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  1. I’m sure the pull in yours is something else Pete, can’t understand why it wasn’t snapped up. have a need for a sports bike again. Tempted in a year or so to look at an f10 m5 with a good warranty! dont get the use at the moment, working all week tied up with the kids most weekends!
  2. Was the red one not mentioned on here a little while ago? If so it’s been knocking around a few dealers. might be a nice low mileage black one up for sale soon 😳 !!
  3. Congratulations, fantastic choice. beautiful looking car. 👍🏻
  4. An rcf with three years warranty should give you no worries at all. good luck, hope it all works out. 👍🏻
  5. The car rings a bell because of the exhausts. May have been a member on here. have a scan back through the previous posts, you may come across it. the exhaust diffusers have been removed for what looks like a stainless system? the apexi switch is for a throttle controller. Allows you to adjust throttle sensitivity matt
  6. Nearly there Pete. Hope it makes the reserve good luck, matt
  7. With so few numbers Mark just keep your eye on all the usual means. good chance you may have to travel if you have particular preferences. i know where there is a very nice supercharged version in the South East for sale 👍🏻
  8. If you can, get in the back with a torch and get somebody to go around the tailgate rear lights and possibly sun roof, if you have one with a hose pipe. Work from low to high to see if you can see the water ingress! good luck.
  9. It was a quick car before the charger was fitted. Good luck with the sale Pete. Hope he gets what the car deserves. 👍🏻 Matt
  10. That sounds like a plan 👍🏻 Drop me a pm whenever Dave. what colour did you go for? many thanks, matt
  11. Sorry to see the isf going Dave but fair play on your replacement choice. The Alfa is a stunning looking car with the performance to match. Hope you won’t need the Alfa warranty too often! Please come back on and tell us your thoughts. If you see me around northern Kent give me a flash, would love to see and hear the Alfa in the flesh. 👍🏻
  12. The two cars I looked at before buying mine were at lexus dealerships. Both weren’t overly interested in price negotiation. They came across as quite happy to sit on them rather than knock too much off. you would probably have more luck negotiating with the private seller. Been watching the prices for some time now, to make sure mine’s holding out value wise 👍🏻, most of them around the 50 k mileage or so are up for at least the 17.5 +k. good luck matt