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  1. Mattmech

    Post your Pics

    I’ve had a set of Phillips led side lights, that guys on here recommended, in my garage for far too long. Was going to fit them when I took the bumper off for a refresh. Decided to have a go leaving the bumper and lights in place. Not a bad job. Near side is fiddly due to the wiring loom. Offside was easy after ten minutes removing the air box. Really pleased with the difference. Nice white light. picture in the dark is with just side lights on. matt
  2. Cleaning and modifying for me. The roads in my neck of the woods are very very busy and in an extremely poor condition. Love driving the car, just get no pleasure avoiding massive holes in the road. looking forward to the southern meet if it happens to go further afield 👍🏻
  3. Had to wait for it to start ☔️ This stuff is very good for your beading pleasure. Bit tacky when it’s on as the car does seem to ‘hold’ any dust. nice and cheap at ecp too.
  4. Mattmech

    ISF brake pads

    I’ve got hawke ceramic fitted to the front of mine. low dust, good initial bite, when worked hard feel a little vague though. going to try something else next time. loved the ds2500’s I had on my Subaru
  5. Really like my stock 10 spoke but have to admit the mesh design wins it for me.
  6. No problem, good luck with the hunt. Being patient is the key 😁 thats the bit I struggled with!
  7. If folks are travelling I’d drop me a line first. 👍🏻
  8. Had a look at the above isf for sale on auto trader as it is local to me. nothing to do with me and I have no ties with the dealership. If anybody on the hunt would like info on condition then give me a shout. matt
  9. Hps intake pipe toms panel filter secondary cat delete, full system keeping standard tips usrs bushes uprated from pads wider mps4s tyres
  10. Mattmech

    Front tyre wear

    The rr racing usrs that I have came from the US courtesy of a very kind member on here. Might get the odd set come up on eBay. There are other offerings, I believe figs also do something. Not seen wear quite that bad I must admit. Have you had all the geometry checked / set up?
  11. Cant ask for any more than that. I have to admit I prefer that colour to the yellow.! Looks really good 👍🏻😎
  12. I leave mine in normal mode till I get three bars on the oil temp, then into sport and then manual. I leave the tc alone though 😳