudding but it gets me to work and back. makes the isf feel even quicker after driving it! And my previous day shift transport And night shift