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  1. With so few numbers Mark just keep your eye on all the usual means. good chance you may have to travel if you have particular preferences. i know where there is a very nice supercharged version in the South East for sale 👍🏻
  2. If you can, get in the back with a torch and get somebody to go around the tailgate rear lights and possibly sun roof, if you have one with a hose pipe. Work from low to high to see if you can see the water ingress! good luck.
  3. It was a quick car before the charger was fitted. Good luck with the sale Pete. Hope he gets what the car deserves. 👍🏻 Matt
  4. That sounds like a plan 👍🏻 Drop me a pm whenever Dave. what colour did you go for? many thanks, matt
  5. Sorry to see the isf going Dave but fair play on your replacement choice. The Alfa is a stunning looking car with the performance to match. Hope you won’t need the Alfa warranty too often! Please come back on and tell us your thoughts. If you see me around northern Kent give me a flash, would love to see and hear the Alfa in the flesh. 👍🏻
  6. The two cars I looked at before buying mine were at lexus dealerships. Both weren’t overly interested in price negotiation. They came across as quite happy to sit on them rather than knock too much off. you would probably have more luck negotiating with the private seller. Been watching the prices for some time now, to make sure mine’s holding out value wise 👍🏻, most of them around the 50 k mileage or so are up for at least the 17.5 +k. good luck matt
  7. SRD tuning Arqum, fair prices, checked the alignment, in and out within an hour. drop them an email for a quote, they’ve done plenty of them. 👍🏻 matt
  8. Yes had it checked after fitment. No adjustment was needed on mine 😁 without a doubt the best mod I’ve done on the car. Kicking myself for leaving them in the box for months!
  9. 👍🏻 You’ll notice the difference with the usrs on the car. Made a massive difference on mine! Let us know how you get on with the ds2500 pads. Had them on a previous car and rated them highly. matt
  10. Always worth a try, last time mine was in they had an ex demo lc500, did suggest they let me take it for a while, the salesman just smiled and said he was happy to show me around it
  11. Hi David, all good mate thanks, hope you are too, above sounds like a plan, we’ll all get our heads together and get something sorted. I’m well overdue a look round your new car 👍🏻
  12. I’m sure there was a mention of a southern meet some time ago? Obviously open to all 😎 any suggestions for a good venue?
  13. Hi Paul, glad all is well at your end. Good to see the rcf is going strong and your coming back onto the forum, I made a decision in the new year to try and get out and about in mine a bit more, try and get to some meets, hopefully see you at one. all the best, matt
  14. F10 m5’s are very good value for money at the moment imho.
  15. 👍🏻 Didn’t take too long to go. Did you sell privately or trade? whats on the cards next?